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In Topic: Over-The-Counter To All-Natural To Confused

12 August 2014 - 01:55 AM

Your type of acne looks too severe and inflamed to be helped by any of these means. Your acne is very severe in my opinion and inflammatory! Please go to a dermatologist for real treatment. 


Acne is genetic disease don't forget and it's not necessarily going to completely clear with a flawless lifestyle and diet. In my opinion you need professional help otherwise you are going to be permanently  disfigured. And believe me, scars do not heal - they are permanent. Macules fade but scars are forever indented.

I agree with this.


Your acne is very much angry, inflammed, cystic, possibly deeper in the dermal layer of skin which would make me think you would benefit from a retinoid- something that would normalize kertanization and skin shedding. Have you looked into something hormonal? Like BC?


To treat the inflammed lesions I would suggest going to a regular doc, not a derm, and just getting a short dosage of antibiotics, maybe then start on a face wash and topical while on the medication. This would help the body overcome the excessive inflammation. I would see then if after the antibiotics finish if your situation improves.


Its pretty much trial of what works and doesn't per person. I have been work nights 3-5 days a week 12 hrs... and my diet is terrible. I eat all the time to stay awake. Diet Dew is my drink of choice over water. I am doing everything wrong in relation to acne yet I have had no change for the 2 months ive been on nights. Thats me.

In Topic: Wanna Help Me Diagnose This Reaction?

12 August 2014 - 01:45 AM

the start of menopause ..lol?



Rashs and reactions are so vague and unpredictable. Its easy if you start something new and have a reaction now, but if its something that has taken time to build up in your body and is only now surfacing then your shooting blanks at what it could be. Its like that House episode where the amish lady who washed copper dishes for years and years and then out of nowhere develops a potentially fatal allergic reaction to copper. So, i guess ya just start troubleshooting every thing you do in the aid of your skin i.e eating/drinking, topicals, to household products etc. Hope ya don't have to go that far. I would just see if it gets worse and go from there. 

In Topic: Safe Weight Gainers On Accutane

31 July 2014 - 01:41 PM

I wouldn't stack on the fat to gain fat. Accutane increases your cholesterol levels, specifically LDL  and VLDL. Which causes silent damage to the walls of the arteries leading increased blood pressure and a $%^&* ton of problems later in life. Having worked on a cardiac floor I know what these look like even at 40 years old as i had a guy who had 2 kids under 2 years of age and he had 100% blockage of his main heart artery suffered a heart attack-lucky to be alive. Physically the guy looked 30 and wasn't overweight.


All you need to do is consume 500 more calories than you burn and you will gain weight. 

In Topic: What Other Antibiotics Work For Acne?

31 July 2014 - 01:34 PM



I strongly advice you to stay away from antibiotics. They can make your acne even worse than before taking it. It kills the whole gut flora, acne may disappear for a few weeks but it is short term solution.

My experience exactly...I hate what antibiotics have done to my skin. I was on trimethoprim only.

Take a probiotic and a prebiotic. Drink lots of water throughout the day. True for any A/B. 


I wouldn't say oily skin is a nutrition problem, more like a hormonal problem that is indirectly effected by nutritional and dietary choices. 


Yeah unfortunately my oily skin is hereditary- cleaning up my diet and taking different supplements has maybe made a very slight difference but my face is still sleek with oil not 2 hours after showering :S


Dude i get it after i shave the next day it is super annoying as it makes ya look like an oil well. I hear its pretty common problem to which i have recently been reading on. Some are suggesting an astringent or a soap that acts the same way, but it all sounds counter intuitive to splash alcohol on my face from what i have learned. But i will probably try something as its quite annoying. Not much a guy can do besides overdose on vitamin b5 or vitamin A which i'd rather not. 

In Topic: Being A Perfectionist Is Taking Over My Life.

31 July 2014 - 01:30 PM

I have this same problem.. I compulsively check a mirror at least fifteen times an hour..probably a lot more, it's really bad. Even when my skin was relatively nice and smooth I refused to leave the house and socialize because I thought I looked awful. It sucks because people assume I'm vain when in reality I have horrible panic attacks and feel sick to my stomach when I go out in fear that people are judging me.


Two years ago I started going out with this guy and at the time I had three noticeable semi deep scars on my face but everything else was nice and smooth, no acne.He told me I should see a dermatologist for my "acne" (apparently he couldnt figure out that scars and acne arent the same thing). It completely devastated me and not long after I started getting cystic pimples here and there, and eventually a TON more scars. So now my acne is gone but my face is completely covered in scarring and I just feel awful about it, even worse when people point it out or try to recommend bullshit products that do nothing for scarring.

Any scarring that is moderate to deep is going to require the regrowth of collagen which is not going to be done simply by almost OD'ing on collagen pills, vitamin c orally or topically. You need to work at the surface by promoting the healing cycle. I would say you need to try dermal stamping to the affected areas. There are super amazing guidelines to follow on the these forums, owndoc, or essential day spa. 


Some suggest going crazy with topicals, but i would ease into it and not make it complicated. Some of the products suggested are copper peptides to retinoids, to vitamin C serum. All which can be expensive. I used a copper peptide serum from owndoc that was cheap and acted as a moisturizer which was a plus for me, it appeared to work for my mild scars, just not the deeper ones, However, i never derma stamped because i am still not comfortable with poking myself. I had a bad run in with a derma roller once...