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Dealing With Dryness In The Cold, Wind? Possible Solution...

07 July 2014 - 07:44 AM

Hey ya'll! So I used Tazorac and really struggled with it during the winter months because of the dryness. I know a LOT of acne medications dry you out, so a lot of people must really struggle with dryness in the winter months/wind. I have a possible solution, for women and men. 


Runners often use silicone to protect themselves against the wind/chafing. Many moisturizers have silicones in them, but many don't. For women, it's really easy to wear foundation with silicones in it. True match is one that's great for light coverage in the winter. If you're still finding that wind irritates you, you could add a silicone based primer underneath. For men, buying a clear primer or some sort of serum might be an option. Maybelline has one called baby skin. (haven't tried it, but I've heard good things.) There are sports ointments that you could look into that look "manlier" in a tube. Runners often use silicone when running in the wind/cold to prevent chafing. 


 I know silicone gets a bad rap, but I know that as long as I wash it off properly, I'm usually fine using it. Using some sort of makeup remover or makeup removing wipe before using a face wash is helpful. Alternatively, the facial cleansing cloths by Olay are really effective at removing makeup and cleansing.  For me, dryness is such a big issue during the winter months and silicone based products during the day really make a world of difference. Opinions? What do ya'll think?