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#3356199 Question For Those On The Regimen For Awhile

Posted by joeyicecream on 08 June 2013 - 02:50 PM

Hey arachnyd, its good to see that you switched to the acne.org bp. I started off way too fast as well and my skin took some punishment as it was super red than became super dry. Your skin is going to be  a bit more irritated because of the bp you were using. I would come down to applying the bp fully to the face once a day and either not  applying bp in the morning or just doing  a spot treatment ( listen to dan and start slow). You should do this for a week. In the mornings you still need to wash and moisturize. Whether you started with a poor bp product or not redness, irritation and dryness are inevitable when on the regime. My first couple of months on the regime were hell ( even in months three and four i still had a bit of dryness and redness but it was not as drastic as the first couple of months).  Even though the beginning of the regime  was hell for me, my whole life with acne before that was miserable as well so i knew this is what i had to do and i also had this feeling in the pit of my stomach that the regime was going to be the answer, unfortunately not an instant answer.

#3353830 Summer, Backpacking And The Regimen

Posted by joeyicecream on 31 May 2013 - 04:24 PM

Hi... I travelled Australia for six months, where two and a half months  were spent in the city working where i did not go to the beach that much, therefore i did two applications of the regime daily. The other three and a half months i was traveling up the east coast surfing and at the beach every day so i only did a nightly application. 


In my opinion your morning routine  should be

1. wake up 

2. eat breakfast

3. wash ur face

4. dry your face and wait 10 min

5. apply moisturizer than apply your sunscreen after moisturizer has soaked in.


-Than have an awesome carefree day filled with adventure and awesome times.


- before bed do the full nightly regime 


-I personally think you should continue doing the regime twice a day until your trip, and than when you begin your vacation drop to once a day.


-I don't believe that your skin needs to be prepared to drop to once daily where it will need to be a slow process to go back to two times daily once you return.


-For sunscreen i used olay  complete defense spf 30 and  when i was in the water i would just put on an application of invisible zinc i believe.


-If you do not want to  use the invisible zinc, wash your hands and re lather with what you are using after you get out of the water


- Wear a hat even with your sunscreen on


- Take advantage of the ocean as the salt water is so good for the skin. The power of salt water for complexion is so under appreciated.


- Have a great time

#3207106 My Regimen. Suggestions Greatly Accepted!

Posted by joeyicecream on 20 January 2012 - 07:23 PM

hey dude i have now been on the regime for 16 months and my face has never been so clear( i also use all of dans products ). The regime literrally made my life so much happier as my acne was really bad.
- I know what you mean by half a pump is not enough, just put it on your acne spots first and try to use the rest to get as much as possible.
- The dryness does not set in right away it sometimes takes like ten days. So even though putting on 2 full pumps now seems like alot it might not in a couple of weeks.
- You can try dropping the amount of moisturizer if it is still to greasy but when you start adding more bp or you become really dry make sure you up the moisturizer.
- The regime sucks man as it is a long process and in the beginning your face will be dry and red but it is so worth it in the end.
- Starting slow is key as you want your skin to slowly adjust to the bp. Starting slow will make your skin less dry and red.
- it will get worse before it gets better. this is called purging.
- When i was a few months in i was almost clear but i was still dealing with dryness so when i was going to school i would take a thing of moisturizer in my bag and put on a pump if needed in the bathroom so noone would see. You will not always need it but it is better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it as dry skin can be a real *****.
- Excersing, getting 8-9 hours sleep a night, a decent diet and staying stress free along with the regime goes along way to getting clear and staying clear.
- i still usually do the regime twice a day but now if i have stuff going on i can go a few days off than back on with no problems. Sometimes if i am lazy i only do it once a day. Even though i can do it like this now in the beginning i never missed an application. You have to be really dedicated for a long time, i am sorry i know this sucks to hear.
- some ppl say the cleansers are so drying but in my opinion i think washing your face with a good soap is so important as it gets rid of all the bacteria and i believe dans is the best.
- It took me about six months to get a 100% clear and another two after that to totally get rid of the small bit of dryness left and for my complexion to become perfect.
- Good luck man. stick it out. so worth it.