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Fermented Cod Liver Oil

05 April 2013 - 10:21 AM

Hey wondering if anyone takes this or has read about it and their thoughts.  Found out about it last night and have been reading for a couple hours about it now.  To some it's the greatest supplement out there, comes from Green Pastures and is fermented cod liver oil/butter oil blend.  Supposedly other fish oil/cod liver oil including carlson's is heated at very high temps destroying the vitamins and altering the effectiveness of the oil itself.  Here is an article relating to it and acne:




Stuff is definitely expensive, and am going back and forth on whether to try this stuff or stick to Carlson's.  

First Time Eating Liver Today!

03 March 2013 - 03:04 PM

Haha.. yeah.. everyones favorite food, liver.  In the past week been reading about liver and how its literally the most nutritious food you can possibly eat, and its amazing source of vitamin A.  Which for those who dont know vitamin A can only be found in organ meats and low doses in real butter and some other foods, carrots/greens/sweet potatoes and all that is beta carotene, which your body has to convert to Vitamin A.  From the stuff I read turns out huge majority of peoples bodies cant even convert the adequate amount, and many people are deficient in Retinol or true vitamin A.  


Interesting because retinol is needed for healthy skin and accutane is a synthetic version, much better to get it from food like liver.  So this might help a lot of you.  I did a ton of reading about eating raw vs cooked, Tracey who comes on here from time to time and has the Love Vitamin blog eats it raw and has a video about it.  She says and from what I have read if you freeze it for 2 weeks all parasites and bacteria are killed.  This is also a case where grass fed organic is a better choice for a cleaner liver.. though from what I have read some say it doesnt matter because the liver doesnt store toxins, it filters them.. dunno either way if you can afford it go for the organic.


I tried mine today and decided to eat it raw.  It had been frozen for a month, I got the CALF liver because it has 3x the amount of Vitamin A and 4x the amount of Zinc then mature beef, something to keep in mind.  Im a man and didnt care about disguising the taste lol, I simply cut it into small chunks and swallowed them whole like the lion I am.  Haha it actually felt pretty crazy, kind of felt like a lion, it was frozen so the taste was faint but it does taste like blood.  The primal instincts in me kind of enjoyed it lol, Im not one who is easily squeemish or however you spell that.  Also is a great way to build muscle!  

Ocean Salt Cleanser

01 March 2012 - 11:43 AM


Anyone use this stuff?  It has a ton of great reviews.  Ocean salt always stood out to me because through growing up whenever we went to my grandmas in Florida my skin would instantly clear when swimming in the ocean.  I'm convinced that it's the mixture of the salt and good bacteria that fight off the p acnes and just make your skin f'n perfect haha.. but there is some sketchy ingredients in that product but so many good reviews... it seems like the best way to use it is once or twice a week, very easy.