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In Topic: Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

03 March 2015 - 11:16 AM

Hi all,

It’s been a while since I posted anything on this forum. Frankly, I’d been waiting to make sure that my improvements weren’t just a fluke and would actually last. So, I’m happy to report, my hair loss and scalp inflammation have completely subsided (and haven’t come back after about a month). The bad news is I can’t be sure that the symptoms will not return or how generalizable the approach I used is.

The following is what I used to alleviate the symptoms of itchy scalp and diffuse hair loss (listed in what I believe is the order of their contribution to the improvement):

1.       Psoriatrax tar shampoo. Used every day for the first two weeks, then every other day (alternating with Jason Dandruff Relief shampoo and, occasionally, Nizoral),

2.       Colostrum Plus (2 scoops twice a day),

3.       Scalp serum with Lavender and Rosemary oil (been using it for a while). Apply about twice a week.

4.       Holy basil extract, ashwagandha, valerian root (adaptogens) taken before bed.

It seems that the hair loss and scalp inflammation are manifestations of an immune response to vitamin B5 overdose. In any case, I hope this helps you guys.


Great news and congrats! So you're taking almost 12 grams of Colostrum Plus a day?


This is your scalp serum:


As I have mentioned earlier, I've have been using the formula below to alleviate some of the most annoying symptoms of itchy, irritated scalp.

The listed amounts are by %weight, so you may want to use a small scale to prepare this concoction.

Jojoba Oil:    80.6%

Castor Oil:    11.0%

Lavender Essential Oil:     3.8%

Rosemary Essential Oil:    4.6%

Use a glass container. First, add castor and jojoba oils, mix them together and then add the essential oils.

The essential oils I'm using are manufactured by Now Foods and the carrier oils are sold by Swanson (100% Certified Organic).



In Topic: Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

02 March 2015 - 09:15 AM

I would cut it out completely and get it out of your system. 

In Topic: Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

24 February 2015 - 02:26 PM

@elmechanico, yes many of us have, no luck.


Update: I stopped RU. I was using much less than 1mg per day and the sides eventually came back and are not worth it in my opinion. Going to look for other options.


I am still using Rogain 2x per day but I am still shedding a lot. Going to go back to the dermatologist and have a steroid prescribed for my scalp to help with inflammation, itching, and dandruff that will hopefully slow down the shedding. 


Something I have been looking into for years are B12 shots/injections. There are some dermatologists that give them for telogen effluvium and they seem to work well. Might be worth a shot (pun). 

In Topic: Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

06 February 2015 - 12:27 PM

these pills for stomach acid are really screwing with my stomach anyone found that? wondering if I should keep taking them


I would stop.


The low dose of RU seems to be working well with no side effects. Still shedding but definitely see new hairs popping up. Will keep you posted. 


For those of you who don't know what RU is, google RU hairloss. Same potential side effects as Propecia and Avodart so use at your own risk and at a low dose. 

In Topic: Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

29 January 2015 - 03:41 PM

So still unknown if RU 100% works at stopping the shedding. I do see new hairs coming in which is a plus but I have not been on RU long/consistently enough to have had it stop the shedding. The big issue is the side effects. With 20 mg per application, I experienced very bad side effects such as brain fog, body aches, ear aches, chest pains, shortness of breath. This was after 3 days. I stopped RU and the side effects went away within a week. I then tried 10 mg per application and experienced the same side effects, not as bad as 20 mg but not worth it. I went off RU another week and the side effects subsided and eventually went away. I am now trying 2 mg per application and have had no sides. It has only been 3 days but the side effects were definitely there with 10 mg & 20 mg per day after 3 days. I will keep you guys updated on my progress and if I stop the shedding and have regrowth. I am also applying Rogain 2x per day.