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I Need To Get Rid Of This Asap

28 July 2015 - 05:05 PM

Hi everyone! Long time not posting on here but I haven't stopped lurking. I still have acne, it started at 15-16 and here I am 20 years old and in college with it still being a burden. I am currently using a PocketDerm cream which is basically tretinoin, vitamin B5 and azaleic acid. It's been working really well I've been on it for 3 weeks and a lot of the acne has subsided. Acne doesn't want to go away on my neck, forehead and around my hairline and sometimes on my cheeks. I sometimes get HUGE cysts/nodules on my cheek. I've been straying away from BC but I know this acne is hormonal. I eat pretty clean and have minimal sugar, no dairy. 

I'm meeting someone soon who is very important and I would like my acne to be relatively clear. That's happening in a bit under a month. Any tips to improve the effects of tretinoin or anything at all? The acne is mostly cystic and postules, very painful. 

Please help

Pescetarian Diet

05 December 2012 - 07:50 PM

I am set on this diet. It's basically vegetarianism that includes eating fish/seafood. I "officially" started on 12/3/12, so two days ago. It's not too difficult, and I was used to eating meat almost 7 days a week. I am also incorporating much more water. I used to drink like 1 glass of water a day and that seems insanely ridiculous now. Now, I'm drinking 80 ounces daily. I separate it into 4 intervals and it's working out great. The only drawback is that I have too use the bathroom-- about 8 times a day, no joke.

Anyway, this thread will be a little log type where i'll try to keep track of it all. Oh, I am also cutting out all dairy products, and I believe that's the hardest part of all this. I love milk and cheese and yogurt! My substitute will be almond milk.

So that's it. It'll be fun/great if anyone decides to join or offer input. I have never tried changing my diet for acne, because let's face it, it takes some will power. I have a pretty hectic life and didn't want to make it more stressful.

Basically, I'll cut these out:

- dairy
- meat
- sugars/processed foods

I'll add these:

- water
- fruits/vegetables
- nuts
- much more seafood

...I still eat rice daily, would anyone say that's bad?

Here's to hoping this works! Posted Image)