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Acne, Swimming, Sun, Just Have Some Questions

07 June 2014 - 09:34 PM

Basically I have always had mild to moderate acne, and lately have gotten some sun, which makes it worse... But I'll be in the sun all summer near a swimming pool, (paid job) and I know I can use sun screen but at the same time sun makes it look better (then worse, I know), and I feel like chlorine makes it worse (not sure if the pools use chlorine or not yet), but I know chlorine water always makes my face red / dry. But I have bacne, chest acne, and facial.... Tho my chest is more at the point where it's pretty clear but red. I'm just sick of acne tbh. My first assumption is that my sleep apnea is causing my acne but who really knows. I am working on the sleep apnea problem right now.
Any tips to maybe help clear it up and not get worse over the summer? Will swimming all summer make it better/worse? How about a steam room? I'm just done with it... I order a regime from advanced dermatology which is probably another waste of money but I'm at the point where I'll give anything a fair trial. I would scalp my face if I knew Id never have to deal with acne again.

Seeing A Specialist?

24 May 2014 - 03:44 PM

Curious on opinions as I have tried everything and nothing (currently doing nothing) seeing as my face looks the same whether or not I use products - I'm avoiding them until I get interested in trying one again. Currently I just use a vibrating toothbrush on my face. Does anyone think going for microdermabrasion or facials/whatever are worth it? I'm just so sick of my skin and looking the way it does... I'm a 22 year old male and I think most of my face problems are from sun damaged skin but it's hard to avoid the sun now cause it makes my face look a little better. I will completely avoid the sun and wear sunscreen anytime I'm in it - if I have clear skin. I also don't want to spend a lot if it's not gonna do anything but I'll be swimming a lot this summer and have it on my back chest and face... Quite frankly I'm just sick of it.

Is t worth it to spend money on stuff for facials / microdermabrasion/ whatever (but no accutane - not happening) and if so, what is the most worth it and effective? And also for under eyes? Skin looks dark and slight wrinkles despite the rest of my face looking young (with acne)

Oh and any ways to find the best place to go? Or best type of skin care specialists? Is a dermatologist best or a seperate firm like spa or whatnot? I live in Georgia if that helps.

I've About Had It...

21 March 2014 - 02:43 PM

It's not question to me that acne has ruined my self-esteem and stopped me many times from doing things I normally would do. I am just flat out sick of it.

I have tried almost everything. Even nothing at all, which, most people says is bad and will make it worse, but my acne never gets better or worse when I use stuff or don't use stuff. The only time I felt like it improved some was when I used retinol, for almost a year. and even then it would come back. I'm just so tired of it and want clear skin for once in my life (I say that, but i've had it the past 6 years) though some have had it longer.. It's still frustrating. I would rather use nothing at all if possible but I feel like my diet has no affect on my acne. I've gone from healthy to not healthy and back again over and over and nothing seems to change it, in fact when I eat healthier I feel like it's worse, probably because smoothies have a lot of sugar. I don't know. Regardless, I'm willing to do almost anything at this point. Also, is it worth it to do a month facial / whatever somewhere where they clean your face? I've tried going to the Suana at the gym but I feel like my skin just gets worse a few days later after doing it. 

I also have sleep apnea which I feel affects my skin, but I had surgery for that and other than that I don't know what I can do for that, not sure if that's the sole reason I have acne. But my skin does clear up in the winter time (not totally, but for the most part) so I can't figure that one out. Though my back never clears up, it always has "marks" not really pimples. 


This is just so frustrating, every time I see a guy with clear skin it just makes me even more down. (I am a guy)

I Don't Know If This Is The Right Topic.. But I Had A Question

23 April 2012 - 02:52 PM

I found neutrogenas new wash / gel treatment based on salycic acid, and I was curious, I have been using it about a week now and had a few new break outs come up, first one went away not have another, they are more of red spots then pimples, but i've been treating my whole face, and the areas that don't break out (my cheeks) are extremely soft, but the normal break out areas got a few new pimples (more then I typically get at a time) and I am curious is it normal to break out a few times (purging?) or? If it is normal, how long should I expect it? (I guess the real question is how long should I continue using the products to see if it's working or making it worse, before stopping?)