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In Topic: 20 Year Old Acne

03 September 2014 - 03:22 PM

You probably have a genetic predisposition to acne that means you have to work ten times as hard as the next guy to have great skin. You'll have to make some more lifestyle changes and you will probably also have to rely on some supplements to help you get there. Yes, this is possible even if no one in your family has acne. Genes are pretty dang complicated. You just happened to get that unique mix that left you vulnerable to acne. 

This is my short list of advice:
To reduce the negative effects of insulin/glucose and IGF:
- NO milk or milk products. Don't make the common mistake of replacing it with soy milk, which also has negative hormonal effects. If you need a milk substitute, go with unsweetened Almond or Rice milk. 
- NO sugar. This is a big one. NO soda. NO fruit juice. NO candy. NO desserts. Avoid refined carbs if you can.
- NO caffeine. Caffeine is as bad or worse than sugar at negatively stimulating the insulin/glucose cycle. NO energy drinks. NO coffee. NO green/black/white tea.


I believe you in that stuff could potentially help one's skin, but I would be so depressed if I had to eliminate all of that stuff, haha! I'm clear (after severe acne for a decade) but I indulge in all of the above. XD


Does acne necessarily always have to be a genetic predisposition? What if it's just a temporary upset that goes away with a little effort? I think environment, stress, etc. have a pretty big influence, so it might be possible that one could have acne temporarily and not necessarily have to "battle" it their whole lives... just a thought. Not trying to argue with you though, you have a lot of good advice! (:

In Topic: Finally Had Clear Skin Now I'm Pregnant And Skin Is Worse Than Ever!

03 September 2014 - 10:26 AM

That link ain't showing up hearts, but I pay £55 for 120 capsules. I have no idea how to link in a reply, but it deffo says BioResponse DIMon my packet. But yeah I looked up a few brands and I can get a lot more of it in Nature's way? I don't know if anyone has experience with that one. I am just worried that I have took it for almost a year. Is it safe to take long term?

I recently have bought a sup with calcium and vitamin D since I have stopped dairy for the time being, it contains 10mg of zinc too and 300mg of Magnesium so we shall see how this works out!


Weird, let me try to link it again: http://janeiredale.c...-supplement.htm


I took Nature's Way DIM Plus for over a year which cleared me up and I had no problems. As far as I know, DIM is safe to take long term unless you are pregnant.

In Topic: 20 Year Old Acne

03 September 2014 - 10:18 AM

I'm sorry you're struggling, Dumondhatton! It would be frustrating to start having acne after puberty out of nowhere. If it helps any, your acne doesn't look bad at all. I personally think with some care you can clear it up fairly quickly.


What have you done to clear up your skin some so far? Do you take any supplements or vitamins? Sometimes even proper vitamin intake (like adequate amounts of vitamin D) clears people up.


What is your skin care regimen now? Do you use any topicals? How do you wash your face? If your acne is hormonal it shouldn't make a huge difference but it still can affect things. Even though most of my acne was hormonal, sometimes I would get random bursts of concentrated acne that wouldn't go away unless I used hydrogen peroxide to cleanse for a few days which would kill the bacteria.


I've read a few articles that suggest smoking pot can raise estrogen, but I have personally never had a problem with it and I am sensitive to even small raises in estrogen.


If all less-drastic measures don't work, there are plenty of other things to try. Have you ever been to a derm? I just ask because they usually put people on anti-biotics first to see if that helps. If it's hormonal, however, it probably won't. There are supplements you can buy to help with hormonal balance as well, but make sure you do your research on them before jumping in and remember to only start one thing at a time. Some common ones are Saw Palmetto and DIM.


I hope that helps a little. Try not to get discouraged (stress only makes acne worse) because there are plenty of things you can do and your acne really doesn't look that bad at all! (:

In Topic: Finally Had Clear Skin Now I'm Pregnant And Skin Is Worse Than Ever!

03 September 2014 - 09:57 AM

Thanks hearts, this is very helpful. I appreciate the links very much. Interestingly, commenter 15 (in the same link you referred to commenter 14) claims that NAC helped clear up her acne. However, the comment about spotting concerns me because I already have a big problem with that. I’m not entirely sure I would wait a full four months to try NAC, maybe I should just opt for taking a low dose a couple times a week, for added detoxifying benefits? Or would that variable dose mess things up even more? I hope I’ll have good results once I’ve been on a lower dose (and eventually off) of spiro soon as well!


Yeah, I saw that post... it's interesting that it helped her skin. Everyone's chemistry is so different, which is why it's so difficult to say what will work for someone and what won't!


I don't think a variable dose of NAC would hurt anything, but it might not be as effective as taking it consistently.


Is there anything that caused you to start spotting or has it always been a problem? Did NPC help with that? I just ask because I would get spotting sometimes when I started hormonal supplements but it wasn't as much of a concern to me as acne was. I resolved it until recently when I quit inositol, which screwed up my cycle again.


Well its a supplement called Accumax..contains Vit A/C/E and Bioresponse DIM. I get 80mg of DIM taking 4 capsule per day..they are expensive though and don't really wanna take 6 per day.

I'm starting to worry incase its having a negative effect..I've heard ovee time it could increase testosterone? I don't know if that's true and can't remember where I saw it! But I was considering buying a different kind of DIM which may be a cheaper alternative to what I take now.


Is it this supplement? If so I don't see anywhere it says "bio-response." I was also surprised to see that it has fillers like corn starch and sugar. That brand is incredibly expensive! $115 for 120 capsules?! D: That's super overpriced. You can get 80mg of DIM and a daily vitamin for way, way cheaper. No wonder you are discouraged about spending so much money! If I were you I would try a different brand and a multi-vitamin (make sure you get plenty of vitamin D) and see how it goes.

In Topic: Finally Had Clear Skin Now I'm Pregnant And Skin Is Worse Than Ever!

28 August 2014 - 03:06 PM

Interesting hearts, thanks. If you've been taking this along with DIM, perhaps that's the key to your success? I've read of people taking liver support with DIM in several places but I have been too nervous to add anything else at this stage. However, I'm now thinking I might need to add NAC to see the full benefits of DIM?
Have you read or seen anything about NAC causing an initial breakout, I know liver detoxes can do so? What about taking NAC with inositol, would that be too much change to my glucose metabolism?


Yeah, I'm really not sure if it helped at all or not. I took it before DIM and it didn't affect my skin. If it made me break out (like an initial breakout) I would have stopped taking it. I don't think NAC/l-cysteine has "detox" side effects, at least it didn't for me. I take 500mg daily, but I think you can take up to 1600mg or something. Maybe if you take high doses you can experience detox symptoms.


I'm not sure if continuing to take l-cysteine post DIM is helping me keep on track, either! When I forget to take it I don't see a difference in my skin (no breakouts.)


I think you're right about not adding anything else at this point... it's too early to know if DIM alone will be enough. If at 4 months it's still not helping then you could add it as a last test with DIM. Though I think NAC/l-cysteine is awesome, how each individual reacts to each supplement is a mystery until they try it.


You might want to read this article about how NAC acts similarly to Metformin for women with PCOS. This is another article on the subject. 

Here is a thread on Soul Cysters where a few women mention that they take both inositol and NAC together. Please note post #14 on there... she ditched metformin and spiro and feels much better on the other supplements! (: Here is another thread specifically about the subject. I also took inositol and l-cysteine together without a problem, well, except for the weight gain but I don't think that's because I was taking l-cysteine.


Hope that helps! (: