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Dry Skin Patch On Left Cheek

08 November 2012 - 05:01 PM

I noticed there is no dry skin section on this forum. I have had a dry patch of skin on my left cheek for quite some time. No matter what method of exfoliation I do, and how much moisturizer I use, it remains there. You can't see the patch, but I can feel it. I've tried emu oil, jojoba oil, vitamin e oil, evening primrose oil,  and it remains there. Any suggestions? Honey? Shea butter? I currently don't use any cleanser, because I've found any of all them dry my skin out. Even the ones that are formulated for day skin, do nothing and sometimes do more harm than good.

Recommending A New Regimen

21 October 2012 - 09:52 PM

Hopefully Im not jinxing myself, but with my new regimen, things are looking really fucking good. I have been able to eat what I want, and things are going smoothly. After 6 months of trial and error for products for my skin, I think Ive nailed it. At least I hope.

I shower twice a day. Morning and night. I dont use ANY cleanser. I take warm showers. I use a tea tree shampoo to help with flakes and itchiness on my scalp, and I tilt my head back so It doesnt run on my face. So mornings, nothing but warm water from the shower touches my face.

In the morning first thing when i wake up, I take 1 Candex pill. I wait an hour, and then with breakfast, I take 1 Evening Primrose oil pill. This is a great natural supplement for skin health. Women use it for menstrual cycles, but men can use it for skin health, as do women. You can read up about it online if you want.

I go about my day, not worrying about my skin, not looking in the mirror (I actually avoid mirrors). I dont think about my skin, I dont touch it, I literally go about my day like its flawless.

At dinner, I take 1 more Evening Primrose oil pill (its meant to take with a meal, thats why I take it with breakfast and dinner). 2 hours after dinner or my last meal, I take 1 more Candex. I then shower again, again using warm water and let in run all over my face, like a normal shower, again, not using any cleanser. I get out, dry my face off, with a SEPARATE towel that I use on the rest of my body, and I moisturize with a mixture of jojoba oil and Evening Primrose oil. I just mix the 2 oils, smother it ALL over my face, and go to bed. Thats it!

I dont use any products on my face, other than those 2 oils. My skin is not dry anymore, its not oily, its normal. Its crazy.

Oil Cleansing Method

08 October 2012 - 06:51 PM

My skin has been red and dry and irritated the past few months. Im thinking of just washing with water, and moisturizing with jojoba oil. Is this how the oil cleansing method is done?