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In Topic: 23 / Male - Accutane For The First Time

15 April 2014 - 10:27 PM

Day 215


Still getting small clogged pores on my nose and around my lips that get red and inflamed for a short while due to the sensitivity of my skin. Other than that, one big-ish painful pustule left on my forehead, and a really sore, slightly smaller one on my left temple. Long story short, month 7 coming to an end and I'm not clear.


Derm appointment is next Monday.

In Topic: 23 / Male - Accutane For The First Time

11 April 2014 - 01:04 PM

Day 211


So far, the second month of 80mg has been a real hell for my lips. They dry out SOOO fast, plus they peel constantly - not just the lips themselves, but the perimeter of the lips as well. I've had a reddish ring around my mouth for a while now because of all the dry skin I peeled off the sides. I've also been getting small whiteheads around the lips - whether from irritation, from dead skin buildup or from lip balm I don't know. They don't hurt, just feel somewhat tender sometimes, but due to my skin being so pale and fragile they get very red and noticeable no matter how small they are. As I've mentioned, persistent acne on my lipline was one of the big reasons I took up Accutane, so this is quite frustrating for me.


I also still get the occasional pimple on the rest of my face - maybe one at a time, two tops. These are likewise small and non-cystic, but get quite red.


Other side effects - my eyes are dry (I can still tolerate contacts though) and more sensitive to sunlight, my scalp is dry and flaky, and my joints / muscles ache a lot more (but it's only if I've performed strenuous physcial activity or slept in an unusual position). I also tend to flush around my ears sometime in the late afternoon: my head feels warm and sometimes my ears get really red. Finally, just today I've noticed a rash on my left elbow and a tiny one on my right. This is only the second rash I've had on the medicine: the other one was when I first started on 20mg.


Long story short, I have maybe half a month left, and from there on I don't know - maybe I'll go on an antibiotic. I don't want to do this for another month - it's quite expensive and the side effects are starting to get old. Or perhaps I can go on a cheaper maintenance dose or something. So far, it's not a miraculous cure, but it's close.

In Topic: 23 / Male - Accutane For The First Time

31 March 2014 - 07:45 AM

Day 200


Soooo... Since starting month 8 I've gotten 2-3 pimples... I don't know whether it's the absence of prednisone / bactrim or just the last couple bumps getting pushed out by the 'tane, but again, it's frustrating not being 100% clear after 6 months. My lips were also an unholy mess when I woke up yesterday... sooo dry and peely... and after I removed a lot of the peely skin they were super red and irritated. I put a lot of Aquaphor on during the day and during the night, so now they feel better, but on the downside, I've gotten a couple tiny clogged pores / whiteheads along my lipline. Oh well.


It's just a waiting game now... hopefully the Accutane clears me up 100% before the month is over, because I really, REALLY don't want to go on to month 8. This stuff is expensive!!!

In Topic: 23 / Male - Accutane For The First Time

25 March 2014 - 09:03 AM

Day 194


Started my month 7 pills yesterday. Just Accutane from now on, no more prednisone / bactrim / Pepcid. On the upside, haven't had a real pimple in a WHILE. Feels pretty awesome to say the least.

In Topic: What Does Clear Skin Feel Like?

20 March 2014 - 01:44 PM

I'm not 100% "clear" per se - I still have a lot of hyperpigmentation, but the fact that I don't have any active pimples anymore is enough for me.


I can personally say that being clear (or pseudo-clear in my case) gives you an IMMENSE boost in confidence because you are truly able to "put your best face forward" when interacting with people. In addition, it significantly increases motivation to focus on other areas of life that need improvement, once acne-related depression is kicked out of the way. I'm not exaggerating when I say it feels like you've been let out of a cage and all of a sudden the whole world is yours for the taking. Feels amazing!