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19 December 2013 - 01:22 PM

thank you. i think i am going to opt for or at least ask for accutane. the thing is, i already feel depressed. but its really like ALL stemming from my acne. i know its just made me sad about other things, less social overall which affects other things...but if the acne improves i just know i could try new things and be less depressed.


so is the accutane going to exacerbate my "depression" because i KNOW its from my acne. so is it ok to still do accutane? im assuming i could control or at least realize my feelings are not the accutane itself but just in my head because ive already been very down about myself because of my appearance...im just asking if this is going to be a problem or if ill be fine since i know where my depression is? does that make sense? i dont want accutane to make me crazy of course you know?

In Topic: I'm Truly At Wits End. I Can't Live Life Anymore. Is This Hormonal? M...

18 December 2013 - 03:08 PM

I agree with the people that said to take probiotics. Definitely do that. What helped me the most, as someone who has proven insulin resistance, was going on a low-carb diet. That made me go from 1 new zit per day to less than 1 new zit per week. I know I have insulin resistance because I took a fasting insulin test and then did the HOMA calculations. Normal fasting insulin is less than 10; mine is over 12. And carbs / sugars make me crash.


I recommend that you go in for a full hormone panel. It should tell you a lot about what's going on. Also buy some quality probiotics.


can you please tell me where i need to go/who i need to go to to take this test?


and can you please tell me the exact name or type of probiotics you are taking

I'm sure the posters here are genuine with their advice, but one of the things i want to make clear is that all these suggestions can easily lead you away from seeing your own case realistically, and treating it carefully. Don't just jump on board with everything being said. When it comes to anything you do to your body, judge it for yourself by watching the changes in your body. 


Tips for treating acne:


-When it comes to a basic skincare routine, use:

  • a simple, gentle, non-irritating, non-stripping, cleanser (CeraVe hydrating cleanser is fine, but of course, only if you verify that it doesn't irritate you. If you wish, use a tissue to dry off instead of a towel. Towels might be aggravating, and some would argue it's not hygienic enough.)
  • a just as simple, gentle, non-clogging moisturizer. CeraVe is usually highly regarded by users. It is good if you don't feel irritated, if you don't see worsened skin, and if you actually feel a bit better when you apply it. Definitely don't skimp on it if you are on a treatment like Retin A or BP, and don't expect a miracle aside from nicely moisturized skin- which is better than dry, irritated, cracked skin.

-Keep a log of your breakouts, irritations, and good periods too. For instance, if you see yourself scratching your face, or you feel a stinging sensation, it is an irritation and likely something is aggravating your skin. If you note it, you might see a pattern. It might be possible that you're using Retin A too often and it's so irritating that you're breaking out more. You then decide to use less and you can tell fewer breakouts occur. 


-When you consider a treatment make absolutely sure you read about HOW to use a product; read the main instruction, and ask the derm. When I was a teen, my dermatologists have failed over and over, to inform me on HOW to use something, and what to expect. products like Retin A and Tazorac are better if you EASE into them; for instance, starting 2x a week for a month, then 3x a week for a few months, then 4x a week for the rest of your treatment. Your dermatologist should be telling you, but most don't really stress that. Side effects are brutal so be aware about what you are doing. 


-When you start making changes, take it slow. Don't expect that more changes will actually help you. You have to see what's helpful from what's not. if you're so busy trying a zillion new things, you won't be able to determine what's better for you. Attempt one major change at a time.


-When the skin is red, broken, and swollen, give it a break from irritating treatments. 

-Your mentality is important. Take care of yourself as much as possible and get the rest you need. 



about using Retin A with BenzaClin, were you told to use them both? If you were prescribed them, check the instructions and use correctly.


when i went to the derm for the first time i was given clindamycin and tazorac, very similar to yours. the issue with me is that i used tazorac NIGHTLY, which was horrible. When I went to the derm again, i saw someone new, and he told me that i'm not supposed to use it everyday, especially since i just started. Anyway, using it 3x a week helped a tiny bit. Tazorac, like retin A, is harsh. I recommend to start 2x a week for a while (like a trial period- maybe a month), then 3x a week for a few months.

For me, clidamycin, similar to BenzaClin, never helped, but it didn't hurt to use it in the morning. It's to kill bacteria related to acne. I stopped using it and then, when i realized it's lack of help, stopped it entirely. If you think it helps you, do keep using it.


After using Tazorac for more than 3 years i'm positive that i damaged my skin more than needed. of course i did other idiotic things. glare.gif;


thank you. i actually saw a derm i liked better and he prescribed the exact products you mentioned, clindamycin phosphate lotion and tazorac, along with a minocycline antibiotic. i have been taking them for a week (except i havent started tazorac yet since the prescription isnt in) and no improvement obviously. but im feeling extremely worse because my acne is continuing to be itchy and last night i had three inflamed red bumps near my mouth, and of course today i wake up and they are now inflamed whiteheads. its destroying me. my whole jaw from side to side and underneath is a red, disgusting mess. i honestly cant function outside with other people anymore, this is so so so bad. i think my face looks worse than it did in the initial pictures and im at a loss.


