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In Topic: Back Acne - Need Help

25 March 2014 - 12:40 AM

Have you tried accutane? Sometimes it is the only thing that will help.

In Topic: Back/body Regimen Questions!?!?

25 March 2014 - 12:38 AM

Yes, you are doing it correctly, however the acne.org back regimen just doesn't work that great if at all. I tried it for 6 months and the only thing I got was bleached t shirts. Also wearing AHA in hot or humid weather feels like crap. I guess it also depends on your type of acne whether it works or not. Dan even says that after he took accutane his bacne never came back, so how the hell did he even come up with it?  

In Topic: Face Getting Better. Not Back

09 March 2014 - 10:46 AM

I am on 100 mg of oral antibiotics twice daily too. I also use panoxyl 10 bar. I had pretty bad bacne, like 10-20 cysts at any given time. It has been approximately 4 months, and I'm about 80% clear, so it takes a long freakin time.

In Topic: Lifestyle Change Was All I Needed

09 March 2014 - 10:42 AM

I can't not masturbate or have sex, besides, I was forced to not masturbate or have sex when I went to camp, and I had some of the worst acne in my life.

In Topic: How Else Can I Improve My Diet? Running Out Of Ideas

21 December 2013 - 08:11 AM

You should eat whatever you want, diet doesn't cause acne, and contrary to what people on here say, there is no proof to the diet/acne relationships. If you read and followed every post on here about diet/holistic treatments, you would have to live in a bubble, never touch your skin, eat nothing at all, and never have an orgasm. You get acne because of shit genetics, not diet. Another myth I am tired of reading about is that if you over wash your skin, it will produce more sebum. These board are unfortunately filled with misinformation. Try to eat healthy anyways, because diet can cause other health problems, but you don't have to be so anal about it, especially since it will not affect your acne.

*shakes head* hopefully nobody is naive enough to still believe this :think:

What a compelling argument. Unfortunately,  a lot of people are naive enough to believe that eating food is the cause of acne. Your dogma is causing people to starve themselves in the name of clearing acne, and I still read thread after thread where diet did not work, and I have read the studies too, and there are no cases where 100% of the control group were cleared of acne. There are variables you can't see, because you are naive, and your blinders are on. Most of these people who claimed to have cleared their acne from diet probably had light acne, and people like alternavista have been on accutane numerous times. Who is to say that it wasn't a delayed reaction or just age that cleared her? I have never been on accutane, and have tried diet, and my face and body acne continued to break me out relentlessly.

Please, instead of reading some BS study, and quoting it, go out, spend millions of dollars on lab equipment, get a few hundred acne sufferers, and have them live off your diet for 6 months, then come back and post the results.

Also, I live right next to a community in which they are cultish with their beliefs and diet. They have their own schools, own vegetable farms, supermarkets (which I have shopped at), etc. They are all strictly vegan, no dairy, no sugar, all natural whole foods, they only shower once a week, etc, and I have seen severe acne on dozens of them. So what are they doing wrong? Smh.