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#3400946 Acne And Intimacy

Posted by wombat666 on 14 December 2013 - 09:33 PM

My girlfriend is amazing. She does not care AT ALL. Sometimes I'm astounded, but the truth is, people perceive things MUCH differently. We are so used to focusing on our acne that we think it bothers everyone around us equally as much - but the fact is, it DOESN'T.


Plus, anyone who's been in love knows it transcends petty things like skin flaws.

#3386751 What Does Your Bf/gf Think Of Your Oily Skin?

Posted by wombat666 on 06 October 2013 - 08:59 AM

She didn't care when my skin was an oil slick pre-Accutane. Nor did she care even when my face was like sandpaper and flaking off from BP. Nor does she care about acne. It amazes me but people are wired differently.

#3384972 Sudden Severe Breakout & Accutane Experience!

Posted by wombat666 on 26 September 2013 - 11:10 AM

Good luck with your treatment! The results are amazing. Accutane was a real life changer for me. Im sure youll love the results!

 Thanks! I hope so. Curious, did you have an initial breakout? 


Wanted to share my experience so far... I started accutane two weeks ago and my initial breakout started setting in around the end of the first week. Right now my acne is honestly the worst it's been in years. However, from what I gather, people who get initial breakouts are actually a minority among accutane users...

#3382500 Back On The Regimen

Posted by wombat666 on 14 September 2013 - 09:11 AM

Just wanted to say, I'm officially on Accutane as of yesterday. Took my first pill, 20mg. I know it was big decision and there are risks, but my skin was just getting worse and worse... most noticeably, I've developed indented scarring on my temples which I didn't have when I started the Regimen... my chest and back were also breaking out something awful, so I decided enough was enough.


I'm not going to try and keep a detailed log as I did with the Regimen, as it's way too stressful. Maybe weekly updates or something. I know my skin might get much worse before it gets better, so I just want to suck it up and try and pay as little attention to my acne as possible. Hopefully in six months I'll finally have my life back. Until then, well... all I have is hope!

#3370610 Back On The Regimen

Posted by wombat666 on 31 July 2013 - 11:23 AM

Okay, so today I was inspired to post some progress pics... it's really easy to get caught up in the little stuff, as I've been doing, but once I took a step back and realized how bad my acne was not that long ago, and how much better it's gotten... well, I really can't complain! It's been a bumpy ride thus far, lots of mistakes and mishaps, but totally worth it. I really look forward to what BP can do over the span of a couple months.



#3370058 Back On The Regimen

Posted by wombat666 on 29 July 2013 - 09:26 AM


Does your gf always wear lip balm or something? I wonder if that's contributing to your acne? My guess though is that it's probably more the direct 'irritation' from kissing her rather than a lip product - but it's something to consider. Hopefully you figure it out because you're right - neither are great choices!


I know it can be really tough to see the positives but hang in there! You know BP works, it just takes time and patience.  


Thanks for reading smile.png ... Well what she tends to do, quite by accident, is scrape her teeth along the outside of my lip. That's my primary suspect.


Although she does also wear lip balm. That could be it as well.


Anyway we agreed to a several week trial run with minimal lip contact to see if my theory is indeed correct... the fall semester starts in a month and a firepit around my mouth isn't the best first impression to make, especially since this is my senior year at university and my classes are all fairly small and tight-knit, almost no large lectures anymore.


Day 21 - Evening


Well the texture of most of my face has been VASTLY improved by BP. My cheeks used to be all bumpy, now they are pretty smooth except for a couple pimpletons here and there, and some small icepick scarring which I honestly don't care about.


My mouth is still bothering me, but the redness receded slightly today, and some of the actives came to heads. I'm one of those weird people that prefers whiteheads to cysts, because whiteheads give me the impression of being on their way out, whereas no head = indefinite stay.


In the evening, Cetaphil, 2 pumps BP, Neutrogena. Nothing fancy. Although I am running out of Neutrogena so I'll have to pick up a new bottle tomorrow.


Acne situation... round-my-mouth has stayed the same... a couple new ones on the rest of my face... and maybe two new cysts on my left jawline. Also the two on my right jaw are still HUGE and annoying. One of them actually deforms my jawline XD

That's great she seems understanding of your acne situation.


I know what you mean about uni - I'm in my last semester and my degree has always been a pretty small group of people (in comparison to other degrees). Not many large lectures at all really.  Hopefully your skin does calm down by the time your back at uni.


I really do hope so... she IS very understanding, and somehow she's always seen right through my acne, even when it was REALLY bad...


