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Does Benzoyl Peroxide And Salicylic Acid Age Skin?

11 March 2014 - 07:38 PM

I've never used chemicals before, never wanted to as I didn't want to rely on them, lately I've been thinking about trying either one of two mentioned, but I keep reading so much information that they age the skin, which is the last thing I need.

Curious thoughts?

What Are My Chances?

11 November 2013 - 02:18 AM

I know this post should probably go in the hormonal section, but it's more of a bodily/health question, as I've been "natural" my whole acne journey in all my choices, except for birth control. So I don't feel I need to go into my specifics as ..I've been doing that for years haha.


For now, I'm just at a crossroad. I still have acne even while on Diane 35. I've been on it for about 3/4 years now. However it's worth pointing out I started on the pill at around age 16, I never had an ounce of ance. and I'm pretty sure I started on Yaz, was taking levlen, all through out those changes etc, never one bit of ance at all. It was only about a year into levlen that the acne exploded, in less than a week I went from never a spot in the word to a face that was far too depressing to even find words for. It ruined my life in other words, for 2 years straight then stuck in confusion for the next year or stuck on Diane dealing with constant acne.


Actually my acne has gotten worse lately...one month it's super clear, the next it's just too much to bare it's so weird how it fluctuates like that. My forehead is always bumpy though and the black heads are constant.


So really. Diane isn't clearing me completely... but god help me off it.


My question is...I really don't know what to do anymore. I know big time if I come off diane I may just go through the worst hell of my life with the breakouts, I can't go through more of that, it's already diminished my life and opportunities to nothing.


The thing is, when I try to talk about it to doctors they just say "have you tried coming off the pill altogether, how do you know?"


and although it's true, I don't know what my face is completely off all pills as I never went on the pill for acne. Then again, I was fairly young, and now I'm nearly 22.


I'm worried because I have an entire internet with experiences, regardless of their acne state before, that come off such pills with worse acne and having to end up going back on the pill.


In regards to natural health, if I can't get rid of my acne while on the pill, considering all that I do do so naturally from food to sleep to destressing etc etc etc etc, is there any chance for me to ever control the acne while off the pill?


I'm frustrated because my twin still doesn't have an ounce of acne, on or off the pill, it's just me, but I've spent 3-4 years trying to figure out why I even had acne and there is not one bodily sign, doctors keep refusing my appointments because they say, after all the tests I've taken in depth, that I'm the healthiest person they've all ever come across and they don't know why I have acne, so feel like even if I do get off the pill, there's nothing left for me to "try" to stop my acne.



Does anyone have any advice? I'm really at a cross road. Of course I want to come off the pill, I hate relying on it and it's been quite a few years, but you can imagine how difficult that decision is, it's like choosing to destroy my life further and having to be the hermit again dealing with the painful acne that will come back


Sorry for the rant. Just really confused about my body and why for all these years nothing natural has affected my acne,

does anyone have any experiences to share ? coming off the pill, treating the aftermath naturally?



I Need Some Juicing Advice

13 August 2013 - 12:53 AM

Hi guys,


I've been getting into juicing a lot more lately since kale became available at the store (I've always just used silverbeet as I live in Aus and greens seem quite limited).



I'm having trouble actually juicing greens. I'm under the impression they can be juicing to a smooth texture?

I have two "blenders", one has very, very fine blades, this does a great job at juicing, however with the greens it just chops them up and no juice actually comes out the other side. Today I got out my old blender and although it blended them quite well I felt it near impossible to "drink" because even though the chunks were not huge, the texture put me off to the point I couldn't consume so without wanting to be sick -_-

It's not the flavor I'm concerned about, my body is just saying a big no to the texture. So that all sucks. How do people here blend them? Are the leafy greens still so chunky they won't even go up a straw? Maybe I'm blending too much under the wrong impression I need to use a whole thing of silver beet or and a whole thing of kale to getting any benefits?


At the moment I've mostly been juicing either orange, grapefruit, apple, banana, cucumber, celery, carrot, lemon, watermelon, different types of berries..etc really just anything (not all at once). I also drink fresh coconut milk from coconuts everyday and also drink freshly made lemon water. I really love using berries because of the flavor, just so annoyed that the greens won't juice to a consistency my body will let me consume calmly  :/


Also I know a lot of people think eating so much fruit is bad but I'm not on any 'special' diet, I don't truly need to be too concerned with my sugar intake (not diabetic nor do I consume any processed sugars). I'm not over weight at all (also I intake cinnamon with most meals), I eat mostly chicken and fish for meats, sweet potato, lots of veggies, organic eggs, steel cut oats, no milk other dairy, no bread, etc etc so my diet at the moment is just the healthy foods I enjoy. All my life I have consumed food this way, the acne never altered with my strict diet changes I made over the course of 3 years so no red alarm to stick to it, nor so I have any sensitivities or allergies so yeah I'm juicing more just for health benefits all round rather my hormonal acne. For now  I think magnesium, vitamin D and zinc has reduced my acne to a bearable minimum, that or the fact I haven't bothered to worry about it for about a year haha.


so yeah if anyone can help me out on juicing greens that would be really cool,

I realize that it might be an appliance issue, but I don't exactly have the hundreds to spend on a state of the art blending device annoyingly.


I'm wondering also if juicing about 2 drinks a day is a good amount to truly embrace the nutrients from juicing?


sorry for the ramble!


Thanks everyone :)



Wheat Intolerance, Do Signs Have To Be Obvious?

17 May 2013 - 06:07 PM

Hello everyone :)


Again, exploring all my options all over again for the 3-4th time.


Regarding wheat/gluten etc. I had a celiac test like a year ago and it came back negative and the doc said I'm definitely not intolerant to wheat.


I still avoid it where I can of course but I'm just curious if the signs of wheat intolerance can be almost unnoticeable? I don't have any of the obvious symptoms at all and never have but I do have acne, albeit it's not spontaneous acne i've learned it's cycle which associates with 'my cycle' but is there even a chance that wheat intolerance can cause hormonal acne?  Well, acne to act in a hormonal manner mirroring every month?

My doubts have come about as I don't have any other obvious wheat intolerant symptoms why would my only symptom be as extensive acne, doesn't make sense.


Does anyone have a wheat intolerant (maybe specifically woman) where the only symptom was acne even if they thought it was 'hormonal' acne?


I've definitely cut out wheat incredibly strictly from my diet about a year ago, did it for 6 months and saw no change whatsoever so for me that confirmed it's not the wheat but as mentioned I'm just going over my options again and trying to get opinions from others :)