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Some Questions About Diet And Regimen (6Th Week)

13 September 2013 - 06:21 PM

first, second week went great.. acne went away.. got clear,

3 and 4th developed some cystic acne 

5th some minor zits

6th i have some small ones that dry up in half a day and go away fast

Questions... i started eating lots of refined carbs/ lots of beer when i started too

You think my diet even makes a difference?   i know it helps to be on a diet to break out less

 Before the Regimen i was on no sugar/carbs diet....  i got clear for a couple months (i swore on everything that was the cure and cause) but then broke out badly again.. im guessin my body got used to the diet and acne came back to haunt me

so here i am on 6th month on regimen and acne went away again... not completely clear but helped so much

i want to say around 95% clear... should i continue to eat anything i want and see what happens with the regimen??

Do any of you guys that are on 6th week and above with success eat anything you want?? 

thanks for your advice and help in advance!!

Change Your Diet= Most Of The Battle

25 February 2013 - 07:50 PM

Haven't been here in a while, but this page came to my mind today, i would like to share how i helped myself big time, i would probably get like 2 pimples biweekly, have had many full weeks clear

i use to break out crazy and im hispanic so i eat lotsss of refined carbssss lots of rice, pasta, potatoes, bread

changed white rice to Brown rice
bread to 100%whole wheat
cut down pasta, potatoes, sugary drinks
eat small portions, add more protien than carbs to feel fuller
change potatoes to sweet potatoes

take a multivitamin, omega 3, and probiotic ( acidophilus)
started to add Tea (green tea ) to my diet , not sayin its a cure,i  just take it cause its a good antioxidant

physically....i just wash my face once at night

and its ok to have a cheat day, i enjoy pasta and all the good stuff on the weekends, in addition a big plus, i lost weight!! 35 pounds changing my diet, 2 birds with one stone!