Day 22




Woke up today hoping to see positive changes... well I was disappointed when I saw ANOTHER new one on my lower lipline, off to the side. Right now just a slightly raised, really red mark, but I can imagine it getting big and bad quite soon. As soon as I saw it, my confidence and motivation went straight down the drain. Just like that. I know it sounds pathetic, but that's how much these lipline breakouts get to me. I just can't operate knowing that my lips are covered in huge red welts. If it was just me alone in the world, heck, I wouldn't mind... I'd still put BP on and wait for them to heal, and it's still try and find the cause... but having to face people with these is a whole different ball game.


Regimen today was Cetaphil Cleanser, and then a bunch of BP on actives. It's different from what I've been doing, but I feel slightly safer knowing that there is some BP on my face during the day, so that maybe I can minimize the damage from this new breakout at least somewhat... sad.png




ANOTHER new lipline pimple, lower lip. I feel like the more I get now the less I care, because I already look horrible. Also, that cyst on my right jaw is HUGE to put it mildly. I don't think I've ever had one that big. Regimen tonight was Cetaphil + BP.

#3368896 Do I Have To Stick To 1X Per Day For The First Week?

Posted by wombat666 on 24 July 2013 - 08:35 PM

Hey everyone, my order of The Regimen just came in today, and it says that during the first week you should only apply it once per day. Well my skin has never been sensitive to anything, at the moment I use 5% BP cream mixed with 1% Clindamycin and at night I use Differin 0.1% and I used Retin A before Differin, and I never had any dryness or itchyness or peeling or anything with these creams. Should I still only use the Regimen once a day for my first week? I'm probably going to use it for my first time tonight instead of waiting until tomorrow morning, would that be ok? 


I think doing the Regimen nightly for the first week is a better idea than daily anyway, because it means less sun irritation as well as less BP run-off if you sweat during the day.

#3367836 Starting The Regimen Day 1 Completed

Posted by wombat666 on 20 July 2013 - 04:26 PM

Keep on trucking. Do you plan to continue the regimen until you get on Accutane. What are some of the problems that you continue to encounter on the regimen. I am almost three months in and I'm still not clear in my problem areas. Doubt I'll ever get there either. But things are manageable.

Thank You! You are amazing! I will definitely do more research!


I want to continue the regimen while I am on accutane, but I read somewhere that you cannot use BP while on accutane…I will have to do more reading.


The problems ??? here they are:


-The HOT summer I live in cause me to breakout….THREE full pumps of BP won't do much to stop the breakouts ---- I may be using four pumps soon if things still don't look to good (Hot humid whether pushes more oil out the skin, thus more bacteria)

-Skin is starting to feel leathery 

-The irritation form using so much BP is causing more breakouts

-I am almost certain BP is making my skin get fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the corners of my mouth

-It is super annoying to put on (I really don't mind this normally, but when I have to use so much BP it takes a long time to sink into my skin)

FOUR pumps? How does that even fit? :o


I don't think I have a small face but I have trouble finding room for 2 pumps... lol

#3367821 Flagg's Regimen Log [Pics]

Posted by wombat666 on 20 July 2013 - 03:00 PM

Thank you both! Really means a lot. smile.png


Day #72:

Well I think the interview went pretty well today, it was with four of my old supervisors and the new director of security so that was a bit overwhelming, kinda felt like being in front of a firing squad, lol...but I think I did okay. I hope I hear back but even if I don't I'm still applying for a bunch of different jobs, don't wanna put all my eggs in one basket just in case.


Skin update: Not much going on. I need to shave really bad but I forgot to get a new pack of razors today, gotta make that a priority tomor. I got a little pimple on my neck but I won't amount to much.


Also just wanted to share a random pic with you guys that I took a few days ago, I finally got my hair cut tongue.png Didn't wanna go too short so I just got the bulk of it lopped off and kept like a medium length.



Lookin' snazzy!


Are you still applying BP once a day?

#3367402 Back On The Regimen

Posted by wombat666 on 18 July 2013 - 07:29 PM

Okay, I realize now that the patch of irritated skin around my eyes (extending from temples down to my upper cheeks) could be more serious than just run-of-the mill redness, and is actually a mild burn. Probably from using too much BP and then topping it off with a moisturizer with high alcohol content.


So what I'm going to do is, ease off on the BP for now, probably keep it to a nightly application, and in the morning just use a gentle cleanser / moisturize. Sure, BP has done good things for me in the past week, but I really don't want to kill my skin... it's the only one I've got! I'm also going to refrain from experimenting with products too much, and just use what I've been using thus far.

