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12 November 2013 - 11:27 PM

I think she has had tests.  Many times.
I don't know what happened to my earlier attempt to reply.   But you might look into the progestins in each of these pills and what they do as some are more androgenic than others, And the amount of estrogen.  To get a clue as to what your issue might be. Maybe yaz worked for you and you need to consider what it was doing - boosting really low progesterone?  Maybe you can try a bio identical progesterone cream? Boosting estrogen?   Maybe try some plant estrogens like flax seed. Have ou tried flax seed and did it help or hurt? That's a clue.

Also, if you think diane helps, Diane has an additional ingredient that tends to help acne. I don't recall what it is/does. It's not allowed in the United States.   Look into all that.
Also, what about sleep & stress?  Vitamin D/sunlight?


Thank you for your constant help also, does mean a lot.


I've definitely had tests, as mentioned in my reply to WishClean I haven't had a "proper" hormone test just for the reason being that no doc has be willing as they say it will be inaccurate as I am on the pill. I will perhaps go to a new doctor clinic altogether. I haven't had a test of PCOS either, perhaps I will do that. Though I don't really have other symptoms..that I know of.

I guess that's my biggest issue, is my body isn't giving me anything to work off..just the acne. Which definitely is monthly hormonal and although I'm a firm believer acne and diet are one..for me, I have spent years messing around with different foods and that's certainly not my issue, nor do I have allergies etc (though I do eat what is considering best for acne suffers and big fan of my green smoothies).

I think I mentioned to you also a bit ago that I thought I had one symptom to a possible disease, as at night I turned the light on from it being pitch black and I felt dizzy and like I was going to throw up. Since, that hasn't been too prominent, could have just been an off day with my jaw issues that give me bad migraines. Though I do get terrible motion sickness.

Anyway, for now I guess I do have one question in general, is, even off the pill..will I always have to take something for hormones..is there not anyway that my hormones will balance to their optimal level by themselves...to the extent acne would not be an issue. Or will I always have to be "on something"..like an anti-androgen if that is my issue. Which is very well might be..as spiro did work for me..but I quit early because of wanting to find my real issue, and seeing as no bcp has cleared me 100% at all.


In regards to vitamin D, there hasn't been much sun around these months here in Aus, though I do take supplements, as with using magnesium oil on my skin, like in baths. Whenever the sun is out though I always make sure I soak it up as much as I can. Over the years though I noticed vitamin D didn't alter my acne whether I got less or even too much.
Sleep, I sleep so very well. In the sense I have no issues sleeping and always do get a lot of sleep. Although now you mentioned it..I often think I get too much sleep. Some days I can sleep for up to 10+ hours, I'm nearly 22 and I know I shouldn't need that much. I could probably sleep all day if I didn't have to get out of bed...

This reminds me of something I was wanting to mention, sometimes after eating lunch I almost feel like I pass out. Sort of just sleep for an hour or so after with not much choice. When I mentioned this to the doc they told me "well thats not good" but they gave me no explanation as to why my body always wanted to sleep after eating, without much choice of my own, as my digestive system is working well, definitely no obvious symptoms there so that's a bit of a mystery..


My stress levels..I have no obvious stress in my life. I don't stress about my acne. I rarely come on the boards, actually think I didn't for a whole year as acne is never on my mind. I definitely just grew accustomed to it, it's like a part of me as it just never shifted. Especially my forehead bumps, not one time in my life since getting acne have they budged. Beyond me really those bumps, they don't even seem hormonal like my other acne because they're just always there.

The past few days I've noticed a lot more acne around my neck and back, which bummed me out a bit as I rarely do get much there at all.

But yes so I'm not worried about my stress, I'm very cautious with my mind, and with my love of philosophy I do things like yoga, deep breathing, meditation etc etc

If I have a stress issue, it's not something that's physical obvious to me and I could confidently then say that I don't have a clue what stress feels like in general life. Sometimes of course, like any normal human, when something personal and emotional happens I do experience stress, it's only natural, but I deal with it..I don't let it fester and I haven't noticed any correlation with, for example having a very stressful night, then having new acne. So for now I'm not too worried. I do exercise, drink water, keep my mind off worries etc


At a loss with what to actually use on my face now also.


I suppose all I want to do is just go through some months of a clear face, while on the pill, so I can feel in control and confident coming off the pill. Additionally people have said Diane isn't legal in  the US, and the way my life is going I think I might want to move there. So that's the issue really which prompted me to re-look at my acne and what I'm to do about it..because I can't be on Diane..if I can't actually get it from US docs.


Also to mention, I have tried vitex and flax seed before (not together) though I don't really remember what happened there. I have also tried saw palmetto, but I had no obvious "effects" from all. Actually I didn't give flax seed a good run because I read some things that happened to others on it that scared me off a fair bit :/

While on the pill, would these natural products even affect my hormones, as I am on the pill, would the chemicals from the pill over-ride? Should I get some flax seed oil pills and see what happens?


Sorry for all the rambles, I see that I'm at the point where I need to throw in as much information as possible, as my acne issue is one without a bold cause, the cause I know, must be, something that's not obvious enough to be caught without as much detail as possible.


And thank you for all and any, help means a lot, especially when I'm surrounded by docs who just want me to take chemicals. I've gone this far with only one chemical (the pill) to touch any others ha. Even opting for natural soap to wash my hands, over antibacterial, as I hear there's ingredients in antibacterial soaps specifically that alters hormones..I'm that cautious haha.

