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In Topic: Sleep Apnea. Could It Be "sleep Apnea Acne"?

17 April 2012 - 06:19 PM

Poor sleep is a factor. It affects so many other factors involved in acne such as insulin sensitivity, how you deal with stress, digestion, etc.  See the Good Things link in my signature for more info.

You should try singing and humming a lot to strengthen the muscles.  Get a kazoo or didgeridoo.

Thank you very much! I guess singing and humming would make sense, since I sing badly!! Maybe it will increase both! :P

In Topic: Ready To Give Up. Theres Gotta Be Someone Out There That's Found A Real C...

15 April 2012 - 11:19 PM

Wow...you really just read my mind. Night time is the only time I dont feel like ripping my hair out lol. Back to your question, I personally have not yet found a effective cure foracne. That is why Im at the end of the road with Accutane, but thats another story. From your description it seems like youve only got light problems with your face. For the blackheads I would say try the Biore pore strips. And for the redness a soothing lotion containing Colloidal Oatmeal. These are things that somewhat help me, so good luck!

Thanks for the post, and great minds think alike! haha yeah I love nighttime. I feel like a vampire sometimes. :P

As for the poor strips, when I was about 14 years old I did my first pore strip, not because I had acne (infact my face was clear) but because my friends mom and I were staying at a cabin, and they wanted my brother and I to do it with them, (cause it was funny for a guy to do a nose strip), and from then on I began to notice I had black heads, (along with my brother who also did it) so I don't know if it had anything to do with that, or not, but I have tried to do it again, and every time I do it, it hurts to take the strip off and doesn't seem to make any difference, so I don't know if I am doing something wrong, or what.. but any advice on that part would be good... As for the lotion, I will have to check it out... Thanks again

In Topic: Need Advice & Treatment!

12 April 2012 - 10:59 PM

Tea tree oil did nothing but waste my time and money to be honest.. Try the new products from Neutrogena, called "all-in-one" for past present and future, they seem to be working pretty well, and don't forget to moisturize after every wash! As for spot treatments, I tried this stuff called bye bye blemish drying lotion, and I kid you freaking not you put it on at night and the next morning their gone! it doesn't always work on every pimple or bigger ones, but no joke it works very well. Only place I could find it was at drugs stores, like walgreens, CVS, etc, I do recommend it and don't believe it's that expensive. It works wayyyy better then tea tree oil and it works over night. I know normally things promise to work overnight and don't, but this one will work on at least some, sometimes you get unlucky with others, idk why but that's just how it is. Also, if you do use it, it has a pretty bad smell to it :P

In Topic: So I Am New Here.. But Heres Why Im Posting Haha

12 April 2012 - 10:47 PM

wellllll anyways.. It's only day 3 but it seems to be making a difference.. prob to soon to tell, but after i wash my face and put the gel / lotion on, it looks red / bad, but then within the hour it looks better then it normally does... so hopefully its doing something! :)

In Topic: So I Am New Here.. But Heres Why Im Posting Haha

12 April 2012 - 09:24 AM

Does your skin get really oily? Or does it just stay normal all the time?

Yea the BP (Benzoyl Peroxide) on your chest and back should be fine.  As long as it doesn't dry those spots out.

Maybe you have been over washing your face or useing to many products which would cause irritation. Try washing with a mild soap cetaphil, purpose. Each wash for a couple days.

If all fails go see a dermatologist.

yeah ironically i've tried both of those that you named :P cetaphil and purpose, thats why I am trying the salicylic face wash and gel now to see what happens, and I've been to a derm, he gave me epuido gel and some other thing that didn't work, I feel like every thing has already failed ;/

My skin used to get pretty oily, not as much anymore, if it does it's just my forehead and my nose, again, I don't know if my forehead does because of my hair, or what, but if I use lotion on my forehead it gets even more oily, the rest of my face doesn't really get oily anymore