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#3444194 If Acne Was Caused By Diet Why Would It Only Start At Puberty?

Posted by k3tchup on 29 July 2014 - 12:12 PM

I think you have some crazy thinking on your doctor belief.
If you go to the doc for acne they will do as conventional medicine in med school has taught them. This is prescribing medication. While diet, exercise, genetics and other factors play a role in acne, none of this is directly proven consistently to the point it has made its way into teaching and textbooks. I wish to fix people as much as the next nurse or doctor. I want people not to be ill or suffer from acne, but simply telling everyone "fix your diet" will not work. Again we argue genetics, allergies, independent variables such as exercise, and activity level, age,gender, cost of "better" food. It doesn't all work as well clinically on a large scale as antibiotics or other drugs do. 
Even then, how would you feel if the $100 doctor visit resulted in a prescription that read "exercise and eat right" I'm sure you would flip $%^&
People come to doctors to "get something." A long tradition that still continues.

 1) No I wouldn't flip $%^&. I would love it. As would many people here whose complained that a visit do a doctor means an argument about not wanting to take some drug they insist you must have. They don't like to be questioned.
2) is that their excuse for over dosing the population, especially the elderly?  And their excuse for handing out antibiotics for people seeing them for the flu? 
No one thinks they don't want to help people.  We think they don't know how. Because they have been indoctrinated into a bad system


I wrote a whole response to this however it was lost to accidental refresh. But regardless of what many thing as well as the fact that the blame generally falls on this system. IT is multifold between expectations, tradition, and society believes versus practice, the fact that this is a sue happy society which results in a lot of CYA, the lack of a concrete, predictable nature of acne per each individual or a majority that results in a prescribed treatment that can be wrote into a textbook and instructed to future doctors. The system will not change and will only evolve. One cannot place full blame on just one piece of the machine nowadays. 


But do remember that you do have a choice. hell, when i walk in i say what i want, reasonably But do not expect them to know or even give you the answer you want. It is and isn't their fault as described above. 


Well, i'm glad you wouldn't mind. Im sure someone with no insurance would just love to pay that doctor bill after knowing that they can't afford to watch their diet because that system too is FUBAR (healthy food more expensive then cheaper less nutritious food). Not to mention they could have done their own google search to find that out. Even if it was part of conventional teaching, still walking out with "diet first" "come back in 6 weeks before i start medication" Is more expensive.Personally I would see it as a slap in the face. I don't go into their office for that, which supports the value of "walking out with something" other than advice. And around and round it goes..


Discussing this will change nothing. Just be an educated consumer, but don't expect sunshine and rainbows. 

#3440422 Acne Has Ruined My Life

Posted by k3tchup on 09 July 2014 - 02:53 PM

Scarring looks good on men? This is a first..

#3440419 Please Send Positive Thoughts My Way/pray For Me

Posted by k3tchup on 09 July 2014 - 02:51 PM

Become an emancipated minor so you can make your own medical decisions. Sure that will piss your mom off.... Might need her insurance to pay for it in the end too  ... Well there isn't much I can say besides off my prayers and wishes that things will turn around. I wouldn't put all my faith in accutane. It's no miracle drug. There maybe another route. I would keep on encouraging you to express your feelings realistically to your mother. I would get other family members involved too. This isn't something you just grow out of especially if it starts at an early age which suggests it's possibly more of a hormonal issue than other culprits. Granted puberty is rough, but this still warrants treatment.

#3433280 I Just Can't Do This Anymore... I Am Done With My Life..

Posted by k3tchup on 26 May 2014 - 01:41 AM

Uhm, am I the only one who is going to notice that this guy mentioned twice he was planning on ending his life. Yet, people respond with stories of their own, demanding pictures, or suggesting accutane. How is this helping?


Well it maybe too late now. Hope the guy is alright. 

#3433279 Why Don't Even The Doctor Believe Me?

Posted by k3tchup on 26 May 2014 - 01:33 AM

Oh man, my face is prone to acne. I do not think I have irritated my skin as hell. I have several medication on different dermatologists and the result acne is still there. It's difficult to tell what exactly the cause of my acne when people ask me why I have acne. All I can say it's genetics. The fact that I have sensitive skin and easily breaks out. People who know little or experiencing few acne in their life never understand how I can't control my acne. Just like you that saying I might irritating my skin so I have acne. I have been using gentle facial wash and some creams to prevent acne from a well-known clinic in my town. But it's just hard as hell to be free of acne. Didn't you just read the title of my post, sorry to make you confused because I wrote some other points above. Basically, my point is people and even doctor are difficult to believe that I have already cared about my acne. But the fact that I can't control my acne, thus makes people think negatively what I have done to my face and supposed I am a kinda person who just do not care of my face. Do you know how I feel if someone treated you like what happened to me? It hurts like a hell.