In Topic: What Are My Chances?

12 November 2013 - 10:59 PM

Go get your hormones checked. My guess is that your estrogen levels are too high and/or your androgens are too high as well. Diane is estrogenic and will also help with progesterone, but it won't directly affect your androgens, which can also cause acne. Also, the longer you take diane, the more your estrogen levels can increase, which can cause a new set of problems. Checking your hormones at this point would give you an indication on what's causing your imbalance. When I was taking diane many years ago, I had to take an anti-androgen along with it. However, I still had estrogen dominance because diane was giving me more estrogen than I needed.

If you do get your hormones tested, do saliva testing so that they measure your fluctuations throughout the month, and get the full panel (including thyroid, insulin, and cortisol). 


Thanks for your reply!
more hormone came back "normal" one test that I did a few years ago, however every time I request hormone tests the doctors refuse, as I am on the pill, they basically just say I won't be getting an accurate reading of what my "real" hormones are doing. Something like that. Is there a specialist I could look up and go to that would be better than just a doc. Seems like every time I go to the docs they deflect my questions, make me feel like an idiot and basically won't refer me to anyone else. These are the GP's that also tell me stupid things like "food and acne aren't related" etc and flat out told me candida doesn't even exist (not that I have that, did that diet too, have no symptoms etc, but it's funny as that's like saying yeast doesn't exist).

Anyway! So yeah at the moment my biggest issue is I don't know what my hormones are doing, regarding the estrogen in Diane, it didn't make me gain weight. Actually what happened to me was when I first started taking diane, I did take it with a small dose of spiro, I actually gained quite a few kg which made me more depressed..nothing like disgusting AND weight gain. But after about 4 or so months I actually ended  up losing weight. I'm now off Spiro, I was only on it for a very short time as I did fear it would lose effect, as a lot of people mentioned themselves, but I've maintained my normal weight since, so the excess estrogen isn't obvious to me and my body. Even so, I don't have any "female" typical issues. Like around the time of month never any issues, no cramps, no mood swings, nothing changes in me though-out the months.

I'm definitely not against anti-androgens, I've just always wanted to be really natural because I can't think of anything worse than doing what I'm doing now..which is relying on something to keep me clear. I guess I've truly always just wanted to find my root cause. Which I felt I had one..not just genes...because as mentioned in some previous posts over the years I'm an identical twin, as identical as it gets, we were close enough growing up to even eat the exact same food, went through the same emotional phases..I can't stress enough how identical we were. In fact if anything though I was and am the healthiest choice wise.
I've done a HEAP of research on epigenetics so that's where I feel her and I are differing. The only difference her and I had that could have been a strong factor is I drank a lot more alcohol than her, at least the year where I first got acne I was quite into absinthe and vodka...but how a few months of drinking could give me this never ending hormonal acne is sort of beyond me and my liver is, as the docs say, in perfect shape.


Sorry, life story! I guess right now I need a find a way to get my hormones tested! In hope that even while on the pill, I can get some sort of indication of where my hormones are

Thanks for your suggestions and help. At such a loss in the sense I really want to make the right choice and get off the pills completely..it's just such a scary thought, which I know is selfish but I honestly don't feel like I can go through the worst of the worst again, not with what it did to me and my life last time :/

In Topic: 4 Years With Forehead Bumps. Nede Some Advice.

16 October 2013 - 03:09 AM

thank you for the suggestions I will look into it for sure.


I'm curious if there are really any lone explanations for these forehead bumps, is there any known specific cause?

In Topic: 4 Years With Forehead Bumps. Nede Some Advice.

15 October 2013 - 06:18 PM

is that the side you sleep on?  clean pillow cases every night or every other...use free of dye/fragrance laundry soaps too


and try a few mild salicylic acid peels...mild like 20% or so (follow directions and go slowly), I find it helps me with the bumps I tend to get on my temples


I don't sleep on my side as I have jaw issues, I'm i guess "trained" my body to always sleep on my back. and either way I clean my pillow cases very regularly and use allergy free washing powder. I also don't use things like fragrances, soap or anything chemical around my face.
Would salicylic acid peels work if these bumps continuously come and go? wouldn't it only help, until they came back? I also haven't used chemicals on my face and I don't want to damage my skin more :/ I guess I've never really looked into salicylic acid peels maybe I should give it a go though

I would suggest a 2% salicylic peel daily and once in a while an 10% AHA product (2-3 times a week for the night). That kills those little guys. I use the Paukas Choice 2%BHA Gel and the weekly resurfacing treatment and am thrilled about the results for those closed comedones. The cysts are killed by the spiro.

Do you have to continuously use salicylic acid peels? I'm a bit cautious because I've never used the chemical options as I've always wanted to find the root cause these bumps so i can prevent them rather mask them, i'm nearly 22, had them since I was around 18. Maybe I will try what you suggested just to see, I just wish I knew what was causing them. How often do you use salicylic acid peels yourself? 

In Topic: Epigenetics--What You Do To Yourself Changes Your Gene Expression

27 June 2013 - 12:58 AM

alternativista, I appreciate this post thanks again for all the info. I'm curious, there's a lot of talk about magnesium, zinc and vitamin D. If one has acne due to something they have 'done' in their life that has 'activated' the gene (rather than it being an allergy etc), is it being suggested that taking these three supplements may just help 'deactivate' the acne gene in that particular person?


I'm curious on your thoughts as I think I have something interesting to add..