do you think tazorac made your acne worse becuase you overused it in the beginning, or are you just saying that you feel the retinoid in general didnt help at all? i dont want to start tazorac and wish i just did accutane. i need to make a decision NOW if i am going to continue this oral antibiotic + topicals, or switch to accutane. i cant lose more time im dying. im scared because i know accutane doesnt help red marks and i dont know if its going to cause current acne to turn into red marks. my jaw is already destroyed with them. but at the same time, it sounds like tazorac is harsh and a lot of people have a lot of trouble with it for MONTHS. it sounds a lot easier (and not in a cop out way but in a practical way) to just take an accutane pill instead of cleansing in the morning, apply clindamycin, taking mino twice a day, and cleansing at night and applying tazorac. im just scared of the joint pain and long last effects of 'tane since i am an endurance cyclist. it also sucks because i bike and train everyday and then have to figure out how to shower/cleanse in the afternoon and time it with my dinner meal and the minocycline pill.


god i dont know if i should just take the accutane chance. it could save me but it could maybe ruin my life? im so scared frm the stories. any opinions? i can stick with my current regimen but it might not even solve my problem. accutane could be a permanent fix. i have no college life anyways anymore so i know i wont be able to live life until i improve my face

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18 December 2013 - 02:38 PM

you literally have no active acne. like i dont see how accutane is even helping you. your skin already looks fantastic how can you need accutane. you just have redness, im sure you can use topical products for that. you're not bad AT ALL like i dont even get how you got accutane prescribed wow

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07 December 2013 - 02:58 PM

Thanks. Everything you just said I have been doing. I switched to almond milk a year ago. I change my pillow literally every 1-2 days. I don't use a conditioner. I use cerave hydrating cleanser any cerave moisturizing lotion. I don't think they're bad but I've never found anything "better". I would be willing to try a different moisturizer but idk what.

I can afford prescription luckily. So will the bp morning / retinoids at night combo be safe for me? Is it going to increase permanent redness/increase scars? That's all I'm worried about. Would it simply be better to kill this for good with accutane or should I do the recommended products? And thoughts on the doryx? I took doryx 1.5 years ago if that matters so it's been awhile. It probably helped back then at the time I don't remember.

What exactly is the purpose of benzaclimin morning and then retin a at night? I just want to understand what each product is doing for me. Are they both equally important? Should I just use one of them? I read that bp causes more redness? And retinoids thin the skin and make it weaker? I'm not bashing the topical I'm just nervous. I want to understand how they are going to help my face without making it worse long term/permanently based on what I have read they kinda do. What are the positives of them being used on this type of regimen please. Is it really the best option for me? If it is ill start on Monday, I just want to be ABSOLUTELY SURE AND COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND WHY AND HOW THEY WILL HELP ME SPECIFICALLY

I don't even know how the hell to cleanse and moisturize with my jaw like this, and not to mention the cold weather. I've barely left the house so I only cleanse and moisturize every other day right now (I have been working out every other day for the time being).

Sigh...thank god I'm on winter break

In Topic: I'm Truly At Wits End. I Can't Live Life Anymore. Is This Hormonal? M...

07 December 2013 - 11:26 AM

It doesn't look bad really, it looks like you have minimal-no scarring. Which is something you should be extremely thankful for! As a topical I would try apple cider vinegar, the smell is awful.. but the results are amazing! It'll clear the area of bacteria and in about 3 days I GUARENTEE results. go to a derm about pills or somehing to treat internally. I really would only resort to accutane as a last option though. Good luck bud! 


dont bs me its bad. its worse in real life than the pictures. i cant believe i only posted that one week ago. everything is full of painful whiteheads on my jawline now. i dont even know how to freakin moisturize or cleanse without aggravating them. i am actually glad that i am being let go from my part time job because i cant even bare to go out in public. this is pathetic, acne has overpowered my life, and yes i know im weak for letting it happen.


the derm recommended doryx along with benzaclimin and retin a. im reluctant to start. i know antibiotics dont really help in the long run, and im just scared the topicals will increase redness and the probability that marks will stay in the form of hyperpigmentation. am i right in thinking that?


i guess i might as well just get these prescriptions filled though. im already not living my life, im already planning to stay inside alone as much as i can now until this improves. do you guys think the oral + topicals are the way to go right now? would accutane honestly be a better option overall for me or should i do this standard regimen that my derm prescribed? thoughts please


ive been eating super healthy, i pray to god it pays off a month from now. im drinking a green smoothie once a day. i am just praying for some help...should i start the prescriptions? i understand it could make it worse before it gets better, but i just need an honest real answer if its going to cause more permanent damage in any possible way? i think i have mild cystic acne. and im disgusted by my jaw how there's so many ITCHY TENDER whiteheads clumped together with these red INFLAMED bumps. WTF is going on. is an oral + topical the best thing for my type of acne right now? yes its similar to the picture in my first post, but i feel like its gotten worse now. they just keep coming even when i try not to do anything all day. i dont even know how to touch them when i need to moisturize without freaking BREAKING the whiteheads or aggravating them. WHAT DO I DO

also ive tried ACV as a topical before. it really didnt make a difference. and i dont even think i can apply it right now its so tender and inflamed without breaking the whiteheads...idk what to do. im not sure how i'll apply topicals either in the area,  i guess i should just go over the whiteheads with my fingers regardless of if i ibreak them or not? this is SO FRUSTRATING.


ive also drank ACV before, 2tsp mixed in 8oz water a day. i did that for a while and honestly saw no improvement. thanks for the ACV suggestion but im not going to do that at the moment.


please help with any advice or thoughts regarding my post above this one