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In Topic: Finally Had Clear Skin Now I'm Pregnant And Skin Is Worse Than Ever!

Yesterday, 03:06 PM

Interesting hearts, thanks. If you've been taking this along with DIM, perhaps that's the key to your success? I've read of people taking liver support with DIM in several places but I have been too nervous to add anything else at this stage. However, I'm now thinking I might need to add NAC to see the full benefits of DIM?
Have you read or seen anything about NAC causing an initial breakout, I know liver detoxes can do so? What about taking NAC with inositol, would that be too much change to my glucose metabolism?


Yeah, I'm really not sure if it helped at all or not. I took it before DIM and it didn't affect my skin. If it made me break out (like an initial breakout) I would have stopped taking it. I don't think NAC/l-cysteine has "detox" side effects, at least it didn't for me. I take 500mg daily, but I think you can take up to 1600mg or something. Maybe if you take high doses you can experience detox symptoms.


I'm not sure if continuing to take l-cysteine post DIM is helping me keep on track, either! When I forget to take it I don't see a difference in my skin (no breakouts.)


I think you're right about not adding anything else at this point... it's too early to know if DIM alone will be enough. If at 4 months it's still not helping then you could add it as a last test with DIM. Though I think NAC/l-cysteine is awesome, how each individual reacts to each supplement is a mystery until they try it.


You might want to read this article about how NAC acts similarly to Metformin for women with PCOS. This is another article on the subject. 

Here is a thread on Soul Cysters where a few women mention that they take both inositol and NAC together. Please note post #14 on there... she ditched metformin and spiro and feels much better on the other supplements! (: Here is another thread specifically about the subject. I also took inositol and l-cysteine together without a problem, well, except for the weight gain but I don't think that's because I was taking l-cysteine.


Hope that helps! (:

In Topic: Finally Had Clear Skin Now I'm Pregnant And Skin Is Worse Than Ever!

Yesterday, 07:47 AM

I wonder if I'm missing a liver support? hearts, why did you choose l-cysteine instead of NAC? I think I've read good things about NAC for PCOS, is that correct?


Maybe! It's difficult to say. I think NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine) or l-cysteine would be beneficial to anyone (unless you have cystinuria, a genetic disorder where supplementing with cysteine forms kidney stones.) In PCOS, it can help with insulin sensitivity and resistance! (:


I can't remember why I chose l-cysteine over NAC... I think at the time I read about a particular benefit of it over NAC, but I can't for the life of me remember and it was quite a while ago. I'll keep trying to remember, haha! NAC is generally considered the better of the two supplements, it is supposedly better absorbed, etc. I've taken l-cysteine for several years without a single problem, only good results. My boyfriend takes it when we drink too, and hasn't had any problems either. Maybe I should switch to NAC but I don't really feel the need to at this time.


Here is a link with some of the benefits of NAC/l-cysteine. It amazes me when I read about all that it can do. Along with preventing hangovers and detoxing the liver, it helps my nails and hair grow. I read that some Asians take it to "brighten" their skin, and I have even read that it has anti-aging properties/effects like improving collagen and getting rid of age spots.


I didn't know DIM was an anti-androgen is that right?

Also is it better for a DIM supplement to contain all those other ingredients like CDG and milk thistle?

The reason I ask is just because I take a supplement which contains 80mg DIM and that song with skin care helped my severe acne. But more recently things have slowly got worse, namely after ovulation and all throughout my second phase of my menstrual cycle..I am considering purchasing this DIM detox but am so dubious because I've spent so much money on stuff that doesn't work...it's like going out on a limb for me before asking about RoaccutAne.


Yep, it sure is! Check out this study.


I think whether or not it's better to have those other ingredients as well really depends on the person. Like I said, some women break out from CDG while others don't, etc. I took l-cysteine to help with detoxing my liver (while on DIM) but not specifically for my skin... I'm not sure if it helped clear my skin or not.


What brand DIM do you take now? brenmc has a good point, you might want to try upping the dose before spending money on a different supplement. Also, it's important that you get adequate amounts of other nutrients to support hormonal health especially during stressful times!

In Topic: Finally Had Clear Skin Now I'm Pregnant And Skin Is Worse Than Ever!

26 August 2014 - 09:59 AM

I just looked into the DIM Detox formula... apparently it has a lot of other ingredients including CDG. It also looks like it focuses on liver support (hence the name) since it also contains things like NAC, ALA, and milk thistle. Here's a link to the source: http://www.pureencap.../dim-detox.html


I've read mixed stories on CDG (calcium-d-glucarate) — some women have success with it while others don't (just like any supplement though, I guess.) Did your doctor look at all the ingredients before telling you that it was okay to take while pregnant? I don't know much about it but I thought CDG wasn't safe during pregnancy... I am also still convinced that DIM shouldn't be taken while pregnant either, since it's directly influencing your hormones and is an anti-androgen.


If you can handle all of the ingredients, it looks like a pretty good supplement but it's quite expensive. I would be worried to take it personally because there is so much in it... I wouldn't know which ingredient was causing side effects if any. I'm glad it works for you though, LeksiBabi! (:


By the way, I get liver support from l-cysteine (NAC is a product of l-cysteine) because I do drink. I wonder if this helped at all while I was on DIM. Something else to think about!

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26 August 2014 - 09:31 AM

Thanks hearts. I guess I was mistaken, I thought I had read that you were starting DIM while weaning off spiro, but maybe it was the progesterone cream that you started while coming off of spiro? I’ve read so many posts and reviews that it’s difficult not to have some transference.

I have started three pills of DIM, just to try an accelerate things. You said in an earlier post that you continued to breakout like normal for weeks after starting DIM, but when did you start to notice improvement? I just need some encouragement  ! How long did you take DIM for in total?

Thanks for sharing your experience with me hearts.


No problem (: I think I took it for a year and a half? Maybe longer. It's hard to remember when exactly I saw improvement starting, probably 2-3 months. Hopefully taking the increased dose helps you see progress sooner!

In Topic: Masturbation Causeing Acne

21 August 2014 - 10:59 AM

This isn't a problem for me, but I wanted to mention that supposedly masturbation and intercourse affect hormones differently. You can google the subject and read some articles and discussions about it. Anyway, this may or may not affect getting acne in all people who break out from masturbation, but it's something to think about.