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Today, 11:25 AM

WOW! Thank you WishClean for your comprehensive research once again! This makes so much sense. Since last summer I’ve been so unhappy because I couldn’t figure out why I’d be getting acne while on—once effective—treatments for acne. Was it the spiro? Was it the glucosmart (inositol)? Was it the vitamins I was taking? And now with this research, and with the information I’ve found on this forum regarding estrogen dominance, I’m starting to understand my situation, which can hopefully provide me with some relief.

The section of the study about breast cancer is especially worrying since the disease runs in my family. I’m also concerned about adrenals since, to my knowledge, it is a more challenging issue to diagnose and treat. I found this link on adrenal issues that is somewhat helpful for self-assessment: http://www.nichd.nih...s/symptoms.aspx. The issue with these self-diagnosing symptomology lists is that many of the symptoms are so common. Do you feel tired sometimes? Yes. Do you like salty food? Yes. Well, you have a disease! I don’t think I have an issue with my thyroid because aside from increased menstrual bleeding and cold feet I don’t have any of the more obvious symptoms, such as a hoarse voice, a puffy face, or weight gain (in fact I’ve lost weight over the last year). Nevertheless, here is a link on the symptomology of thyroid issues: http://womenshealth....-disease.html#d.

I think it is more likely that I have estrogen dominance as a result of prolonged spiro use. But, as I said in another thread (sorry for being all over the place ladies but sometimes you have to in order to quote posters directly and stay on topic), I resisted this diagnosis for so long because I just didn’t understand how estrogen could cause acne when it had always been touted as beneficial to acne by the medical community (birth control!).

Additionally, as I said in another thread, I am eager to get off of spiro but I don’t want to be reckless about it since I had the worst experience of my life when I quit the birth control Diane 35 cold turkey years ago. The acne that had always been concentrated on my chin encompassed my entire face and it was so painful I could barely sleep or eat. I don’t know if you’ve ever had nodular acne WishClean, but it’s the WORST sad.png! In preparation to start DIM, last night I cut my spiro pill into several pieces and ended up taking approximately 87.5mgs (I cut the pill in half-50mgs, then a half in half-25mgs and then a half in half-12.5mg and took those three pieces to total 87.5mgs). I plan to slowly reduce my spiro dose over a period of several months in order to reduce the risk of a rebound. I did this the second time I took and subsequently quit birth control to much better results than the aforementioned cold turkey time (my acne returned but not worse than pre-treatment).

Still, I am nervous to pin my hopes on DIM. And I am nervous to take DIM while still on spiro but I need to treat my acne. I have a very bad nodule at the moment that is impeding my ability to move my mouth without feeling pain sad.png. Do you have any more advice regarding my spiro/DIM dilemma or anything else? I find your and hearts advice and encouragement priceless!


Thank you for your research, WishClean. I suspected something like that kind of behavior from spiro because I didn't get some of the side effects until the one year mark. It makes me really glad that I quit using it.


brenmc, I think it's smart to not quit cold turkey like you said. You are doing the right thing if you want to stop taking it. I weaned down for months because I was scared too... I still did end up breaking out, but you might have a better chance actually starting another anti-androgen whilst weaning down. I used NPC while weaning which helped all the estrogen issues but it wasn't enough to stop all of the acne from returning. I would bet big money that I would have stayed clear if I had used DIM earlier.


It could be your answer, and I don't want to be a downer but it also may not be. DIM works really for some and not others but you don't know if it will unless you try. Nothing has been working for you as of yet and DIM has worked for so many, so of course I think you should give it a shot. I really want you to be clear and not have to deal with acne anymore. It's your choice, though. If after 4 months you don't see any improvement, at least you can knock it off the list. Like I said in the other thread, DIM worked slowly and subtly for me, but I saw some improvement after a couple months. 

