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In Topic: Chromium Hair Loss?

31 May 2013 - 01:31 PM

Only thing to do now is go hang yourself.  


In all seriousness.. go hang yourself.. haha no but calm down, just look at your post.. your stress is your hair loss lol I can feel it through your words.  Chromium would help hair if anything as it combats insulin spikes.  Do you have dandruff?  You could have seborrheic dermatitis that is causing your hair loss.  Does your scalp itch.. wash once a week with borax/ACV and then other days wash with honey.  This has been thing only thing that worked for me, and borax and honey has shown to rebuild hair and make it thicker.  Also look up foods that aggravate hair loss, like caffeine.. in coffee and tea and such, even in chocolate / cacao.  


How old are you?  Guessing like 20.. hopefully it is something messed up and not just genes.  Acne/baldness go hand in hand, more hormonal imbalances.. DHT problems.  Lifes a bitch and then you die, so PUT A SMILE ON THAT FACE.  XD  ah I make myself laugh..

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21 May 2013 - 09:42 AM

Why would it be different for different people?  Its like the GI listing.. its not like its different for everyone.. its the same.  I usually switch up the digestive enzymes, I have been taking the super zymes lately by twinlab with HCL in them.  Usually I take the essential zymes, they work and are cheap. 

In Topic: Orange

20 May 2013 - 09:54 AM

Im eating bananas right now haha.  Love em so much.  They dont break me out at all, some days I have 6 bananas.  Bananas dont spike insulin, a guy on the 30bananas a day site went to a doc and they checked his insulin after 1 banana all the way up to 15 bananas and it never spiked his insulin.  They are perfect for in the morning and before or after a workout.  


I dont eat many sweet potatoes at all.. I go through phases with them, I get sick of them after a little bit and they are a pain to be skinning all the time.  But when I do eat them I only eat like one a day.  I have 2 tbl of olive oil with each meal, so 4tbl, which would be 480 cal of olive oil a day.  


As for keeping food interesting, I dunno Im just so used to eating this way I actually dont mind it and do enjoy it.  I also use nutiva hemp oil which creates different taste, and "Real Salt" tastes really damn good if you dont know what it is go to a health food store and look for it they will have it, suppose to be a lot better then other salts even Himalayan.  Should also mention I take 500mg B5, 25mg Zinc, Chromium and 10,000 iu Retinol Vitamin A as well as a digestive enzyme after dinner.  Digestive enzymes are huge for me helping my digestion and breaking down and food that gets in the blood stream which can lead to toxins coming out your skin = acne.  

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19 May 2013 - 10:59 PM

Lentils are great, don't spike blood sugar and are recommended for people with insulin resistance.  And easy to digest.  Soak overnight to break down and remove lectins and for easier digestion.  Moderate sweet potatoes, low sugar fruit bananas work for me and are high calorie with a large banana being 120 cal, I juice in the morning and then have like 3-4 bananas which is about 400+ cal, then like an hour later have sunflower seeds with chia seeds and coconut oil thats like 1000 cal, and then I have two meals, biggest one at lunch and then medium at dinner.  And I eat chicken, eggs, lentils, sweet potatoes, organic salad spinach/herbs, with olive oil, real salt, organic pepper and turmeric.  And I will do a little cheating here and there with healthy food, still have alcohol about once a week.  


Has kept me basically clear now for a couple years as well, stress is so huge though.. like I said in the other thread you can only do so much, eat healthy/find what works for you, and then just dont worry.. go about life not caring about your skin, if you get a breakout be like whatever.. if you stress about it, it will turn into 3 breakouts etc.. I seriously believe so many peoples acne is highly stress related especially people who already eat healthy/sleep well but get frequent breakouts.  

One cup of lentils is 600 cal, and one cup of sunflower seeds is about 700 calories.  Every tbl of oil is usually 120 cal, good things to keep in mind when your trying to up calories.  Just like banana being 120 cal.. 

In Topic: Orange

19 May 2013 - 08:50 PM

Its good that your not zero carbs.. do some research people have got really messed up from eating no carb, get hypothyroid, circulation problems, kidney problems bunch of other stuff.  Yeah you have a pretty strange diet its funny how you count like 10 chips and such lol.. but you'll prob mellow out in time and figure roughly what works and what doesnt.