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Epsom Salts, Tea tree & Vinegar

07 November 2004 - 11:16 AM

Well, I've been a lurker for a while, and finally decided to share my experiences with everyone. I've been suffering from chronic mild to moderate acne for the past ten years, and I've tried everything recommended by my derm from topical/internal antibiotics & bp to retin-a with no luck except irritation. These chemicals - especially bp and retin-a - changed the colour of my skin (bleached), made it painful to the touch and ended up breaking me out even more than before (and yes, I did use retin-a for well over the time the 'initial breakout phase' - I gave it about 5 months). This culminated in a huge breakout about three months ago where I ended up with two painful cysts and a couple huge pimples on my cheeks - I have NEVER had cysts before or zits of that magnitude!!; that's when I decided to chuck all the chemicals out...I was concerned about bp's free radical effect, and even though retin-a is touted as an anti-aging miracle cream, I think it's a crock of shit, as the skin thinning that occurs is unbelievable, and cannot be good in the long run. I also stopped using sunscreen everyday, as I'm sick of it breaking me out and making me look like a greaseball, and now I only use it when I'm actually OUTSIDE for a LONG PERIOD of time - ie. on the beach or skiing!! I also think that this whole sunscreen craze has gotten out of hand...people are scared of walking to their cars without a glop of sunscreen on for christ's sake because they fear 'the culminating effects of sun damage'.
Anyways, let me get to the point, because I'm just going to keep on rambling about the brainwashing that the pharmaceutical and cosmetics markets expose us to. I had read about the vinegar method here, and had used it with great results for my past scarring (I scar in red marks). But I still had the breakouts to contend with, and tea tree on its own just drained the big cysts and did nothing for the smaller pimples. I decided to try epsom salts as an exfoliant one night, and in the morning when I woke up, all of my pimples had come to a head. I guess the epsom salts had drawn all the gunk out...anyways, I firmly believe in draining pimples that have come to a head, so I did just that; then I mixed a solution of epsom salts and water, dipped some cotton pads into it, then applied them to my face. I let them sit there until they started hardening (recrystalizing), then I took them off and washed my face. This solution had killed all the bacteria and healed the area because none of the popped zits had returned, and the cysts were healing nicely. That was three months ago, ever since then I have been crystal clear...except for a whitehead here and there.
At first I was very vigilant with the epsom salts - applying the pads almost every day at night, even leaving the solution on all night. Now, I just do daily maintenace by using them as a scrub every night; I still use the vinegar daily in the mornings - I don't wash my face with soap, instead, I fill the wash basin with water and mix some vinegar and tea tree oil into it, then I wash with this solution. It normalizes the ph of my skin, kills bacteria and keeps the bacteria off all day. I still use a facewash at night because I have rather oily skin.
I know this is a lengthy post, but if it helps even one person, then I'm glad, because a lot of people have helped me with their experiences.