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Avocados And Omega 6?

12 August 2014 - 08:04 AM

Alright guys! It's been a while. Trying not to make my skin my life...but it is a symbol of my health I believe and still like to spend a good bit of time figuring it out. Anyways, I went on vacation to Bermuda and my skin was great! I was eating totally super healthy food there. Everything is grass-fed, tons of fish, was able to still do my no diary, gluten, or grains, pretty much paleo diet there. I was getting tons of Vitamin D from the sun, I used sunscreen non-comedogenic. 


HOWEVER! It's about a week back in America, and I still am eating super healthy, but I can't help but notice that my skin has tons of little bumps on it! My skin isn't so terrible that I want to cry or anything and I leave my house without makeup. But my skin is not smooth at all. Just little tiny bumps and zits on my cheeks and they are drying up.


I also have keratosis pillars, but that is the clearest it has been all summer! I take Animal derived Vitamin A, get sunlight, take fermented butter cod liver oil, don't eat any dairy, except the slight butter in that cod liver oil, now soy, except maybe in gum, no grains, no gluten, for 3 years now, probably more. My skin is manageable and will have it's bouts of clearness, but still not able to pinpoint why it goes bad or been able to stay clear for more than a month :(


It could be worse, yes, but it's still bothersome. 


But anyways, the only thing I can think of, that just dawned on me is that maybe i'm getting way too many omega 6 fats compared to omega 3. My diet is very low in omega 6 fats, however I feel like I don't get enough omega 3 at all.


I use coconut oil everyday! It has all omega 6 and no omega 3, although low amounts of omega 6. I eat avocado from chipotle (the only take out place I usually eat at), which has a ton of omega 6 compared to 3, I don't eat nuts except chocolate, which also has omega 6, when I add it all up, the 2 cans of tuna I eat a week is probably not enough to match up to the coconut oil and avocado i've been eating?


Is this a good hypothesis? Thoughts. These are pictures of my skin currently (I guess they are too big to upload?) I don't know how to make them smaller?

How To Test A Product For Breakouts?

21 June 2014 - 04:05 PM

I always try and do a spot test on my neck or forehead when I get a new product...like a cleanser or face cream, but it seems that "testing" doesn't work because some pores get clogged while others don't. For example, I'll test my jaw line...cause if I get a zit there, I can easily hide it, it will pass my 3 day test of just applying the new product in that one region...then I will use it all over my face...then WAM I have random zits on my temples and cheeks, not every pore, but some that were never there before. Stop using the product...and gone.


Even certain non-comedogenic products do this and i;m so frustrated cause my skin is so sensitive to products and I wanna make sure they are right before I ruin my face with them! Any suggestions? 

Emotionally Conflicted And Guilty!

01 December 2013 - 04:56 PM

Hey guys, soooo


I'm someone who likes to think. I like to know how things function and why they are happening and want to fix them, but I don't prioritize what I think about and know I should.


I'm in college, I got a 4.0 my freshman year, i'm a sophomore now, and I spend SO MUCH TIME researching acne or anything and everything related to it! I dunno where the time goes. I had a few days off for Thanksgiving, and I'm pretty sure I spent 2 and a half full days researching how products clog pores, what I can use in my hair, being paranoid. I feel like if I don't get an answer or something that I will not be complete. I just keep searching and searching, when I really should be getting ahead in my school work…I mean I'm not falling behind, but i'm not getting ahead, and i'm certainly wasting time.


I'm going to reduce this to only an hour a day of acne research, but does anyone find this happen to them. I don't time myself or anything, but I'll be on acne.org then Facebook then reading about this and that, and researching grains for an hour…it's such a problem! I'm addicted to being healthy and wanting to know the best vitamins and foods, and everything.  But I spend too much time trying to find the answers. I should just accept it right, and say, hey, maybe my hour today i'll learn something new.


Thank goodness my grades haven't dropped or anything from this…but i'm kinds upset with myself that I am so obsessed, but the way I look is really important to me, not to be arrogant or anything, but it's just something I care about. I care about my skin, cause i care about myself and my health.


Some people don;t care, I kinda wish I could be a pizza face and just get on with my life, but even during my morning runs I will be obsessively thinking about if the sweat from my headband is going to give me zits! Everyday it's something new that freaks me out a bit! 


I just wanna focus on one thing at a time without my acne being in the back of my mind!


I still get my work done, and do it well, but I would be more focused and have more time if I stopped thinking about my skin so much! Any little free time I get…it's usually researching something about skin. 


I always have questions I want the answers to, always thinking about this and that. 

How Do Clogged Pores Work?

28 November 2013 - 04:04 PM

I just don't get it! The only thing I do get is that people with tiny pores, are kind invisible cause nothing can get in them, but I don't get it.


Are molecules to big to clog pores, and then jus the right size to clog pores?

I mean people say vaseline doesn't clog pores..or castor oil...


I mean if you have excessive skin cell production then oil could trap skin cells…and people with normal skin growth won't have excessive skin cell build up I guess 


How long does a product have to sit on skin to clog it? Like I have leave in conditioner for my hair that I rinse off my skin thoroughly, but would it sitting on my skin for 20 mins already be too late and clog my pores?

I assume a lotion would clog pores cause you leave it on all day and sometimes even sleep in it. But what if you come in contact with a hair conditioner like I said? I'm paranoid a tad.


​I wanna use some castor oil in my hair…but is it going to clog my pores up? I mean what if I wanted to put some face paint on for halloween, is it going to clog my pores?


​Why don't products clog body pores as easily as face pores? There must be some science behind it. I get genetics…but I wanna understand it!