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In Topic: Mac Studio Fix - Making It Worst?

29 June 2013 - 04:25 PM

Hi, I just replied to another post with an answer relevant to your question. MAC foundations are definitely ones to avoid for me! Way too cakey and congestive on the skin.

Try Lancôme Teint miracle. Love it!


In Topic: Foundation Or/and Powder?

05 May 2013 - 12:30 PM

Hey Aanabill, sorry I didn't get your message sooner.

Don't freak out- you'll be fine to go ahead and use your concealer on its own. As long as the colour match still looks ok with your skin tone, don't be afraid to go ahead and apply the concealer to problem areas. Just make sure you really blend the edges of the concealer around your blemishes so that there is a seamless blend between your skin and concealer. A bit of translucent powder all over would help to keep the concealer in place for longer, but you don't have to use powder.

Hope that helps!

And I've just seen your other post where you mentioned using q-tips. You can do that but products tend to stick to the q-tip and don't transfer onto the skin so easily. Personally I prefer to rub some concealer on to the back of my hand then apply with my finger from there, using my hand like a pallet. Whoever said don't apply straight to the skin from the concealer stick was right- as this does allow bacteria to harbour.

In Topic: Acne Coverage Tutorial

05 May 2013 - 12:13 PM

Firstly, you are so beautiful! I'm so jealous :P

Also, great tips. Unfortunately my skin is so disgustingly scarred and sensitive to 99% of make up out there that I can never look great. My make up is always obvious, my foundation is always a little too "orange" even though I get the absolute whitest/palest foundation. I wish that I could use different types of creams, powders, foundations, primers. Nothing ever looks good on me and I end up breaking out so bad. I do love the eyeliner tutorials tho!

Well firstly, thank you so much! And secondly, you are too hard on yourself! You look absolutely gorgeous and although acne can make us feel awful about our appearance, what we think we look like is not usually how we look to other people- if that makes sense! So try not to let your skin get you too down. Easy to say, I know!

It must be really hard having such sensitive skin as it always feels like such a risk trying out new things. My skin is very prone to rashes, redness, acne etc but I've never had any sensitivity to that lancome Teint miracle foundation, so it might be worth a try for you- but you know your own skin and I know sometimes it's safest just to stick to what you know.

Otherwise, if you aren't already, start taking some vitamin D3 supplements along with zinc and magnesium. I keep banging on about it but it really has done amazing things for my acne.

Oh and thanks for checking out my blog- if you love eye makeup, I've just discovered the most amazing mascara/ lash extension product ever! That sounds like a lot of hype, but honestly i'm so impressed with it, so I've just posted a review on it.

In Topic: Acne Coverage Tutorial

28 April 2013 - 03:24 AM

Wow that's really cool I wish  I could use that amount!
For the guys in here, I'm wearing foundation for a year now I think, what I do is I use a green primer(MUFE one) but before that I exfoliate and moisturize and then using a wet sponge you carefully apply it,since I've been doing this my friends asked  if I stoped wearing make up ,haha.
By the way Lily your eyes are just beautiful.

Thank you very much Andrew! Sounds like you have got a great routine sorted out- I always think green primers are a good way to go- especially for men. Cover up tips like yours are always really helpful as makeup for men is so much more difficult than it is for women!

In Topic: Acne Coverage Tutorial

14 April 2013 - 12:40 PM

Wow lily you are gorgeous
im a guy and my acne was just as bad as yours when it was at your worst =(
right now alot of my actives have calmed down and im left with a bunch of red marks/hyperpigmentation
im reading your blog hopefully i can find a way a method to cover it T_T

Hey Ryouta,

Thank you for the lovely compliment!

I have replied to your comments on my blog, so hopefully the advice will help you.

I'm in the same boat as you at the moment- my acne has stopped breaking out but I'm just left with all the red reminders!

But, at least redness and scars can be concealed, so don't be too disheartened- and like I said in my reply to you- they will fade in their own time too, so there is light at the end of the tunnel! :-)