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Cerave Lotion A Lie?

21 December 2013 - 02:45 PM

I'm just become paranoid about products. I've searched high and low, for good products, but there is always something wrong with them. I don't trust cetaphil cause it breaks people out. And I thought CeraVe was good, but I suspect it causes breakouts. I'm 95% clear (knock on wood), and I don't want to compromise my skin by a dumb topical. 


I've switched out all my hair products to just natural non acne forming products…I actually only use two products now. I use a probiotic shower gel, I use only natural sensitive detergent with no waxes.


But I wish I could moisturize my skin. But why go my does every facial lotion that seems kind of affordable have awful ingredients!? 


CeraVe is supposed to be amazing…but I've read lots of reviews that it ruins people's skin…I suspect it's the CETEARETH-20 AND CETEARYL ALCOHOL. 


zHow come companies blame to be helping out acne, but just harm it more? Does anyone have a lotion they swear by that is affordable or worth the money?


I'm absolutely terrified to use sunscreens…and kind think I could get skin cancer cause I'm so stubborn. That's not fair...


And how long should one test a product and where to see if it's acne causing…?


With eating food…I think it takes about 3 weeks to see acne crop up right? But a topical is way faster? Does anyone know the time for internal or external pimple forming? Thanks guys. I just want to be moisturized an lovely as possible.

Emotionally Conflicted And Guilty!

01 December 2013 - 04:56 PM

Hey guys, soooo


I'm someone who likes to think. I like to know how things function and why they are happening and want to fix them, but I don't prioritize what I think about and know I should.


I'm in college, I got a 4.0 my freshman year, i'm a sophomore now, and I spend SO MUCH TIME researching acne or anything and everything related to it! I dunno where the time goes. I had a few days off for Thanksgiving, and I'm pretty sure I spent 2 and a half full days researching how products clog pores, what I can use in my hair, being paranoid. I feel like if I don't get an answer or something that I will not be complete. I just keep searching and searching, when I really should be getting ahead in my school work…I mean I'm not falling behind, but i'm not getting ahead, and i'm certainly wasting time.


I'm going to reduce this to only an hour a day of acne research, but does anyone find this happen to them. I don't time myself or anything, but I'll be on acne.org then Facebook then reading about this and that, and researching grains for an hour…it's such a problem! I'm addicted to being healthy and wanting to know the best vitamins and foods, and everything.  But I spend too much time trying to find the answers. I should just accept it right, and say, hey, maybe my hour today i'll learn something new.


Thank goodness my grades haven't dropped or anything from this…but i'm kinds upset with myself that I am so obsessed, but the way I look is really important to me, not to be arrogant or anything, but it's just something I care about. I care about my skin, cause i care about myself and my health.


Some people don;t care, I kinda wish I could be a pizza face and just get on with my life, but even during my morning runs I will be obsessively thinking about if the sweat from my headband is going to give me zits! Everyday it's something new that freaks me out a bit! 


I just wanna focus on one thing at a time without my acne being in the back of my mind!


I still get my work done, and do it well, but I would be more focused and have more time if I stopped thinking about my skin so much! Any little free time I get…it's usually researching something about skin. 


I always have questions I want the answers to, always thinking about this and that. 

How Do Clogged Pores Work?

28 November 2013 - 04:04 PM

I just don't get it! The only thing I do get is that people with tiny pores, are kind invisible cause nothing can get in them, but I don't get it.


Are molecules to big to clog pores, and then jus the right size to clog pores?

I mean people say vaseline doesn't clog pores..or castor oil...


I mean if you have excessive skin cell production then oil could trap skin cells…and people with normal skin growth won't have excessive skin cell build up I guess 


How long does a product have to sit on skin to clog it? Like I have leave in conditioner for my hair that I rinse off my skin thoroughly, but would it sitting on my skin for 20 mins already be too late and clog my pores?

I assume a lotion would clog pores cause you leave it on all day and sometimes even sleep in it. But what if you come in contact with a hair conditioner like I said? I'm paranoid a tad.


​I wanna use some castor oil in my hair…but is it going to clog my pores up? I mean what if I wanted to put some face paint on for halloween, is it going to clog my pores?


