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Pescetarian Diet

05 December 2012 - 07:50 PM

I am set on this diet. It's basically vegetarianism that includes eating fish/seafood. I "officially" started on 12/3/12, so two days ago. It's not too difficult, and I was used to eating meat almost 7 days a week. I am also incorporating much more water. I used to drink like 1 glass of water a day and that seems insanely ridiculous now. Now, I'm drinking 80 ounces daily. I separate it into 4 intervals and it's working out great. The only drawback is that I have too use the bathroom-- about 8 times a day, no joke.

Anyway, this thread will be a little log type where i'll try to keep track of it all. Oh, I am also cutting out all dairy products, and I believe that's the hardest part of all this. I love milk and cheese and yogurt! My substitute will be almond milk.

So that's it. It'll be fun/great if anyone decides to join or offer input. I have never tried changing my diet for acne, because let's face it, it takes some will power. I have a pretty hectic life and didn't want to make it more stressful.

Basically, I'll cut these out:

- dairy
- meat
- sugars/processed foods

I'll add these:

- water
- fruits/vegetables
- nuts
- much more seafood

...I still eat rice daily, would anyone say that's bad?

Here's to hoping this works! Posted Image)

I found something that works!!!!

05 August 2011 - 07:54 AM

Hi smile.gif I've been suffering with acne for about a year and a half at first it was normal but for the past few months it's been sad to see myself in the mirror ; severe. I picked a lot so I have so many acne marks I feel like I can't relate to most people on here because their marks aren't so bad. I don't know maybe some have it as bad as me. Recently I've been getting acne where I've never gotten it before, my cheeks and that just broke me. I tried thing after thing with no success. I was a mess.
W h a t  h e l p e d:
I remember that a few months ago mother of pearl cream had helped a lot with the marks but I stopped because it had parabens ; however the main ingredient in that cream is pearl powder. I went online and bought 100% pure pearl powder about 2 oz for $18. Expensive but I didn't care (u can find it cheaper on eBay) at that time I was using raw African soap to wash (helps skin heal) and sea buckthorn oil(helped the redness and inflammation alot!!) within the first night I swear I saw an improvement very minimal but it was visible! It's my second day and my face is getting better the acne is also dissapearing. I should say that I'm also taking dosicycline (antibiotic) which has also been helping some with the acne but my face would be nothing without the pearl powder. You'll probably see more improvements with the antibiotic. If you don't want to go to the doctor or use antibiotics I recommend a natural one: bee propolis. Along with beta carotene . I kinda didn't feel like putting this post now but I bet there tons of people out there looking for help specially since we have school again very soon. I use the pearl powder in the morning and night, the sea buckthorn oil during the midday and leave it on for a few hours. U can also incorporate the powder in a cream or oil moisturizer ( I've used it with emu oil) but I prefer it alone. Just tilt your head back a little so it doesn't fall. It will stick to the skin.
Hope this helps you out if u have questions just ask smile.gif