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Posted 08 May 2011

I been eating unhealthy stuff. But i am not seeing it affecting my face. I wonder whats going on. I should be more careful xD. I dont think i can keep risking my face. I wonder what really is causing my acne... I also been sleeping late too, but sleeping enough hours just waking up a bit later than usual, which is not a good thing cause im screwing up my...

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Posted 07 May 2011

Once again my face is looking... okay again... But its just that my red marks 3 dots on my left side of my face is driving me crazy. I guess it would look fine if they were gone. But they have been on my face for like half a year already? I wish i could do something about it


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Posted 06 May 2011

I noticed that past 2M when i look in da mirror i cant spot a single flaw on mah face. But even 1m Away i can still see my redmarks. Sigh... If only i cant stay 2m away from EVERYBODY.. then i might be fine waiting for it to fade away


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Posted 06 May 2011

Body is tried of running need to get some sleep asap. Trying new external treatment. Hopefully i wont get a rash or anything or im gonna be so sad...T.T Drinking bitter melon tea as usual. Trying to cut out sugar. Eating a few fruits or two. Just waiting for my marks to fade.


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Posted 04 May 2011

Um my face is not improving right now. My cheeks are very rough right now seems like its breaking out on both sides. I been exercising more gonna continue drinking the bitter melon tea. Doubt its working but i don't know if its causing my breakouts. I think its my imbalanced diet. Hopefully i can fix this soon.