​Why don't products clog body pores as easily as face pores? There must be some science behind it. I get genetics…but I wanna understand it!

Every Product Clogs My Pores!

27 July 2013 - 01:32 AM

Hey guys, I dunno if I'm just being typical paranoid me, but I find that every stinkin product clogs my pores. I feel like I can never use a scar cream cause it will cause pimples, vitamin e oil is a no go, hemp oil clogs pores even though people say it has a pore clogging rating of 0, any moisturizers I try to use, even if they say non-comedogenic clog my pores. I find that all products have mildly pore clogging ingredients in them. I am now only using simple brand face wash. I was using Tamanua oil, but I suspect that broke me out, and I used to put bacitracin zinc ointment on picked spots or ones that turn crusty, but I suspect even that clogs pores. 


I feel like most of my acne is product induced...maybe i'm just paranoid. 


I'm going to use nothing but the simple face wash for the rest of the time I'm in the caribbean and see what happens. 


I'm just going to continue to eat lots of carrots with healthy fats, whole foods, and continue my paleo lifestyle as I have been for a year now. I find like I know what I have to eat to get better, but it's not always as easy to remember to get all the nutrients un;ess we make it a habbit. In the caribbean people just live off the land. Fruits and veggies all day for breakfast and snacks!

Fat People, Skinny People, Vitamins

25 July 2013 - 09:29 AM

Alright, so I just pulled myself out of a little slump. Stressed about college, my boyfriend I see once a year, a new job I'm starting, my running career being jeopardy cause of a bounced knee, small tings that add up. But it will all be okay. One step at a time. Life must go on even if I have acne and fears. It could be worse...no jinx! 


Alright, and I know stress causes acne, I try to be really calm all the time, but I've had acne for 6 years now, and I was clear when I was young like most of us are, which makes me really question food intolerances and that jazz, although they do exist I guess, but they don't always cause acne (Like not all lactose intolerant people who consume milk have acne). Any-who, acne mostly develops in teens during puberty, pregnancy, and now a lot in adults these days. 


I feel like diet has a lot to do with it, getting the right vitamins and nutrients. During our lives our bodies demand a lot of vitamins and nutrients. The fat soluble one's are stored cause they were hard to get evolutionarily I guess, so we don't even need to ge them daily. BUT imagine being so low that not enough is even stored. So, we must replenish our bodies. I mean though, a lot of people are skinny, exercise, eat healthy and still have acne, but I just dunno why. I wish someone would figure this out.


My skin has cleared up a lot. I've been in the caribbean and eating healthier than ever and training. I dunno, I feel like, well hope that if I fix my vitamin stores I can be healed. I dunno! I fixed my constipation, probiotic, I don't eat any grains except rice sometimes, I legume rarely, nuts maybe 4 times a year, no dairy, I'm green smoothying currently and taking zinc, vitamin e, milk thistle and burdock root.


Topical products can make skin worse, so I've learned to test them for skin rections. Natural products are the way to go.


Anyways though, I think that really low vitamin stores not being replaced over time ruins the total balance in the body. I've researched skin for 5 years, and tried many diets, and I'm pretty much paleo. But still not clear, it's really not fair. I know It could be worse. I could have one leg and have a lot of other problems but it's such a downer, i'm sure you must know.


But zinc and magnesium are precursors for a lot of vitamins and all the fat soluble vitamins are super important. Also, insulin sensitivity happens with too much sugar and a poor diet, but not to everyone obviously. I just really think that's why green smoothies help some people.


But some vitamins don't work without others. I mean, I've eaten a load of carrots and seen orange poop, then eaten a a lot recently and seen no orange. I eat any veggie with some coconut oil for better absorption. I feel like my body needs it cause my stools are just normal, like i'm absorbing it.


I'm just hoping to hope to have one less worry and to feel a little bit happier and better.


But back to fat and skinny people. I feel like your liver and organs should heal and function if you give them what they need and fat people surely aren't but usually have clearer skin. But if they aren't getting all the nutrients they need how are they having clear skin? Perhaps their bodies are more efficient at storing vitamins and minerals from the crap they eat?


Hmmm I just don't get that at all?


Any ideas? Any words of inspiration? I would love to hear people who are clear and happy and cured.