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#3350312 Can Alcohol Help Acne?

Posted by FSAS on 20 May 2013 - 08:44 PM

what's funny is my acne has all the signs of the typical female hormonal type acne (yet I do have most of my acne on my forehead and cheeks/chin rather jaw).

but whenever I drink alcohol my acne is actually at it's best and I don't think about my acne at all so it's not a case of "you just forget about the acne and less stressed" because really if I'm drinking alcohol at all something seriously stressful has happened like an event and thus turn to alcohol so really I have everything against me, the stress the alcohol the no sleep yet my acne gets better. vodka seems to keep my acne calm. And it's not like I break out the day after or week after my acne just returns to it's normal state. Nothing more nothing less just the usual.

I rarely drink but if I go to have a 'huge' night for someones birthday then I'm actually so confident because I know whatever I drink, even if it's with sugar or anything that my acne will only get better and I won't break out. Even weeks to follow. The only acne that comes back is the usual that's always there. It totally sucks that my skin looks it's best after drinking -_-


It's really weird because it contradicts absolutely everything. My god I wish I knew what was causing my acne haha it's literally doing the opposite to everything that's known to help. Even if I had a celebratory day for something and there's junk food my acne gets better not worse. Healthy eating doesn't even help my acne nothing 'helps' it...all I know is ridiculous things like junk food and alcohol calm it. But of course I'd never turn to those things so it's so annoying. I wish it was healthy food that calmed my acne >.<


ramble there. Just pointing out that although alcohol is clearly bad for everyone in every which way.. it helps my acne and there is no "wait for the breakout" there is none. It's one of very very few things that have a direct effect on my acne, positive or negative nothing seems to 'change it' so to have it get better with something so bad is beyond me and everything I've ever learned.

#3266977 Bp/salicylic Acid + Other Topicals..honest Opinions From Those On This Board?

Posted by FSAS on 18 July 2012 - 12:47 AM

I had someone tell me today that I should use salicylic acid to help clear my clogged pores mainly around my mouth/chin and forehead. of course I said no because it's a chemical and I want to avoid chemicals on my face as I'm already stuck wearing makeup just to go outside. Then I realized I don't really know much about salicylic acid and had me wondering what people on this board think in general about such topicals advocated around this site...is it terribly bad for the skin? if you use it..do you literally have to keep on using it..forever? does it age skin? what exactly does it do to the skin? what are the opinons on salicylic acid from the people of this board? or even BP.

I wanted to post here as I'm also very curious if other people here use it, have used it or what people more inclined to this section of the site use to clean their skin topical wise every day?


#3179983 The Real Reason You Have Acne!

Posted by FSAS on 13 November 2011 - 07:41 PM

moonbase, would you consider 1-2 eggs a day and salmon every couple of days too much fat? I often eat 1-2 eggs a day because i get hungry a lot and they seem to help, i also use coconut oil. I also used to eat a lot of nuts because they also filled me up and i never had a problem with nuts. Im thinking about cutting them out for good though and sticking to eggs and salmon. what are your thoughts on b5 also im curious :)