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y3rfd0g's Blog > New Breakout....from Icecream Or Insanity?

Posted 27 June 2012

Hey everyone,

I've been studying like a mad woman and running around like crazy lately. I don't think I am particularly stressed, but maybe my body feels it subconsciously? Anyways, about 5 weeks ago I started Insanity (took a week off because I was sick) and I noticed a lot more breakouts on my body and face. I'm wondering if it's because...

y3rfd0g's Blog > Soy And Sunburns

Posted 28 May 2012

Those are my two culprits of breakouts recently. I gave in a few weeks ago to a soy chai tea latte, and ended up with a few rather large zits on my right jawline. It's weird how I freak out about the small pimples on my face, yet say "Aaah oh well" to the hormonal ones that pop up randomly. At least I believe those zits are due to soy....

y3rfd0g's Blog > Dairy And High Fructose Corn Syrup...big No-No's

Posted 12 April 2012

I think in my last blog I said that I needed to stop eating chocolate and dairy products...well now I'm really motivated. For the last month, I continued to put cream in my tea, drinking it almost everyday. I haven't had that "mouth" acne for a looooong time, and the last few weeks I've been getting new zits in that area. Ugh. They...

y3rfd0g's Blog > Went Without Makeup Today

Posted 28 March 2012


y3rfd0g's Blog > Therapeutic Venting Or Avoiding Homework

Posted 22 March 2012