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#3374553 Angry At God/family Says Stupid Shit

Posted by GodLovesMe. on 13 August 2013 - 08:48 PM

I am angry that God allows me to have acne on top of everything else thatI have to deal with in life. I have a significant learning disorder that I have to manage 24/7. I also have clinical depression. Don't I have ENOUGH to deal with? WHY do I have to deal with this shit, too? I feel like the Universe is mocking me-like, "nah nah nah nah nah, you can't even have clear skin, you have to have this crap, too."

Also, my mom is the sweetest person in the world, but she says stupid things that make me even more upset. For instance, "This is to show you that beauty is on the inside and not the outside; you'd be too beautiful if your skin were clear." Seriously?



I 100% get where you're coming from, probably more than you know. It's really difficult to have trust in God when we feel so miserable and awful both on the outside and inside. Your problems may seem like the world's biggest but they aren't. God gives different people different challenges and it's because He know you have the strength! Stop dwelling on your skin, stop picking out the bad things in your life, and concentrate and the blessings God has given you and WILL send your way. I recently saw this beautiful message by Joel Osteen (called a Magnet for blessings) that talked about focusing on God no matter the circumstance and in due time he will give you what you need and more, I suggest you take a look at it on Youtube. This is just another difficulty that you have to overcome, but be sure that the more trust you have in God while you're going through it the greater the outcome. Something I like to remember is that God made us in His likeness and no matter what "flaws" we see we are still beautiful. You need to care about what God thinks about you not what people think, keep your head up high and remember that God is your almighty father and that the King of Kings thinks you are absolutely beautiful and he wouldn't change you for the world. This too will pass, it may just take a while, but God wants to see what you accomplish from it, what blessings you get from this difficulty. 


Pick up your bible, read devotionals, and mainly talk to God. When you are immersed in His word, your problems seem small and you'll remember how beautiful He and the world is and why you should be enjoying it. If you let God 100% into your life and connect with Him, you'll see how He can heal you of your disorder, depression, and acne and use all three to benefit you in a way that you never saw coming. 


God bless you, I truly wish you the best. smile.png