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In Topic: Treating Yourself On Anti-Acne Diet

26 April 2013 - 10:12 PM

Thanks. :)  I don't know that I'm necessarily sensitive to casein or anything, I basically gave up the whole standard american diet all at once a couple years ago.

In Topic: Less Judgement, Please...

26 April 2013 - 10:07 PM

Well back in the days I had mild / moderate acne. Than when I came to the US I started eating junk food, cola etc. and my acne became quite severe. So I think a good diet helps in controlling acne but its not a total cure.


Agreed. It may or may not improve acne but that doesn't mean it alone is the sole cause and cure for acne for everyone. In fact, even some of the holistic things I've read suggest that diet only accounts for maybe a third of the puzzle of healing acne holistically. Also, there was a study among teenage boys where they ate a low glycemic diet, they had improvement in their acne, but I don't think they got completely clear with the diet. I can relate to eating too little, I have been working hard to eat enough to gradually gain back weight for months, I'm getting there. 

Well good luck with it all. Its not easy, for some reason 'they' say that thin women with PCOS tend to have more problems with acne/hirsutism etc.

I have had some hair thinning but Im doing treatments for that, I dont know if its from accutane or yaz but frankly, Id rather have thinner hair than the awful symptoms from PCOS like acne, mood swings, bleeding for most of the month and all the rest.


Being a woman sucks, in my next life I hope to be a dolphin ;-)


hey, I have PCOS too but am one of the odd ones who is underweight and I have no blood sugar problems. I actually tried a low glycemic diet, I cut out all processed foods, sugar and ate mostly veggies protein and good fats like salmon and olive oil. I drank only water and teas. My acne was at its worst when I ate the healthiest! It just so happned my hormones were so crazy nothing I ate would change that. I didnt necessarily have very high male hormones but I must be sensitive to normal amounts. My skin was super oily and I had cystic acne on my jawline chin and back. The only thing which helped was taking yaz along with anti-DHT supplements.

If you have PCOS how are you treateing it?

If you have blood sugar issues/insulin resistance its a good idea to stick to a low glycemic diet but for me, it didnt help my skin, unfortunately.



I'm also thin with PCOS (5'6", 120lbs.). My testosterone and DHEA are high according to my doctor and my blood sugar is also considered normal. I've tried using Spiro and yaz/yasmin to help my PCOS, and they do help, but they also make my hair fall out in crazy amounts so I can't take them. Right now I am taking 500mg of metformin 2x a day after meals to help stabilize my blood sugar (even though I don't have blood sugar problems according to blood tests). The metformin has helped to get my testosterone down from male levels to more female levels, but it doesn't make my skin perfect like when I was on spiro or yaz/yasmin; It only makes it better. Right now I'm living at a dorm so I haven't been able to change my diet so easily because I don't have a kitchen. Soon, though, when I have a kitchen I'm going to try a low GL diet and I really really hope it works for me. Otherwise I'm sort of out of options sad.png


You're not necessarily out of options. Sometimes, a combination approach is good. You could try a little bit of reasonable sun exposure or using something topical (like 5% tea tree oil) or taking a supplement if it is okay to take with the metformin. I think adding 1-2 tsp of turmeric a day to foods or adding it to water like a drink helps. But sometimes, it's hard to be sure which thing is helping me since I'm doing a combination of things.

In Topic: Popping It Or Not?

29 October 2012 - 09:24 PM

Did you? You could try. Just be gentle and if it doesn't work, leave it alone for a little while longer (which I know is sometimes hard to do).

In Topic: Aldactone Not Doing Anything?

03 June 2012 - 07:35 PM

Spiro is not the fastest working medication unfortunately. I got some literature on it from the derm that states it takes about 6 months. Quite a few women on here have had good results with it. Don't give up hope, you will find get this under control. Perhaps, talk to the derm and see if there is anything that can help in the interim, like maybe a short course of antibiotics while you are waiting for the spiro to take effect. Have you tried an anti-inflammatory diet? A low glycemic dairy free (anti-inflammatory) diet helps some people. Good luck, you will get through this, you are not alone in this acne struggle.

In Topic: Help. Damages Cause By Dexeryl / Cetaphil Creams

28 May 2012 - 05:24 PM

I think you will clear up soon and then this will be all behind you. I'm really tough on myself too, but, how are we supposed to know what works and doesn't work until we've tried it. Just go back to what was working and know that this flare up will very likely be over soon.