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In Topic: Please Help Me Someone

30 June 2015 - 04:06 AM

I have been in a similar situation, at school I was called these names. When I look back I realise how awful kids at school are and they do this to you to simply make themselves feel better/superior when in actual fact they are pathetic. There are things I regret from that time: Giving up on finding a solution/treatment for my skin - there are always ways to speed up the healing process and as the previous post says can you post a picture of a patch of your skin and we can use our years of first hand experience to help. Another thing I regret is letting these b*stards get to me. You need to find a second environment that you can go to outside of school where you will not have to put up with these comments - maybe ju-jitsu/dance etc even gaming or something that lets you meet other people and promotes your CONFIDENCE and lets you forget about your skin. Staying in your room all the time will make things worse because thats all you're exposed to in the outside world and it turns you into a recluse like it did with me. Confidence is armor.

In Topic: Skin Picking And Anxiety Disorders?

30 June 2015 - 03:38 AM

I've been picking for 7 years and have managed to not pick for almost two weeks now. I've been at this stage before but have always relapsed. I have really bad social anxiety and Asberger's syndrome, plus I'm diagnosed with mild autism and I think this causes me to be an insane perfectionist and get really upset and stressed when I don't understand something. Fml lol

In Topic: I Can't Get Over The Bullying I Endured In High School Because Of Acne

04 April 2015 - 05:54 PM

School was the worst experience in my entire life and I too have a lot of built up resentment and anger. It got so bad at one point I found a lot of the bullies on facebook and messaged them if they had regrets about the way they were at school. All but one never replied and blocked me, which to me implied they were ashamed and wanted to pretend nothing happened. Some of them have kids now which scares me because a lot of them (the girls) were physically abusive. I have extreme social anxiety and get panic attacks in large crowds or even just walking through town. 


The one who did reply apologised and for me that helped provide a little bit of closure. I'm not saying you should stalk these people or anything lol but maybe if you get the chance ask them why. You are a better person than they will ever be and the fact you've managed to survive this far proves that. Try not to let it eat away at you too much because its not healthy, I know! Hang in there!

In Topic: Blotchy Un-Even Skin - What Treatments?

09 April 2014 - 01:54 PM

Hey I agree your skin looks lovely and plump! I would suggest a gentle cleanser oh and have you tried the egg white mask? Its fantastic for controlling oil and it reduces redness. try it for twice a week first two weeks and then reduce to once a week afterwards. 

In Topic: Can Someone Please Help (Pic)

06 February 2013 - 04:40 PM

Hey Tooxie!


I cannot stress how important it is not to pick your skin, its probably one of the major causes of your acne. When I reduced my skin picking my skin improved quickly. I know what its like to constantly pick and not notice, you should look into the skin picking forum of this site, in addition you should visit stoppickingonme.com which tells you in lots of detail the damage you're doing to your skin when you pick. But you will NEVER be clear if you don't break this habit trust me!


If you have under the skin pimples along your jawline, sounds like your acne is hormonal and I would suggest the pill, but make sure you look into the side effects. But prioritise the skin picking and i think you'll find the redness will really go down!


I also suggest don't expose your skin to UV as skin weaker to such radiation when on minocycline