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Dehydrated Skin Problem

04 June 2012 - 02:34 PM

I have dehydrated skin from acne face wash and washing my face to much in the past.And now my skin is red and dehydrated.Im only washing my face with clean water and use cetaphil moisturizing cream. I finished school and now I want to cure my dehydrated skin fast.Im drinking 3 liters of bottle water and eating watermelons and fruits.I read on the internet that I can soak a wash cloth with cold water and apply it on my face as much as I can, but I dont know if this work can someone give their opinion.And since my face is dehydrated, my skin need moisture or water not oil.Im thinking if I can splash water or spray my face with water every 3 or 4 hrs and then apply some cetaphil moisturizing cream.Can someone give me some tips or tell me if the methods I describe above works.I had this dehydrated face skin problem for a year and I really want this to go away  sorry for my grammar

I dont get acne any more and i have oily skin..cetaphil moisturizer  cream dont break me out.

How To Restore Skin Acid Mantle

05 April 2012 - 01:48 PM

I read that acv can help restore the acid mantle.I have oily and dehydrated face,can I use cetaphil moisturizing cream after acv.Would this disrupt my acid mantel or acv effect?

Acid Mantle Help *with Pic

04 April 2012 - 09:49 PM

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My thumb with the white creamy thing from my face ,this white thing only appear when my face is wet and when i scratch it softly with my fingernail

]I have a oily face and its also dehydrated from acne products and overwashing.i'm only washing my face twice a day morning and night with cold water only.I moisturizing with cetaphil moisturizing cream twice a day. And when im washing my face with cold water,I rub my face and I see this white thin coating on my face. Is this the acid mantle trying to restore itself,cetaphil moisturizing cream residue,or just my skin oil mix with water? this is normal?

Ok I don't think its the cetaphil moisturizing cream because last night I only applied the cetaphil moisturizing cream on half of my face.And this morning when I woke up to wash my face with cold water only I had this white thin coating on both side of my face.Also, When my face is wet I scratch my face very softly with two finger nails and I see this white creamy thing under my nail . What can this be?