Ignore idiots like the above. The point of your post is to vent your feelings, concerns, emotions so that you are not living with them on your shoulder, angry at the world for your problems. By this hopefully you do not follow in the recent footsteps of the many who randomly pull out a gun and end other peoples lives because you feel like it. So, thank you for your post and never apologize for venting, that is of course unless you personally attack someone than shame on you. 


It really matters not in this stage for either you or I to argue acne as genetics, lifestyle, environmental, chance, fate, etc etc. Its a disorder that affects many more than you can imagine. Sadly for men its more noticeable because we cant cover it up with makeup..well you can, but someone finding out wear make up where i live is worse than coming to work on your worst breakout day ever. 



I think personally you are over analyzing the details of your clinic ordeal. While you maybe right in your assumptions you cannot affirm the motivations and intentions of the clinic secretary or people in the waiting room. The cs was just trying imo not to make it worse or put you on the spot. People in the waiting room do as they please so do not look into that. The doc... is well the doc. Some suck at talking to patients and others are truly the nicest people you ever meet. I've had the experience of meeting both extremes of that spectrum on a professional level. The guy sounds like he wasn't very good, but again i wasn't there. If he didn't believe you then you stand up for yourself, appropriately, and nicely. Remember you are paying him so make him work for you. If what he says is not true then politely correct him; show him what you have done and the results. The fact is we are not the same, some scar more easily without any input from ourselves and others never do it seems. 


You need to keep a log i feel by identifying atleast some of a culprit to what is causing your acne. This could be a food diary, activity diary, and activities or things you have or havent done like change bedding weekly cause sometimes its that easy... Its the little things that help. I feel you need to identify what type of acne you are most prevalent to. Me is the nodular kind, and the occasional cyst which are not the same... a cyst is infected or contamined while a nodule is noninflammed (yet), but is a blocked pore that forms vesicle filled with interstitial fluid, maybe blood. I get these often days after i shave. My solution to keep these under control is proper shaving etiquette, clean utensils, minimize irritation, and removing cleaners, BP, and SA products out of my regimen. BP caused too much dryness, leading to more oil, redness, delayed healing, and pih. While SA caused me to develop many, multiple noninflammed clogged pores-it gave me an entirely different type of acne i usually never got, ever. A long time ago i was prescribed epidou and then differin. But didn't use it because of more acne i caused and the dryness...ugh, but what i failed to understand is that i needed to keep using it inorder to get a handle on my type of acne which starts deeper in the skin and causes extensive scaring. So, finally after realizing this years later, i am treating myself regularly with tretinoin (stronger than differin was for me) for these purposes. Its been close to 10 years of trying to figure it out though. So, my suggestion for you is to try to do the same because for one i want to help,and this is what i know.


The scarring.. its an entirely different chapter. I would research derma stamping and application of either vitamin C or copper peptides. I am using a copper peptide serum over vitamin C because it oxidizes quickly, is ridiculously expensive if you buy it from a skincare company, is an acid and can cause burns therefore if made by yourself must be diluted correctly. And it also caused me to have blackheads when i used it. 

I am not at this expecting to be cured, but i am hoping to lessen the effects. But like you do not care or try to be overly obsessed. Day by day thats all you can do. 

#3432542 One, Two, Punch

Posted by k3tchup on 20 May 2014 - 01:24 PM

Wanted to wish you the best of luck on 4th try. rolleyes.gif


I limit my mirror time, its something i have been doing for a couple years now. I use 1 mirror only. The same mirror otherwise i just tend to be obsessive with every detail i see in different mirrors and light.


You have the right idea to give yourself a break on the bp-easy does it. I have burned myself from it too many times.  

#3429108 Accepting Being Single Forever

Posted by k3tchup on 28 April 2014 - 07:00 PM

Nobody chooses their genetics. The "success" good-looking men have, and the lack thereof that the rest of us have, are merely the result of genetic accident at birth. No man has ever earned sex by anything they've done in life, despite any assertions they may make to the contrary. Because their genes are the only thing that matter to a woman, a good-looking man's existence is just as hollow and pointless as everyone else's is.
While it hurts to know I won't get the kind of girl I want, at least I no longer feel frustration because I now know it is not my fault and never was. 


  Besides, it'd be cruel to pass down my high hairline, rosacea/acne prone skin and ugly bone structure to future generations. 


What the hell?

