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In Topic: The Effect Of My Scars.

03 June 2012 - 01:28 PM

In the exact same situation man, i know how you feel. Everyday i feel worhtless and feel no girl would ever want me. All i can really say to you is, Keep up the injections and try some other products to help fade them, try silcone gel pads, i heard they were good. Wish i had more, but i really havent had any luck either with anything, i have back, chest, neck hypertrophic scarring, i wont ever take my shirt off either, so your not alone here. Just keep on hoping. Best wishes to you.

In Topic: Acne And Getting A Job

23 April 2012 - 11:15 AM

Take this from me man, I was just like you a month ago, jobless, thought of no one would ever hire me cause of the way i look. But i was wrong, its just being confident and yourself, thats how you do it. And believe me my skin is HORRIBLE absolutely HORRIBLE, but i still got the job out of a sum of 3 other people, its and entry level job but that doesnt mean anything, a job is a job. I consider myself lucky, but i dont think that had anything to do with it, i think it was just me being myself and confident. So on that note, i wish you luck and best wishes. :)