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In Topic: Time To Start The Regimen

23 November 2013 - 11:05 PM

Hi Lilly,


The funny part about aha is that it is so powerful that you can not use too much but at the same time the reccommended dose does not cover the whole face. In my opinion aha is a wonder for evening out complexion but only okay in moisturizing. What I would reccommend is what Dan and many of the aha vets on here do is to mix the recommended dose or a little bit less of aha into the moisturizer (you can use less moisturizer if you want). Dan has a blog article about it.


Personally I find aha can be too powerful for more sensitve areas like around my mouth as I notice it sometimes breaks me out. So my nightly routine when I used aha (once every few days during my first year of the regime)  wash, wait 10 minutes, bp, wait ten minutes, aha on cheeks and forhead, wait five to ten minutes then put a healthy dose of moisturizer around mouth and a bit over aha regions.


Personnally I think if you still have actives then you should not use aha just yet, wait until you are clear of acne or it least above 90% clear and then use aha when you are attemting to even out your complexion. I believe aha causes more irritation to actives.


Take care

- Joeyicecream

In Topic: My Modified Dan's Regimen (How I Completely Cleared My Skin, Solved My He...

13 June 2013 - 09:29 PM

Great post! I am interested in this smoothie recipe as well 

In Topic: Question For Those On The Regimen For Awhile

08 June 2013 - 02:50 PM

Hey arachnyd, its good to see that you switched to the acne.org bp. I started off way too fast as well and my skin took some punishment as it was super red than became super dry. Your skin is going to be  a bit more irritated because of the bp you were using. I would come down to applying the bp fully to the face once a day and either not  applying bp in the morning or just doing  a spot treatment ( listen to dan and start slow). You should do this for a week. In the mornings you still need to wash and moisturize. Whether you started with a poor bp product or not redness, irritation and dryness are inevitable when on the regime. My first couple of months on the regime were hell ( even in months three and four i still had a bit of dryness and redness but it was not as drastic as the first couple of months).  Even though the beginning of the regime  was hell for me, my whole life with acne before that was miserable as well so i knew this is what i had to do and i also had this feeling in the pit of my stomach that the regime was going to be the answer, unfortunately not an instant answer.

In Topic: Summer, Backpacking And The Regimen

01 June 2013 - 08:23 PM

During the three and a half months i would say that my skin was actually better just because i had no stress from work or anything and i was just lying on the beaches swimming, surfing and lots of fun with fellow travelers every day. Yes i do stand by the theory that the salt water is a magnificiant tool for complexion. The sun is great just be careful not to get too much. I would definitely recommend buying a hat and spending some of the day in the shade. Don't be one of those travelers that the first day you get there bake in the sun all day and ruin your next week because your skin is fried. 


-Make sure you pack your regime kit in zip lock baggies so they do not ruin your clothes or bag

- i know it is hard but do your best to just not even think about acne or having the perfect complexion


I am jealous of your travels i cant wait to get over to SE asia

In Topic: If My Skin Is Not Dry After Putting On Bp, Should I Still Moisturize? (At Night)

01 June 2013 - 01:48 PM

Hello acneisacurse...... Yes you still need to moisturize but you definitely can use less if you live in a hot humid climate. If you are new to the regime use less but still err on the side of using more than you think. If your skin starts becoming dry in a couple days down the road ( which it probably will) increase back to regular dosage. I don't recommend using sunscreen without moisturizer. Yes even if your skin is not dry still put it on.
You really should not be sweating if you are in your house. You should buy a fan or something. Since you are investing lots of time and money into your face you should buy a fan to keep comfortable at home. If you are outside and sweating it is nice if you have a towel on you to pat dry your face. If not no worries just pat dry your face when you get home. Sweating is good for the skin but it is not good if it is going to be on your face for a long extended period of time