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In Topic: Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

Yesterday, 01:38 PM

I made an appointment with an Endocrinologist. The appointment is not until November 3rd. This is the earliest they can get me in. 

In Topic: Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

30 September 2014 - 08:30 AM

I assume not everyone has extreme weight gain from hypothyroidism. I am not really skinny. I go to the gym regularly and do bulk up, but nothing out of the ordinary. 

In Topic: Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

30 September 2014 - 07:48 AM

You were tested for hypothyroidism?

In Topic: Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

29 September 2014 - 04:30 PM

I just wanted to let everyone know that I found the cause of my hair loss.
I went to the doctor and she tested my blood-- I have a critically low hemoglobin, which means I'm severely anemic and don't have enough red blood cells. It takes B12, iron and folate to create these.
Further, she tested my ferritin, which is the amount of iron stored in the body, and I have absolutely none.
You need at least a 70 ferritin to keep your hair.
I suggest everyone get their ferritin and hemoglobin checked, just to rule that out-- I don't think b5 was actually harming me, as I had been on it for a year and a half with no consequences, then was diagnosed with a gastrointestinal disease, and months later they think I'm losing blood/iron due to said disease.
I'm on iron/folate/b12 supplements right now, but doc said it'll take months to raise hemoglobin to normal and even longer to store up ferritin in my body
In the meantime I've ordered a wig because she said this will be a long journey; but the plus side is it isn't permanent.
So there's my experience.


I am also anemic. Have been taking B12,iron and folate for a couple of months now. My Ferritin was at about 20 when I started and is at 50 now. Not sure if this is the cause of my hair loss though. I began experiencing hair loss only 1 week after starting B5(and immediately stopped) and I am still losing hair 1 year later.


I have been to a thyroid specialist two days ago and he did a ultrasound and blood test. He said my thyroid gland was a bit below average in size and that I was hypothyroid and will have to take medication. Will get the prescription in the next few days I assume.
It seems strange to me that I am hypothyroid, I always thought that I may be hyperthyroid if anything as I am tall and very skinny.

Anyway, does supplementing with raw thyroid have the same effect as hypothyroidism-medication, namely getting the thyroid gland to be more active?



That is what I am hoping for. Maybe we caused hypothyroidism. Hopefully the medicine you get prescribed too improves your hair!

I am going to get tested. Here are some symptoms which many of us have claimed to have (hair thinning is one). Perhaps we are not producing enough of a certain hormone. 



In Topic: Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

22 September 2014 - 01:49 PM

I just started the potassium iodide 2 days ago as well. Will keep you guys posted.