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#3390470 Back/neck/chest Acne

Posted by nicklo62 on 24 October 2013 - 06:19 PM

My bacne is similar, actually a bit worse. Have you ever tried birth control? I wish I was a girl, I'd take it. As far as my experience with bacne goes (which is 22 years now) nothing works. You either get lucky, and grow out of it or go on accutane. Topicals don't do shit, diet doesn't do shit, and pretty much anything else people are trying to sell you doesnt do shit. Oral antibiotics work, but only temporarily, and not 100%. It is very frustrating stuff. Benzoyl peroxide, which is supposed to be so great, actually makes my bacne worse too. Its sad.

#3384071 The Extreme Caveman Regimen - 100% Guranteed You Will Clear Your Acne (Only F...

Posted by nicklo62 on 21 September 2013 - 05:16 PM

I can't go 1 month without masturbating or sex. That's insanity. What other pleasures should I deprive myself in the name of clearing my bacne? I have done the water only thing before, and doing it right now as well. It does seem to work the best, but I still get bacne. Everything else irritates my skin too much, and makes my bacne appear worse. I was a vegan for 7 years too, and still had bacne throughout, so I'm not a big believer in diet clearing acne. All I do now is rinse my bacne with cold to Luke warm water for a few seconds, and it seems to help a little. I also try to avoid touching and all other forms of irritation as well. I got my moderate-severe body acne to become mild-moderate using the caveman regimen.