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No Sugar Buddies?

28 October 2013 - 10:16 AM

Hi everyone,


I've had this on-again off-again thing with sugar. I have a major sweet tooth, to put it lightly. But I want it gone. I'm getting rid of sweets in ALL forms: no baked goods, no soda, no diet soda, no ice cream, no sweetened starbucks, no fruit, no sweet potatoes, no honey, agave... nothing sweet. 


This is obviously the most extreme version of a "no sugar" elimination, but all my past efforts of no-sugar have failed, and I think it's in part due to allowing myself to have "natural sweets" things while going through this process... but after I stop having cravings, I'll add in things like fruits and sweet potatoes. 


If you're interested in doing some variation of sugar detox, I'd love the support. I started a thread in personal regimen logs and maybe you could post in my log and it'll be dual/multiple-person log on going no-sugar. The log currently has a few ramblings on going no-dairy as well, but I'm mainly focusing on sugar at this point (having no dairy is easy for me now). 


Please let me know! We could also just have this be an update thread as well. But I'm not interested in debating back and forth on whether or not diet affects acne. Just a support thread. Makes no difference where the thread is located.

Living With Acne Doesn't Have To Be Such A Bad Thing.

21 October 2013 - 10:11 AM

This section of the forum is absolutely sad. We need to start thinking differently.


The argument "You could have only one leg!" doesn't seem to work. But let's start off with that. 


Living with acne isn't the worst thing in the world that could happen to you. Plenty of people out there suffer from real handicaps and things in their life that could stop them from living a full life, and yet they continue. They find a way around and they carry on, generally humbler, stronger, more empathetic and more caring than they ever would have been otherwise. 


If anything, acne can do this as well. It is a simple problem. It is not life-hindering, and it's a problem with a great deal of people. 


However, there's something else we're not all seeing. Every girl can attest to this. If you think your acne is a problem, have you ever had a friend you considered beautiful, complain about herself? Maybe she doesn't like her arms, thinks her nose is too big, or is insecure about her height. 


If you can think about this friend, in your mind do you say "poor girl, she does have a big nose," or do you say, "poor girl, I wish she could have more confidence." 

It is most definitely the latter. Insecurity is rampant in our society. I can especially argue that in American culture, there is a higher media-driven, social understanding that there is an ideal look. Maybe that "ideal look" cannot be defined on a piece of paper, but in our minds, we know what it is not. It is never us. I've never met a girl who thought she was ideal. There are always things about herself she can point out and say is not ideal. 


Every single person appears to have insecurity and the ability to pick out what is not ideal. We all have insecurity. Your beautiful friend could be just as insecure as you and have completely clear skin. You'll look at her dumbfounded, wondering why she is insecure when you have such a more devastating problem--but really, you have the same problem. You're suffering from insecurity. Insecurity is this parasite that rots your insides, and if you do not address it, you will always find non-ideal aspects of yourself and feel negatively about it. You will have insecurity forever.



So how do we deal with insecurity? It is not an easy thing to escape. You do not simply wake up one day without it.



So let's start here. How do we start thinking differently? I truly believe the body-acceptance movement--loving each person with their own flaws--to be a great start in our society. There are currently people out there fighting for us to accept our flaws and love imperfection. However, I don't think that's far enough. 


Loving imperfection is still letting the problem continue, as we're defining a new perspective in the context of the old one: that there is imperfection to begin with, and imperfection we have to learn to love. It's still saying there is a perfect out there that exists on some piece of paper, and we can map out the imperfections we have.



I want to begin a new discussion. First, that there is no perfect out there which some people have and lesser souls do not have. On the other side, there is also no imperfect that you have to hide indoors to prevent people from seeing. Beauty--this aesthetic aspect of our lives, needs to change. We need to stop trying to define what it is and what it is not. 



Can we start this conversation?










No Sugar Group!

15 September 2013 - 10:49 AM

Updating first post soon with progress. 

Review Bb Creams!

10 June 2013 - 02:08 PM

I wanted to start a thread listing the BB creams you tried and how you found them. Can others chime in? How much coverage, spread, finish (mattte/shiny), and what skin tone it suits. AND---do you think it's lead to any breakouts!



BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream


Works for very pale skin with pink undertones, full coverage and spreads nicely. Slightly shiny finish.


BRTC Perfect Recover Balm


Still works for very pale skin, slightly darker than Jasmine water. Spreads nicely, still good coverage. Somewhat matte finish. Smells like tee trea oil. 


Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream


Worst one so far. Spreads thin, too dark for paler skin with yellow undertones. Have to mess with it to get an even tone. Matte Finish. Medium coverage. Others have said it can make your skin look flaky!


Dr. Jart+ Renewalist BB Beauty Balm


Works for pale skin, has neutral undertones (not too pink or too yellow). Spreads okay, thinner than BRTC. Better coverage than Smashbox. Somewhat matte finish. 




I just ordered BRTC's Whitening BB Cream. It's supposed to be the palest of the BB cream's BRTC has to offer, so I'm excited. I wanted to try their Gold Caviar but it seems too dark for me. 


How Much Does Your Look Cost?

07 June 2013 - 10:25 PM

Hey guys, 


As I'm getting older I'm becoming much more aware of money. As in, I used to understand my products were expensive, but now that I'm in control of my expenses, I literally cannot sustain it all. 


So, how about you? What does your routine cost, from bed to out the door? Let's keep it strictly to face. 


I'll start off.



Cleanser - $30, 2 months

Serum - $40, 1 month or much less

Moisturizer - $20, 6 months (used sparingly!)

SPF - $20, 6 months (used sparingly!)



BB cream - $20, 2 months

powder - $60, 1 month (!!!!)

blush - $30, probably years

eye shadow - $8, years

Makeup brushes - $100 in all, will last forever!

Lip balm - $5, 6 months

Lip stick - $10, forever!




From looking at this, my big ticket items are my cleanser, powder, serum, and BB cream. I definitely should switch powders. I'm looking for a cheaper one currently. And I would like a new cheaper cleanser!