I went from having a hopeless future to creating my own success by working my ass off. My parents were C students if that throughout high school. My sister followed suit. I on the other hand, raked in honor rolls, student of the quarter yearly, and graduate with honors. I graduated college with a 3.8 GPA after that. Where's the genetics in that one?

Women want more than genes just like men want more than sex in a true relationship. There is more to life than that.


*Get the girl. You earn the girl by being you, not by doing something.


If you seriously think that sex validates you and your life... go pay for someone's company.

#3427751 Why The Bias?

Posted by k3tchup on 21 April 2014 - 05:35 PM

I see your point, lilly. The main issue I have is with the hierarchy in the listing and the labeling of the various treatments. If it says "highly ineffective" that's a huge blow to all those people including myself who spend so much time posting *successful* alternative remedies to acne. 


If they were successful you wouldn't still be here.

I am astounded that your negativity on these forums has gone unchecked. Seriously, you need to change your attitude and stop attacking other members. She is here as a contributor much the same as I. We each have our own ways regardless of our success or not.  We are here to help and provide perspective. 


Stop displacing your feelings onto others, please.

The link is no longer up. However, I think the business model here is sly and inappropriate. It is his website and business, but advertising without hard facts that alternative methods are largely ineffective is just a lie to make people believe his method is best therefore  you should buy into it. It may work. If it does, great, just don't discredit other methods as well, especially if you are going to allow discussion of it with different form headings. 


I personally find education to be a big issue among acne suffers. This community serves to educate even the basics principals to anyone who cares to read. Therefore, it is in my mind inappropriate to capitalize on peoples ignorance when they are often times so desperate for help willing to believe what they see without question. 

#3427746 What's Happening?!

Posted by k3tchup on 21 April 2014 - 05:13 PM

Too much water can cause acute deficiencies in electrolytes and flushes b vitamins readily out of the body. Its possible the A, D, E, and zinc could be making your acne worse. Instead of supplementing and dumping a dose of vitamins in your system, try to attain them from foods-eat your vitamins.


When your fasting your breaking down fat and protein stored in the body for an energy source. Breaking of fat can cause the release of toxins,  and stimulates the inflammatory response. Just something to keep in mind if you continue to fast. 

#3427306 Please Help, Any Suggestions

Posted by k3tchup on 19 April 2014 - 05:18 PM

" salicylic and tea tree oil"  these two for me did not work. Both cause over drying and lead to increased production of oil. There is a good post on this form about the acid mantle and even a better one i think on essentialdayspa on the moisture barrier. Indian clay or whatever clay you use causes moisture loss from the skin and again is increasing your oil production. Think of your skin as a plant, it produces substances that keep from drying it out in the wind, cold, warmth-therefore your skin is much the same. 


I have seen acne more prevalent in those who extensively work out every day or most days of the week. Has to do with the hormonal balance which i think is disrupted when working out. Building muscle effects testosterone levels. Its all complicated and something i do not read into as its not my forte. But i encourage you to read on it. Acne generally presents its self on the shoulders and mid back, but can be on the face too.


Are you over doing is the point that i am trying to get at here. 

#3424803 Afraid That Nobody Will Like Me If I Become "too Ugly"

Posted by k3tchup on 06 April 2014 - 10:17 PM



I have cystic acne. I have been through 2 rounds of Accutane with my trusty husband at my side. So, the idea that people who struggle with this cannot find life mates is complete and utter bullshit. I had acne when he met me, and I still struggle with it now. He has lovely skin. We have been together for 16 years. So there.


Apples to oranges comparison. You sound older, are a different gender, and probably live in a different location. And just because it happened to you doesn't mean it can happen to everyone else.

Then its your job to make it happen; rarely does it just "happen." If you give up on yourself then why should someone else try for you? Sure rejection sucks, we have all been there. But what separates me (and others) from you is that we keep trying. It may not reward us right away, but it builds character and strengthens us personally. 


Its the small things, the minor things when no one is looking that make a difference that draw people to you.


As my preceptor told me once, "you know even if all you did is offer a cup of coffee to that family or a warm blanket to patient, that will have profound effect to the point they will never forget and keep talking about it even after leaving.That attention made a world of a difference in their life. Pretty soon you have strangers smiling at you where ever you go. 


So, get out there and just be you. 


You can't make it happen if no one is attracted to you at all. I had no problem with this before I had acne and I have the same personality as before. I just look worse now. I'm not some antisocial person that stays in the house all day.

You are not wrong to have those feelings, but a person becomes concerned when they start running your life for you. I try not to take the "bad" out of it as many of us have been there or are there. 