#3367053 Back On The Regimen

Posted by wombat666 on 17 July 2013 - 06:54 AM

Day 10


Morning - Woke up feeling a little itchier than normal. Also the upper part of my neck (where I use the regimen) has gotten significantly redder than the upper part. Some flakiness on the sides of my face, especially around my eyes, as well as on my neck, but overall not as flaky as after using Neutrogena.


Gotta say that last night I was feeling a strange muted burning sensation, probably from the Aveeno, around my temples and upper cheeks... the areas that were most strongly affected by the CeraVe burn. It was kinda uncomfortable but it stopped eventually. I'm guessing because the Aveeno rubbed off on to my pillow XD


Full regimen this morning, waited 15-20 minutes between steps. Found maybe 3 or 4 new pimples. Small ones though, for the most part.

Also, gave Eucerin a test run for the heck of it... and oh BOY is that stuff terrible. Didn't absorb at all, sat on my skin in white clumps. Made my skin look oily as heck. Burned as well. Soon after putting it on I went and rinsed it off in the shower, and applied Aveeno afterwards. Night and day difference. Still, the Aveeno leaves something to be desired in the way of moisture. I really hope the BP didn't wash off when I rinsed my face in the shower, but I figure since it had been 30 minutes+ since BP application, most of it should have absorbed by then?


During the day, one pimple that was small in the morning became really big, red and pissed off. Grrr...


Evening - Was a little more gentle with cleanser this time, and used 2 pumps instead of 1... still took well over 10 seconds to wash... face was slightly less tight by the end. 15 minutes, then BP... 25-30 minutes... then went against my better judgement and tried Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. It was super-greasy, even more so because I just overloaded my face with it. Also it did burn somewhat, but I guess it wasn't the AAARRRGGGHHH kind of burn I got after putting on CeraVe. I think it could be because cetearyl alcohol, which is present in both Cetaphil and CeraVe Lotions, in conveniently absent from the Cetaphil cream. Also, the burn wasn't really all-over, just on the irritated area around my eyes. This gives me hope that maybe it'll disappear eventually.


Despite breaking out today, I finished the day feeling upbeat and optimistic for some reason.

#3366048 Flagg's Regimen Log [Pics]

Posted by wombat666 on 13 July 2013 - 08:43 AM

The speed with which you saw results is pretty amazing. I'm really hoping it works that fast for me! I mean, I've been on it before, and I've used BP on and off for a while, so I'm hoping this shortens my adjustment period? Fingers crossed!


Also, it's awesome that you could get away with using it only once a day.


EDIT: So when you do it only nightly, which moisturizer do you use? Still the Neutrogena one, or a different one?

#3365609 Back On The Regimen

Posted by wombat666 on 11 July 2013 - 09:00 AM

Day 4


Morning - Was just browsing the boards while waiting for the treatment to dry and decided to update. Overnight I witnessed the awesome powers of BP. The region to the lower-right of my mouth, which was covered in annoying cysts that I'd feel every time I moved my mouth, has shrunk significantly. To the point where I can't even feel it anymore. New mouth breakouts have been minimal. Now I'm just dreading the part where the REAL redness / flakiness / irritation sets in... sad.png


Evening - So... I've still got small pimples coming in around my mouth. I've looked at older pics and some of them were already forming a day or two ago, but one seems actually new. However, it seems that the rate of recession exceeds the rate of arrival. Which is good.


On the other hand... I'm starting to approach the "major redness / burning / irritation / dryness / death" zone. And it's only day four (well, actually, no one really knows what day it is). After I cleansed and put on BP in the evening, I felt a slight burn around lower mouth. Also my skin has gotten redder, and it's not the kind of red that recedes a couple minutes after a cleanse / application, it's the kind of red that sticks around. I'm thinking of backing up a bit and not applying treatment tomorrow morning. Just cleanser / moisturizer.


I've done some thinking and realized that my way of thinking about the Kern regimen has been skewed. I've gone into it with the paranoid mentality I had prior to BP... wherein every little pimple on my face would worry me to the point where I'd stay up at night thinking what had caused it. However, on the Regimen, I realize I can now liberate myself from these worries. Let the new pimples come: their days are numbered anyway. Plus, my skin is going to look like a red oily mess anyway for the time being, so it's not like a couple spots are going to make a huge difference. Honestly, I've spent so long in front of the mirror playing "where's Waldo?" with my face, looking for new breakouts, that it's actually kind of ridiculous.


