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When you get what you want. > Bored At Work.

Posted 14 June 2015

I talk to someone who tells me I should have made a move on her when she lived here. One is playing with fire if they pursue this and work alongside each other in this field.

Though, I was beginning to think no one payed attention of me beyond normal work or day to day things. But I ain't getting no hopes up. My faith in people is not a strong suit of mi...

When you get what you want. > Rainy Day

Posted 10 June 2015

Heck, I was insecure growing up. Only a few seen it and that would be in my early years as kid through my behaviors. I was a rebel child. A quite exciting experience for another time. Years past and I grew up steadily. I probably for many smaller reasons just learned to careless and live life. Though, my insecurity took a new shape by end of my high-schoo...