You must realize that making the judgement is simply a closed minded observation based off negative experiences. Again, we all do it. But to say no one is attracted is an attempt to read the minds of everyone who has every seen you, ever. We go many places..


Having that line of thinking will only perpetuate the way you feel. You will drive anyone who even attempts to get close away if you do/act like this. Often called a "chip" on your shoulder. Actions speak louder than words.  Looks.. yes its always about looks. But as you age looks matter less, a good, honest, loyal, humble friend matters more. Even if it is just a friend. 

#3421857 Does Acne Cause Swollen Lymph Nodes?

Posted by k3tchup on 22 March 2014 - 01:54 AM

You start to worry when they are painless, not tender, and on opposite sides of the body (with late stage cancers, symptoms usually are present) although it mostly is one sided initially


So your job is to feel them. Are they made worse by alcohol consumption, difficulty swallowing? Night sweats, decreased appetite, lethargy(tired/fatigue), unexplained weight loss.


Exposure to viral infection or bacterial infection in the relative area will cause enlargement. Seen with like a sore throat or cut that is infected. 



Questions? Can pm me and i will get back to you as soon as i can. I know when things are not normal it can cause the hair to stand up in the back of your next and your wondering whats wrong, this is normal, and its good of you to notice bodily changes, but lets not over react until you have done some answering of the questions. 

Vista is right, but they should NOT be like this for over a year. Not normal. So either its a cyst or something mistaken as a lymph node or it is one. Hard to say without assessment. 

#3416861 So Frustrated

Posted by k3tchup on 26 February 2014 - 06:45 PM

It honestly feels like I need to be put on anxiety medication because I cant function thinking about how ugly I must look. I stayed home today because I couldnt bring myself to leave my room.


How bout a short round of antidepressant medication? Although, i could see citalopram be an option for you. That is up to a clinician however. 


The only way to know is to see one. You have to make that step.


Talking about it will aid in your stress relief and road to better thinking. 

#3410398 Frustrated With My Mom's Advice

Posted by k3tchup on 26 January 2014 - 04:18 AM

Well she has her views and is sticking to them. Because she didn't have the internet back then and she probably didn't suffer as bad she probably will not believe you no offense. Her personal experiences tell her otherwise which in this day and age from what you state she says, is wrong. But do not beat it into her, she just doesnt understand how important it is to you and how passionate you are about helping yourself. She probably doesnt see this or views your motivation differently. 


I think you need to just keep trying and possibly talk to someone else who will listen and not tell you the wrong things. Yes milk from a cow is bad for most acne suffers i need not list the reasons. 

#3409613 Heitea Is Leaving Acne.org!

Posted by k3tchup on 22 January 2014 - 03:04 AM

Spiro is a BP medication, its class is antihypertensive so its going to affect BP by lowering it. It has a weak effect of lowering sodium levels through non re absorption of sodium while preserving potassium...also known as a potassium sparing diuretic. What this means for you is that you need to watch your daily consumption of potassium so that you do not have a higher serum level. Having to high of potassium can lead to cardiac arrest (in serious cases, although high or low potassium is always generally serious because it deals with heart muscle contraction). You might have been seeing early signs of elevated serum levels which can be scary.. ie palpiptations, increased heart rate.


But just because the medication works, but caused this problem* doesn't mean you go telling others that it is basically "the devil." 

If anyone wishes to read about why this medication is used for acne then can view wiki about its antimineralcorticoid properties and how that relates to acne.


For others, ALWAYS read drug labels, side effects, precautions, indications, contraindications, and ASK questions. Stay informed about your health. Do not accept medication without really knowing what you are doing. And remember to take the medication as directed. 


I see no problem with it. People fail to read and make the necessary changes (some dietary) that are needed when taking certain meds. 




I will agree. A vacation for the very same reason is need for there is lots of arguing on many topics and subjects. Acne suffers become experts in this field and beginto understand their body or seek out knowledge, and experience to better understand their body to (hopefully) defeat acne. The problem is these ideas (which later become threads) inspired from past peoples' are not always like their predecessors. What i mean is there is great information on many of trials that have help many people. But also lots of false information spread just as much in an effort to help. Albeit, kind, but not really helping. And particularly frustration for folks like me. I just wish people would put as much energy into finding a cure or to help as they would into what they post in order to limit such ideas that "spiro is dangerous". Anything is dangerous really, but attention to detail can win over that danger...  


So please. Take your vacation or your leave. It is needed as i agree having had rounds with those in the dietary habits forums with self proclaimed registered dietitians, or doctors. It happens. Good luck