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Prevention of pimples

25 June 2011 - 06:54 PM


Completely Clear! :)

22 April 2011 - 01:03 AM

Finally! I'm completely clear!!!! History: Acne since 8th grade. Mitigation until 11th grade when it reocurred very badly and was made worse by excessively drying skin through use of harsh face washes rapid clear pads and benzoyl peroxide and stayed until halfway through second semester in college. What I tried? differin (didn't work) topical antibiotics.
tazorac (made skin quality better, but acne came back), finally, started using acne.org benzoyl peroxide. Saw HUGE difference.  Regimen:  Actavis 3% benz peroxide wash at night/ after gym with cerave moisturizing lotion (amazing stuff. screw cetaphil.) In the morning: cerave foaming wash (amazing stuff) with benzoyl peroxide and lotion. in the afternoon, if needed (after a long stressful  HOT day, it may be necessary): cerave foaming wash Key: don't let your face get dry. Take breaks from benzoyl peroxide. ceramides in cerave are good. Mineral oil and petrolatum are GOOD for your skin. Look for "USP" pharmaceutical grade stuff. Prescription benzoyls are worth it but apparently they're going OTC. saw mild scarring that's lightened. I'm starting to experiment with BHA/AHAs.  I've been completely clear for a month now and significantly clear since February (3 months). I love my skin! Now I just need to get more sleep... Note: I still do breakout in insanely humid weather, but it's not as bad as it used to be, and it goes away quickly. Thanks Dan! Thanks Cerave! And thanks board post by The_Snow_Queen on Acne.org that taught me how to read skincare product labels!!!!