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I'm Truly At Wits End. I Can't Live Life Anymore. Is This Hormonal? My Cheeks A...

28 November 2013 - 12:49 PM

Background: 19 year old male, acne since 15. Been on antibiotics in the past, other things too, always dealt with whitehads and redmarks. Now as a university student, I am dealing with an unbelievably horrible breakout. Things just don't get better for me, my life has amounted to this. I need help.


I do not function like a normal person anymore. I can't live my life at all. I've had acne for 4 years, and this is now the worst breakout to date. I don't understand, I truly don't. I try to do everything right, I don't drink or smoke. I am trying to eat healthy. I read so much about how to prevent acne and I get nowhere. Is this hormonal and is there any hope for me? My face is DESTROYED by red marks and stuff already, but all these red bumps and whiteheads make me want to die in public. All I can think about is my face, which makes me even more depressed and stressed. I'm seriously trapped. I can't even shave like a normal person anymore, not that I want to. Shaving always would give me irritation and whiteheads, but I can't even shave my face because of all my redmarks and active acne going on. It's unbelievably frustrating.


Is accutane going to help with this? Will it leave redmarks and scars anyways? I want this GONE, my life is miserable. Is accutane likely my solution or should I look into something else? I am so reluctant of derms, they prescribe me Epiduo and I am just so scared to use it. It makes me redness WORSE and as you can see that's my biggest problem (both in terms of active acne bumps/whiteheads and also I have red marks and scars)...


My skin is so different from everyone elses, I can't even explain it. Also my facial hair is disgusting. The pictures are pretty disgusting just as a heads up. Obviously I put the flash on to illustrate my problems, but even in normal lighting it looks THIS BAD. Please god help me. I don't know what caused this recent breakout of what you see now. A lot of it itches. I am trying to be so healthy right now but I am waking up with NEW WHITEHEADS OR BUMPS DAILY. For the love of god why.


I am not on any products right now. I take a zinc supplement and fish oil. I exercise often. I am so self-conscious. I'm begging for help. I cleanse with cerave gentle cleanser, and moisturize with cerave moisturizing lotion. It's hard for me to even cleanse my face, feeling all my bumps and disgusting acne kills me. I can't look at mirrors, I have become an outcast and I feel like I'm on a horrible path. I cannot just pretend this is not there, I understand people say that and I respect them. But I can't live a normal life when I do not at least look somewhat like everyone else. My skin is absolutely horrible. What should I do? I tried retinoids and BP in the past, never helped much. I'm extremely reluctant to go back on any products - I feel they will only make things worse, make my red marks last longer and scars get more discolored. I know BP is harsh. What do I need to do? Is there any solution for me?


I'm begging for advice. Honestly even the pictures don't do this justice. In even normal lighting, it just looks absolutely disgusting. And I know it's not just me feeling this way. I see people looking at my face. I can't even hold a normal conversation face to face nowadays without wanting to curl up and die. It's pathetic and I don't want to live like this. Please help.



Apple Cider Vinegar For Indented Scars And Red Marks?

04 March 2013 - 12:26 AM

Here is my plan. I have lots of red bright marks on my cheeks and I can't take it any longer. They look horrible. I also have several indents by my temples on both sides and there is redness in them. I have been reading up on apple cider vinegar over the last few hours. I just have a couple questions:


I half asian skin prone to scarring/marks. I have lots of oil on my t-zone and nose, forehead is FULL of clogged pores too. I can almost see it coming out of my blackheads on my nose.


Will the ACV help get rid of nose blackheads? And how will it do this if so. Will they just eventually fall out on their own or do I need to scrub a bit once I start seeing them come out?


Does ACV help indented scars? Some posts I read said it did.


I am going to dilute it 50/50 with water. I already bought Braggs ACV. Do I need to refrigerate it? I was going to mix a bowl and store it. Refrigerate or not?


I am going to apply it after I cleanse. I am currently not using any products at all except Cetaphil cleanser and sunscreen moisturizer. I was on retin A but stopped after seeing no improvement for several months. So I am ready to try this new thing that seems like it can help.


After I apply it with a cotton pad, I will let it dry. Can I put my sunscreen on afterwards? And does the apple cider vinegar cause any sun sensitivity at all?


Please help I would greatly appreciate responses. I am hopeful for this and just really want to clarify my questions before I start. I am praying this will improve my redness and be an answer for me. I'm having a hard time emotionally cause of my appearance currently. God bless