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I Healed My Scars (Or God Did) By Fasting

18 October 2011 - 01:57 AM

Hi everyone I had to write on here because I KNOW how horrible it is t suffer from scarring.  I had scarring to the point where it was causing BDD for a while.. JUst wanted to write on here that I CURED it MYSELF.. NO TREATMENTS.  I had some ice picks from retina a, large pores, and some picked black heads that were dented in.  No my skin isnt perfect as a babys.. But I feel beautiful again.  I lasted about 23 days on a pure water fast.. Ate watermelon for 2 days and am now fastng again till day 36.  My skin healed so beautifully that I am going to do another fast in about 30 days.  It's amazing.. Im not embarrassed to go home and see my friends anymore.  Its a true miracle of God.  I use no products, just wash my face with some water.  Sometimes face wash.  I have taken a break from all makeup including eye makeup.  And have had water for the past 24 days.  My skin looks BEAUTIFUL.  I look in the mirror and feel pretty. All my acne has healed besides a few small white eads.  But most of all my top layer where ice picks were have healed SO much.  Good luck to al who try water fasting for their scars.

what brand dermaroller or stamp?

11 February 2011 - 02:50 AM

I just spent 80 dollars on a dermaroller and it already broke after 3 uses.. I was wondering what brand I should get and what I should clean it with.  Also had it helped anyones pores?