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Low Doses Of Vitamin A

09 April 2013 - 12:44 PM

Has anyone out there had success with lower doses of vitamin A? I was on Accutane a couple of years ago and it worked wonders, but unfortunately I have slowly landed back to where a started pre-accutane. From what I've heard most people who take vitamin A for acne take large dosages which could cause birth defects and all sorts of things similar to accutane. 

I am considering trying vitamin A, but really don't want to self administer high dosages with dangerous side effects. So what is considered a "safe" dosage of vitamin A, and has anyone noticed a difference in their acne from taking it?


I personally did very well on the lowest of accutane dosages, so I'm thinking lower dosages of vitamin A may help?

1 month post accutane, acne starting to come back :(

16 September 2011 - 12:17 AM

So I started using accutane in March 2011, I had moderate acne, mostly smaller pimples, on my face but a ton on my chest and back. About 1 month after I started I was already almost completely clear, it was awesome! I was supposed to have a 6 month treatment, but I ended up missing my derm appointment in August and haven't gone back yet. After about 3 weeks with no accutane, my skin definitely started getting oily again, but not as bad as it used to. But now I'm noticing little tiny pimples popping up on my shoulders and on my face too. Not too many, but enough to where I'm really scared it's going to come back and I'll be in the same boat I was in before accutane sad.gif

I'm trying to get a derm appointment, but I'm sure I won't get one until November. Has this happened to anyone else? I've heard of acne coming back, but my derm said that the fact that I cleared up so fast was a good indication of it not coming back. If anyone wants to share a similar experience that would be great!

Going on accutane soon...

06 October 2010 - 11:01 AM

Hello! I've been a lurker or this message board for quite some time now, and this is my first time posting here.

First off I'd like to say that I am so glad that I stumbled upon this website about 6 months ago, it has really brought me hope that I will not have to suffer with acne for god knows how long, and seeing you guys improve with the help of accutane has helped me remain positive on those bad acne days.

I hope to start on accutane in a couple of months or so, and am extremely excited and nervous at the same time. I know that accutane is pretty much the only choice I have left, I've literally tried EVERYTHING, starting in the 6th grade (I'm a sophomore in college now). from the 6th grade to my sophomore year in high school, I would have called my acne mild to moderate. It was mostly just on my face, and no matter what I was using, it never really got any better, but it didn't get worse either. It wasn't fun, but I could deal with it. Then, around my junior year, it started getting worse. I started using a higher percentage of Benzol Peroxide (10%), which helped so much! I had just mild acne until the beginning of senior year in high school. My face wasn't too bad, but I had noticed that I was starting to get acne on my chest and back. So, I went to the derm and he took me off the benzol and had me start on salicylic acid and retinol. I started breaking out like crazy everywhere and while it eventually calmed down after months, my skin was nowhere near as clear as it was, and my chest and back were worse. needless to say, my self esteem pretty much plummeted.

By the end of my senior year, I was back on benzol peroxide, my acne was still worse than it was, but I figured that there was nothing left that I could do. That summer was the first summer that I didn't go swimming because I was too self conscious about my body acne. sad.gif

Fast forward to spring my freshman year in college. My sister calls me and tells me about an appointment she had with her derm. Her dermatologist brought up accutane when my mom was describing my acne troubles to her. I'd never heard of accutane then, so I did research about it and found this website. While the results were amazing, the side effects made me hesitant. I decided to see how my acne was over the summer and would think about accutane if nothing improved.

Again, another summer passed with no swimming, and when my family and I went on vacation, I ended up wearing a t shirt over my bathing suit. I'm back in school now, and am about 45 minutes from the beach. I had to make up excuses to not go to beach trips with my friends here and have been missing out on a lot lately. I have had enough, and have decided that if accutane will fix this mess, then that's what I'll do.

Now, I do have some questions for all you guys who have taken or are taking accutane. I've heard that the IB on accutane is pretty bad usually, and was thinking about staying on benzol peroxide while on accutane. However, Benzol Peroxide makes my skin dry, and I'm afraid with that on top of accutane, that the dry skin will be uncontrollable. So is it better to just stop taking the benzol once I start accutane? I'm worried if I do it'll make that first month or two on accutane all the rougher, because I know from experience that if I stop taking the benzol that I'll hardcore break out.

Also, what about liquid concealer? I use that pretty much everyday, but once I'm on accutane, is it still doable to put the concealer on? or is your skin just to dry for that and does the concealer just make it worse?

Thanks for reading this long blog post!