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In Topic: Women With Scars: Do You Get Approached?

21 February 2015 - 07:33 PM

My male perspective. If you have an attitude that comes off as "bitch of the world" it's a huge turn off. I have come across this as a defense mechanism to deal with their troubled battle with acne. I understand even more than that person may know. But for me, in ten seconds or less I can tell you if I give a person a chance or not. Whether I will make conversation or not. With someone with acne or not. It's that initial experience that shapes what I see. Probably bad experiences with fake people have done this.

It's those that are still battling acne but are motived, career driven, fun, interesting, genuine, and nice that I respect. And will approach again and again.

If I was battling a break out, I would be terrified to confront someone that could potentially be a good friend or relationship material because I feel my best footforward would only result in that person remembering what I looked like. I would fear to be judged as a creep, or less of a man even tho my intentions are just.

Now let's say I approached someone in my shoes of the opposite sex (having a good skin week) they would cower, try to hide it, or be unsocialable. I not wanting to be mean would say nothing. But I would try to relate, but from personal experience that didn't help or even end well.

It's a slippery slope.

I gave up and the bar scene isn't me. Even though at this time my skin is 'okay' I'm tired of trying to making things happen.
I feel exhausted. Done trying to market my self as what society says a guy like me should look like because I am sucessful. When you think of the positive experience you had from a nurse and embody what it means to be one... That is me inside and out. Yet..

I have had patients tell me based on my looks and age that this isn't me.. Until they've been under my care for 3 days.

So I guess people don't have patience to see that. Nor are they so willing to look past today's views of what prince charming should be.

I will probably end up buying my own house and adopting a baby/s. Just saying.

In Topic: Feeling Depressed (Vent)..

21 February 2015 - 07:04 PM

I don't care what your parents may say I would harp on them to get you in and started on a short term of antibiotics to get it under control.  Then go from there.  Because a lot of acne in teen years is from hormonal and related to growth and maturation there isn't much you can do besides keep a basic  simple skin care routine,  being clean,  avoid binging on crap foods etc. Enough sleep and sun exposure support vitamin d levels.  It happens,  some more than most.  

In Topic: I Want To Buy Some Land, Build A House & Disappear

11 January 2015 - 08:46 AM

Well go live out in the woods then. if that is your dream then live it. Ditch all society and the modern world that we live in and become a bushman. Live off the land and thrive. However, because rarely do people on this forum even know how to even camp...without electricity or a camper/RV i wouldn't suggest it. But you can learn. Just got to find a place that can support you, that no one really owns, and where the environment isn't going to kill you off... easily. 

In Topic: High Triglycerides

11 January 2015 - 08:39 AM

Total cholesterol is okay as it is <200. HDL are above 60 which is good too see; higher better. LDL's are okay <100 is good. Would be interested in the vLDL's tho. but the trig's are up as you say. 


Decrease maybe lean meats. Not all lean meats are created equal. Incorporate more fish, tuna, salmon, poultry. Increase diet of omega 3's, take CQ10, niacin.Stay away from red meats. Excercise most important.


Eating more soluble fiber and specifically at night with the even meal (or spread it out) as that's when the body produces most of its cholesterol may help your numbers. 

In Topic: Help With Acne Struggles! >>New To This Site.

29 November 2014 - 08:24 AM

FYI for future reference:


Have Tried: 

-Clean and Clear Face Washes

-Clean and Clear Spot Treatment
-Neutrogena Face Washes/Scrubs
-Neutrogena Spot Treatment

-Mary Kay Spot Treatment
-Apricot Scrub
-Clearasil Ultra Face Wash/Scrub


All the above have similar ingredients. If they prove in effective that maybe your cue to look towards something else. Otherwise jumping from brand to brand (even more expensive) will do little but eat at your wallet and fail to produce results or make things work.  Tea tree oil does work, but it MUST be diluted with equal parts water.  Most people ignore this.