I've also decided to have a good sense of humor about the whole thing from now on. For at least the past month, ever since my face got really bad, all I've done is complain and whine about my skin to anyone who would listen. But I've gradually grown to realize that, most people in my life are much more put off by my sulking than by my face. It's only an issue to them because I make it an issue. So I just won't bring it up from now on, and keep reminding myself that my skin is currently WIP. Eyes on the prize. No matter how long it takes, I'll get there.

#3365325 Time To Start The Regimen

Posted by wombat666 on 10 July 2013 - 10:31 AM

^Thanks wombat smile.png

Ok just need to rant a little here... (still day 8 btw - have a feeling the different time zones could make it confusing)


Does anyone else ever feel 'judged' for using benzoyl peroxide? (Probably just me though...) It's one of the reasons I quit using it last year and why I've been rather hesitant to add it back into my skin care / acne routine. I like a lot of more naturally oriented brands and I think that 'natural' idea is becoming more recognised in different health/beauty circles, so often I'll come across something where the writer (e.g. in a magazine/newspaper column/ facebook posts from a brand I've 'liked' even) is quite against the use of BP. It is a harsh ingredient... I mean it's essentially a bleach right? If it can bleach towels etc (even from just the BP residue on our hands) how is it ok to be using such large amounts of it on our face for such a long amount of time? And there's always been 'controversy' over how safe it is though I think it's widely agreed now that it is safe to use.


I guess it just depends on who you're talking to / where you're reading info from...

If I were to talk about BP to someone who is very 'natural skin care / diet for acne' focused, then I'm sure they'd probably be quite against the use of BP. Same with the 'natural' brands I like. Of course they'll be mostly against BP because they have 'natural' products that they want to sell.


When I first joined acne.org I was thinking of quitting BP and doing strict diet changes. I made small diet changes and wasn't very good at sticking to the bigger more restrictive changes (like being gluten free). 


Even though I was so hesitant to be using BP again, at this point I'm glad I've decided to try it again. I can already see positive differences in my skin. I'd already tried more natural products with little or no success. Some helped the general quality of my skin but did nothing for acne (and acne is the main concern). The emotional stress and pain etc of acne was getting worse and worse. I had to do something about it. And I ended up deciding BP was a lot safer than starting BCP or spiro or going back on antibiotics purely for acne. Besides, the regimen has worked for a lot of people!


If using BP is what I need to do to get clear skin, which will make me happier and more confident in general, and be 'free' of many emotional aspects associated with acne, then that's what I'll use - regardless of what other people think of me for using 'such a harsh chemical'

I agree with you - I think each person makes their own choice. It's your skin, your life, do what you want. Most importantly, do whatever gives you peace of mind. Sometimes the strongest acne treatment, even though it might not be the "safest", is the one that lets you rest easiest at night because you KNOW it's tried & true and WORKS. A lot of the "newfangled" holistic treatments are very on/off: work great for some, while doing nothing for others or even making their situation worse. The Regimen, on the other hand, has a very high success rate. Bottom line is, no matter how much flak people give BP, it kills acne and that's that. Whenever I was off BP for a prolonged period, I was always somewhat restless because I felt like any day my acne might return with a vengeance.


By the way, around my mouth / chin has been peeling too! But I don't care, the area around my mouth looks like such crap that it's hard for it to look any worse. tinydan.gif

#3364860 Time To Start The Regimen

Posted by wombat666 on 08 July 2013 - 03:35 PM

I came across this old acne.org video this afternoon. The first minute or so is showing how much BP to use in each week (until reaching the full amount of BP in week 4). Even though it's showing the amounts from the pump bottle, it's good to actually get a visual idea of how much a pump is so I can get a similar dose out of the tube  of BP that I'm using. Personally, I think I'll take it even slower with increasing the dose than what Dan is showing in this video. To me the amount for week two looks like a lot! I think the key thing though is that I use it twice a day and eventually get to the full amount. Like I said earlier, I'll continue with the same amount of BP that I've been using but use it twice a day and, depending on how things go, possibly increase the amount slightly toward the end of the week. 


Just thought I'd post the video link here in case it helps any other regimen newbies if they ever come across this thread tongue.png


Haha I saw that video for the first time not long ago... Informative and funny at the same time.


Dan's own method of application doesn't look "feather-light" to me though... his hands move really fast... but maybe he's just used to the motions, so he can keep it light and fast at the same time? :/