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02 January 2011 - 08:44 PM

I originally heard of applying a turmeric paste to the face on acne.org. I read up on the internet a lot before I went ahead and did it... and I am so glad I did. I have been on this website before many times to get advice on fading the hyper pigmentation left over by pimples... but after the 3rd use today I decided I must make an account and inform everybody that the spots can be faded. Since summer 2010 my face has been doing so well and all my hyper pigmentation had just recently faded. On top of that I was getting compliments galore on how nice my skin looked. However, recently due to improper diet I had a horrible break out on my cheeks. The breakout has just settled down but left behind these ugly red marks actually one was so bad it was a deep purplish red color the type that takes several months to a year to fade naturally!! So when I read about turmeric I gave it a shot.

I have been using the turmeric paste ( 1 tablespoon turmeric powder mixed with a little bit of yogurt and water) and have been applying it all over my face (you can spot treat as well). Today was my 3rd day using and when I was washing my face I was SHOCKED!! I honestly could not believe my eyes! That deep purplish red colour spot had lightened 75% it’s now a light pinkish red color. All the other marks have also lightened to a light pinkish color. ALL IN 3 DAYS!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif In addition to the fading my skin feels so smooth! And I have also read that turmeric powder helps smooth out fine lines & wrinkles... not that at my age I have any but that’s another plus!! Only downside is the staining so if you decide to try this method prepare for yellow face and yellow hands... yellow pillowcase. I do the mask before bed so that way in the morning after a hot shower the stain has washed way. After I wash my face I put a clean soft towel over my pillow and go to bed so my pillows don’t stain. Also do not wear your best night clothes as those stain as well from your hands. It’s all worth it!!

I am going to keep up the paste for another week and see if the spots fade away completely!!