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In Topic: Watermelon!good Or Bad?

30 April 2013 - 12:01 PM

No prob!! Yes I loved a good watermelon.. Gods fruit!

In Topic: Watermelon!good Or Bad?

28 April 2013 - 05:04 PM

I lived off of watermelon for a whole year.. along with other fruits.. it cleared me :) so I would say its one of the best foods in the world for you.. one time it was all I ate or mainly what i ate for 2 weeks.. perfectly clear, more energy and ran an hour a day :) also was at my ideal wight ...  if your scared of it try eating it for a few days striaght just kinda like a mini cleanse.. my dad eats it all the time just to help his system get moving.. its actually his fave food and one of mine too.. when I break my fast thats waht I will be breaking it with.. or coconnut water

In Topic: After 3 day's detoxing my Acne's getting worse? Hey, recently went on...

11 November 2011 - 02:12 AM

I just did a 36 day water fast and the first week I had really bad breakout all over my chin.  I think around day 25ish my chin was still really active off and on and then finally towards the end there wasnt anything active at all.  It's normal becuase your body is pouring out tons of toxins  Goodluck and greatwork on the 3 day water fast.  Now that I am eating again I realize how addicted I am (and most people are) to food!!! So well done my friend!! Don't give up just because you had a breakout I didnt and my skin looks better then it has in 2 years :)

In Topic: I Healed My Scars (Or God Did) By Fasting

07 November 2011 - 09:38 PM

Update:  Still eating all raw!  Added in salmon yesterday.  Skin is looking wonderful.  I am going to update my log in the holostic health log section soon!  I think I might fast for 24 hours tomorrow but im not sure.  My system feels a little over loaded with the salmon/avocado sushi rolls I ate!

In Topic: I Healed My Scars (Or God Did) By Fasting

01 November 2011 - 09:36 PM

this is exciting and very informative ... Thank you for sharingI just recently met a guy at a meditation resort I was at for 10 days
on the last day, and the only day we could talk to each other, he told me about his diet and he said he had done a lot of water fasts ... when he told me his aged I was shocked, he said he was 46 but to me he looked 10 years younger....he said he thinks his youthfulness is partly due to the repeated fasting ....

I got a question from iamthat: where you taking any vitamins when you were waterfasting: I am ready to fast but I am worried about water solouble vitamin definicies such as vit. c and Bs: these are important vitamins for many many metabolic process in the body and take a huge role in detoxing and tissue healing....so do you think it will be wise to take a wholefood multivitamin while undergoing waterfast?

No I did not take any supplements at all.  I wanted my body to completely cleanse from this water fast and I plan to get all my nutrients only from food from now on.  Your body has a lot of nutrients stored in your cells so when you fast your body will use those and start repairing toxic tissues.  I wouldn't take any supplements on a fast.  I was on Bee's candida diet and lots of supplements before and after over a year of that I have decided that Natural foods from God will be my supplements (veggies and fruits.).  My skin grew weird and oily looking on that all meat diet with tons of supplements and when you look at people with beautiful skin (especially famous people) they mostly eat fruit, veggies, and a tiny bit of meat.  So hopefully this makes my skin glow like it did throughout the fast!  Today I looked at my skin in the sun and it does look so beautiful on the left side!!! So fasting def has helped me so much!!!!! I recommend it for everyone :)   If you are really worried about vitamins you could do a water/juice fast. During a water fast you heal faster, but a juice fast would ensure that you got all of your vitamins.  Just make sure you are making your own juice.  But beware because when I drank watermelon juice around day 20 the taste was so wonderful I couldn't stop drinking it for a few days!!  You still hal while on a juice fast but from everything I have read the healing is slower.  I noticed a HUGE difference when doing just water and just juice.  Water I felt weaker and could do less, juice I had lots of energy but wasn't healing as fast.

Update: I ended the fast on day 37 because I felt that it was time to end it!!! I am really glad I did it tho!  My last grose big black head popped out today in the shower (yay for fasting)  So overall since I have started eating my skin still looks so much better then it did before.  The first day I ate way to much (only fruit of course), as well as the second.  If I had my juicer I would only be drinking juice and maybe an apple or two for the first few days.  I ended it with apples and bananas.  Today I added in pineapple, papaya, and kiwi.  When I get my juicer (Thursday) I will be doing green juices like crazy!!!!! Overall it only healed some of my scars.  My skin is not perfect after this fast but id say its 100% better in some areas.  What I mean by that is a few deep pitted ice picks that were bothering me A LOT have closed up and new skin has grown over them.  I also want to add that I am in my 20's so that maybe another reason why my skin healed so fast.  There are still some blackheads that did not come out on the right side.  But the left side all of them came out!  As for detoxing, I think I still am a bit.  I Still taste metallic in my mouth (which started towards the end of the fast.)  Minor bumps on my chin since I went off it but nothing I am worrying about!  I am getting back into my exercise program (running etc) so hopefully that will balance my energy more.  I do plan to fast again when I rebuilt my body muscle and weight.  I might start fasting 1 day a week, and 1 week out of every month, 1 month out of the year.  I hear of people doing that but I will see how I feel about it after I start eating real food again (only on fruit right now.)