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Safe Food List

07 August 2011 - 08:52 PM

Quite a lot of us have probably done an elimination diet, only to introduce too many foods too fast and not know which one has caused them trouble.

Well, I understand that diet is a personal thing and that different people have different triggers, but here is my "safe food list" that I go back to if ever I break out introducing a new food. Maybe try it for yourself. It's very brief but always gets me back to clear skin.

And please, no "omg rice = sugar = breakouts" and "high calories = breakouts", because I eat a shitload of carbs in the form of rice, and alot of calories and I assure you that it does not break me out in the slightest. So remember once again, that this is my personal list and that I'm not "wrong" on any foods, so please keep your opinions to yourself but suggestions are very welcome!

Coconut Oil
Salad (minus tomatoes)

Any portion size that isn't ridiculous, as many calories as you want.

Example meal:
200g beef mince, 1 whole avocado, 1.5tbsp coconut oil, 250g rice, as much salad as I can fit

Again, this is not intending to work for everybody, but I'm just saying that sometimes people are way too eager to blame "carbs" and "fats" and "calories", and that this diet always clears me.

Best of luck everybody!

Trip to Europe - Acne

31 July 2011 - 03:00 PM

So to keep this very short

-Went around Europe, visited Germany, Italy, France, England .etc
-Limited budget, meals supplied (no choice in what's for breakfast/dinner)
-Decided not to care and eat whatever (no stress on a holiday)
-Ate locally wherever possible (sausages/potatoes in Germany, pasta in Italy .etc)


-Skin dramatically worsened in Germany, stayed bad throughout most of trip
-Didn't log what I was eating, but basically everything.
-Noticed that tomatoes and potatoes seemed to correlate with inflammation and more pimples
-On flight home, decided not to eat for 20 hours to reset my body clock - skin remained uninflamed and oil-free.
-For first meal decided to only have the eggs from the breakfast meal
-Hours later skin was oily, red and inflamed and new spots popped up almost immediately (deeper sort of pimples)

-Remembered a mention of auto-immune version of anti-acne diet (no eggs, nightshades, dairy, nuts, seeds)
-Have cut out eggs, nightshades and dairy since (don't eat seeds/nuts anyway)
-Have eaten whatever I want (including sweets, desserts and junk food not containing these) just to test it out, and skin continues to improve rapidly. Went from roughly 12 active pimples to 0 in 1.5 days.

-Accidently figured out that my triggers are eggs, dairy, nuts, seeds and nightshades


-Also use no face scrub or any products at all.
-I guess everybody is different, and I really didn't think that nightshades and eggs really made that much of a difference to my skin, but looking back on previous early logs where I was clear for a few weeks at a time, these all coincidently excluded eggs, dairy and nightshades. Finally everything makes sense, including why I thought bread was breaking me out (eggs in bread) and tuna (the tomato I was having with the tuna) and olive oil (I would drizzle them on my potatoes). Basically I've always been too eager and jumped the gun, intruducing too many foods at once and confusing myself. You really do have to take it slowly because when you find what triggers your acne and inflammation it's REALLY obvious after a fast hahaha.

Hope all is well all over the world! Let me know how it's all doing.