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Today, 11:06 AM

Thank you so much for the encouragement about losing the weight caused by inositol! It makes me feel better. (: 10-15lbs makes a big difference on my frame and like you said before, it won't budge even if I work out extra hard. I agree that eating the right foods can give me enough if I feel that I need it later. I found the following list on the SoulCysters forum in a thread about it causing some girls to gain weight from it. I think I can manage to eat some extra hummus if required. (;


Lecithin contains 2100mg per 100g
Chick Peas contains 760 mg per 100g
Brown Rice contains 700 mg per 100g
Wheat Germ contains 690 mg per 100g
Oranges contains 210 mg per 100g
Peas contain 160 mg per 100g
Grapefruit contain 150 mg per 100g
Strawberries contain 95 mg per 100g
Cauliflower contains 92 mg per 100g


I'll respond to the DIM related stuff on your other thread here: http://www.acne.org/...now-what/page-3 I just realized that WishClean's thread was jacked by our DIM discussion. Sorry, WishClean! ):

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Yesterday, 02:03 PM

Hey hearts,

For some reason when I went to amazon.ca and tried to purchase it, at the payment stage it said 'cannot be delivered to your location' or whatever. Perhaps because I live on an island? I don't know. Thankfully, my mom found Nature's Way DIM Plus on another website that would deliver to my location! So I am happily awaiting the Nature's Way brand. I decided it would be best to wait for that one because it has such fantastic reviews.

I'm not sure how much to take because each capsule only contains about 12.5mg of actual DIM, I believe. It does have the added mgs of broccoli and cauliflower powder. How many pills/day did you start with and what do you think a good dose is for me, given my situation?

I know it's been said that it's not a great idea to take DIM with spiro, but I was thinking about it and I don't really understand why that would be, since DIM is also an anti-androgen, why would that have a negative interaction? Either way, I do plan to wean off of spiro if I see improvement with DIM.

Do you have any tips for me while taking DIM Plus? Is there a time of day that I should take it? Should I drink extra water to flush toxins out that way?



Awesome! I'm glad that you were able to find a place that ships it to you. (: Each capsule contains 50mg DIM complex, so 2 capsules is 100mg and the recommended dose. I don't know where you read 12.5mg but you'll see when you get the bottle that it says 100mg per serving. It also has 100mg of veggie powders, so technically each serving is 200mg of total supplement (though not all DIM). I really like the capsules because they are quite small compared to a lot of supplements.


How much spiro are you taking, again? If you have bad painful acne, I would personally just start at 100mg (2 capsules). You can choose to work up if you want, but from my own experience of not working my way up, it doesn't matter. I just wanted to get clear and like I said I even took 150mg to speed things up for a while. I had a bunch of cystic and those hard nodules like you described in the other post, along with a little non-inflamed stuff and DIM cleared all of it. You can always lower the dose once you're clear if you want later. But again, do what you want... you don't have to take my advice!


As far as recommendations for taking it... it's good to take it with food, at least in the beginning. It even suggests this on the bottle. The only —and temporary— side effect that I had was some mild stomach cramping. I read another review on Amazon of someone having that problem as well, and they said food helped. It's probably gas generated from the vegetables or something, haha. I am particularly susceptible to stomach cramping though, like when I eat too much. Anyway, that went away within a couple weeks. After that I could take it on an empty stomach no problem. I don't think time of day matters, though it's maybe worth taking note that testosterone/androgens are higher in the morning. You could space it out from spiro if you want. Since I was taking two capsules a day, I just took one first thing in the morning and one before going to sleep.


Plenty of water is good for you no matter what you are taking! (:


I really hope that it works for you! I can't think of a reason why it would necessarily be dangerous to take with spiro, but just try to pay attention to how you are feeling while taking both and go from there.

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28 July 2014 - 11:24 PM

Please do not apologize for the long post, I appreciate the detailed information.
I’m glad you told me about the instability of indole-3-carbinol, it is in higher quantities in Estrosmart than DIM, so it’s probably not a good idea. Not to mention that I saw comments regarding initial breakouts on the Estrosmart company website itself!
That’s so sweet of you to offer to send me a bottle; I’ll keep looking on vitamin websites that send to Canada, and let you know if I absolutely can’t find it. But, ultimately, you would recommend Nature’s Way if I can get my hands on it?  
I don’t know if I should take the brand that has AstraGin in it because I’m on metformin and inositol right now as well. Not sure if you saw my edited post but see above, I posted a quote on AstraGin that is worrying.
I called around town and I also found this version available at a grocery store about 40 minutes from my house: http://www.enzymatic...troBalance.aspx. Which is better, this one or the SD brand I linked to in my other post?
You should start a website or blog! You are so empathetic and knowledgeable, an excellent combination regarding women’s health issues.   

