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Water Fasting For Clear Skin

15 April 2013 - 10:59 PM

I am already clear... Read my log to see what I went through.. I am happy now.. Happy with my skin while is always improving.. As I fast it heals more and more and I look better and better!  


I don't know how long this fast will last.. But it has been 24 hours.. I will post here every time I fast and also in my other log.. It has valuable information.. please if you suffer read my first post.. it could change your life.. I am not selling anything I just really want to help people love and accept themselves.. 


Fasting has helped my skin tone and people ask me if im 16-20 all time time .. it actually decreases your aging.. and can make scars go away after a couple weeks.. Longest water fast I did was 36 days.. then 22.. with another 9 and 10 and a few 3 day fasts etc.. So here I am about to do another 1 day which could end up 2 days 7 days 14 days 28 days i just dont know at this point.. Anyways even if I fast for a day I will post here as the fasting connection blog has been closed down.  And I feel it could help people on here more anyways..

symptoms so dar are headache... slight hunger but more urge to continue..


let me add that I do this for spiritual reasons (controlling ones will power) and the increased skin deep beauty is just a perk of it..


Good luck.. happy fasting 

Want Clear Skin Now? Read

12 April 2013 - 01:13 AM

I dont get on the site to often but I feel I hold valuable information to tell everyone.. I did have an old post on here but I couldn't find it so I guess it is back in the old holistic log somewhere.. find it if you can and read as it as my journey..


Where to start..






go look in the mirror.. RIGHT now and say I love you.. say I love and accept myself .. 400+ times a day.. go get the Louise Hay book you can heal your life.. Lots of valuable information..


Second most important


Clean up your digestive tract by watching what you put into in.. NO it is not for ever.. YES I eat chocolate or whatever I want once in a while now.. and NO it does not effect my skin because I am healed.. 


However how did I get healed?  Go read my old post.. but I will sum it up here


I did a 36 day water fast


I did a 22 day water fast


I ate raw/vegan/fruitarian for a year


however all that DID NOT do it..


What really helped me in the past month and I can say I am CLEAR..


Spirulina... WOW stuff is amazing.. boosts your immune system and somehow is like a miracle green in a bottle.. taste nasty  but ive been taking 1 - 3 tablespoonds a day and yes it has made my skin a lot better..


Juice... Drink a cup - 3 cups of green juice a day.. my green juice usually consists of kale.. dandelion . cucumber.. cabbage.. carrot.. or just whatever.. ginger. beet.. parsely.. cilintro.. lettuce.. anything green and ORGANIC.. 


Most important info.. Water fasting heals scars...


Juicing and spirulina clear skin


When you love yourself on top of these two things... = happiness== no acne..


Harness the frequency of love and you will see acne is illusion! Sickness is an illusion!!! We live for a moment in time yet we pay so much attention to a spec on a mountain.. you are the mountain and you looking at your skin is like looking at one tree on the mountain and criticizing it.. You are perfect the way you are.. you were given this situation to learn and grow.. one day you will be thankful it happened...


Good luck


Yes I still fast/juice/ and want to go back vegan because I know the benefits.. You are what you eat.. you are what you think.. and what you are doing in this moment is making your life in the future.


Recommended reading..


Louis Hay- You can heal your life

Eckhart tolle- Awakening to your  lifes purpose


Abraham Hicks- ANYTHING  please listen to her CDS


Also I want to add go listen to kelly howell sacred body or other wellness CDS that tell you you are beautiful and perfect.. You must change your thoughts for your life to change.. 


You choose what you think.,. its as east to think a positive thought about yourself as it is the bad one.. Reprogram your thinking!! 


Good luck 

I Healed My Scars (Or God Did) By Fasting

18 October 2011 - 01:57 AM

Hi everyone I had to write on here because I KNOW how horrible it is t suffer from scarring. I had scarring to the point where it was causing BDD for a while.. JUst wanted to write on here that I CURED it MYSELF.. NO TREATMENTS. I had some ice picks from retina a, large pores, and some picked black heads that were dented in. No my skin isnt perfect as a babys.. But I feel beautiful again. I lasted about 23 days on a pure water fast.. Ate watermelon for 2 days and am now fastng again till day 36. My skin healed so beautifully that I am going to do another fast in about 30 days. It's amazing.. Im not embarrassed to go home and see my friends anymore. Its a true miracle of God. I use no products, just wash my face with some water. Sometimes face wash. I have taken a break from all makeup including eye makeup. And have had water for the past 24 days. My skin looks BEAUTIFUL. I look in the mirror and feel pretty. All my acne has healed besides a few small white eads. But most of all my top layer where ice picks were have healed SO much. Good luck to al who try water fasting for their scars.

what brand dermaroller or stamp?

11 February 2011 - 02:50 AM

I just spent 80 dollars on a dermaroller and it already broke after 3 uses.. I was wondering what brand I should get and what I should clean it with.  Also had it helped anyones pores?