Aw thank you! (:
I do like Nature's Way because I used it myself, but I'm sure there are other brands that are good as well. Have you looked at http://www.amazon.ca...ywords=dim plus ? It's the Nature's Way DIM Plus on Amazon Canada.
Between the two that you linked, the EstroBalance sounds way better in my opinion. It actually looks really close to DIM plus, with added calcium which is a good thing for women. Just make sure you take at least a little vitamin D or get some sun to better absorb the calcium. If I had to choose between the two I would definitely go with that one.

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28 July 2014 - 12:41 PM

Thanks so much for replying hearts! Yikes, what you said about i-3-c and c-d-g makes me nervous! Is the initial breakout with these two almost inevitable then? In the success stories you read about Estrosmart, did they mention an initial breakout?
I bought the Estrosmart because I take the Glucosmart by the same line. But you think just plain DIM would be safer with spiro? The article mentions i-3-c's interaction with birth control pills, so that makes sense. And DIM addresses androgens and estrogen? I obviously have an issue with both, based on my PCOS symptoms. What dose of DIM did you take? What brand?
Thank you!
Did you delete your topic on DIM, I couldn’t find it?

Oh, I didn't mean to scare you! It's not inevitable... not everyone gets an IB with any of these supplements. You may be perfectly fine with Estrosmart, no initial breakouts or anything. I am just trying to give you more information to think about. I considered taking CDG before DIM but after reading anecdotes of girls breaking out from it, I decided to try DIM which had fewer of those stories. I3C does make me nervous if you are taking other medications alongside it, though. In fact, it even says on my bottle of DIM that it is superior to I3C because of it's instability. I'm not super knowledgable on I3C though, so you can take what I'm saying with a grain of salt.
WishClean, am I totally remembering incorrectly or did you try CDG for a little while?
If I remember right, Estrosmart reviews are about the same as other DIM supplements... mixed. It works better for some than others. An IB wouldn't be predictable from these stories. I'm not trying to push you into using it, but the only real way to know would be to try it. Here are some threads on the actual Estrosmart acne board, though!
I took Nature's Way DIM Plus. When I started taking it I was living with my parents who live less than 5 miles from Nature's Way in Utah, so the entire brand was easily obtainable locally and I trusted them. I live in Denver, Colorado now (500 miles away) and I see Nature's Way products here, but not as much of a selection. I took 100mg (two capsules daily) but I was impatient after a month or so and to speed things up I took 150mg (three capsules) for a few months. After I was clear, I lowered the dose back down to 100mg. DIM Plus isn't that expensive ($18 a bottle — $9 a month) but I actually bought a bottle of plain DIM from Piping Rock which I was going to try. It's super cheap ($7 a bottle of 90) and each capsule is 100mg so it would have lasted me three months! I weaned off before trying it, though so it is just sitting in my cabinet unopened, haha. I buy other supplements from Piping Rock (l-cysteine, etc.) and they are great so I imagine that DIM would be good from them too. Not sure if they ship to Canada... If you want me to, I could try to mail you the bottle.
DIM does help with excess estrogen (supports estrogen metabolism) and it is a natural anti-androgen as well. If you suspect that both are a problem, it could be very beneficial to you.
I do think if you want to stay on spiro and add DIM, taking a plain DIM supplement would be the safest and have less risk of side effects. Ultimately it's up to you and what you're most comfortable with, though! (: Ginseng is supposed to be a hormone regulator, and it can also affect blood sugar. I took it for a few weeks (hoping to help hypoglycemia) and saw no difference in absolutely anything, but maybe that wasn't long enough. I just really need to remember to eat to control blood sugar.
Oh, and I did have my thread removed. It had spiraled out of control and I'm strongly considering starting a website that is completely focused on balancing hormones naturally. I repeat myself so many times on other threads and in PMs so I think it would be good to have my experiences and research mostly all in one place.


P.S. To update anyone following my progress with quitting inositol... it has been a little over a month. My skin and hair are still great but I haven't been able to drop the weight, yet. I realize I was taking it for 6 months and it might take a little longer for my hormones to readjust, so I'll continue to be patient.

Sorry for the long post.