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pursuit of happyness

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#3434193 Dating With This Face (Pics)

Posted by pursuit of happyness on 31 May 2014 - 04:04 PM

you are so beautiful, and i know exactly what i say , please be confident and happy , don't waste your time !!

#3424730 Acne Scars (Pics)

Posted by pursuit of happyness on 06 April 2014 - 05:03 PM

vitamin c and A creams stimulate collagen production , retin a cream is the best cuz it's work on many receptors in skin, i think derma stamp is better than derma roller for you , do a test patch and if things going right , then stamp all scarred area, also use a good sunscreen , exercise , eat healthy and look for supplements such as vitamin c , zinc and amino acids  

#3384926 Boxcar Scar On Forehead And Hyperpigmentation

Posted by pursuit of happyness on 26 September 2013 - 05:02 AM

boomer,,your face is perfect .. and this scar is not noticeable at all , and as you say when hyperpigmentation fade ,it will be much better!!, stop using vitamin e oil , it's not good for scars ,if you want something more better for hyperpigmentatipn and scar ,i think retin A /retinol cream will be good option and using it on scar only , ,plz be happy and live your life ..

#3367418 Im Very Depressed Need Help

Posted by pursuit of happyness on 18 July 2013 - 08:33 PM

from the other place of world , i know exactly what you are feeling, i'm from egypt and i have dealt with acne for 8 years , when i have 13 years old i start get acne, i'm now 25 years old with moderate severe acne scars on cheeks and temples, spider veins and persistent redness, scars on face are not easy problem, as you know , it's can change your life completely , i never have girlfriend , i can't look directly at people's eyes, ...


But i have hope that everything will be good soon,, for your education , i faced this problem , i 'm still studying in college, supposed that i finished my college from 4 years !! ,but i still in college and i have also more 2 years to finished it ,i postponed 2 years from my college before because i was under  very high stress ,so please think about Take a year off from your college, don't lose your time , but if you sure that you can work and make some money to doing treatments , it will deserve that, don't be weak , and always search , search is very important key ,it will Lighting your road, i think you have rolling scars and some boxcar scars , you should look for  subscision in combination with other treatments like filler , lasers (look for total fx or fraxel repair) from my search they are the best , but be aware from discoloration because you have darker skin, you can also look for micro needling radiofrequency , it's less aggressive but safe for your skin type, also r normal derma roller is still good but need more patience , before every thing do your research, believe me if you work for that hard ,you will get it , you soon for that  as opposite me, i still have 2 years in my college, i will work very hard to finishing it , and after that i should go out from my country , and travel to work in europe or USA , because treatments for acne scars in egypt are very very bad !!,may be sometime i meet you in USA smile.png , and in this time ,you will have very beautiful skin and i will very proud that you will do that.. as mrsrobinson said , you  can ask Mr Matt about subscision, he did  many treatment , and he has expert about that, he also so kind and so helpful as many people here, i hope this will help you, and i believe that  you can do it ....

#3361421 Genuine Derma Roller

Posted by pursuit of happyness on 25 June 2013 - 10:30 AM

hi DJM204

first, micro needling is not a scam , but sometimes ,some people don't see results early, and they give up , it's not like lasers , lasers maybe give you a quick results due to ablating and heating scar tissue unlike needling ,it's just penetrate to dermis and stimulate collagen production ,and here the mechanism will take some time ,i think you must also look at dermapen, in the dermapen"s site , they seek to provide dermapen RF , it's microneedling "by electric stamping" with radiofrequency ,http://www.dermapenw...ermapen-rf.html, i think that's will be more effective..

#3332662 I Want A Chance..i'm So Tired

Posted by pursuit of happyness on 11 March 2013 - 04:18 PM

Sorry but Rob you are totally wrong in this and i wouldnt even mention the obvious reason for  this non productive

way of thinking.


Pursuit of happiness, first of all maybe its in your mind that your scarring affects your lookings in absolute way.

The thing that is sure though,it is that scarring affects your feelings and your feelings reflect the way you look(maybe you  look sad cause of that)


There are so many options out there but the best is to experiment with yourself...


 You nee to experiment experiment,experiment,experiment experiment,experiment,experiment.


And trust me  you need to go step by step.And then go to the other step and then other ...


Most people here fail cause of the distortion of their perspective for the above things.


a) They dont experiment,instead they believe in magical doctors ,creams and magical lasers


b) They believe in once and for all treatments.Well thats not the case.



I can tell for me that self subcision and dermarolling once a month works fine.



But i will experiment more and more to see where the results will come.smile.png

Fighting your problems is the best way to make a strong willing personality.


Also when it comes to girl,if people chase girls that are attracted of property and wealth,well

i am not sure if they are actually memes or if they are seeking for true happiness.

thanks panos for your post,,yes i agree with you that a experiment is important key when dealing with scars , you will never know how your body respond to any treatment  without trying it ,,  and i think good search here and there is another key ,some treatments work for some type of scars and don't work for the others that will help on trying those work for this type first ,, so  save time and money,,but i think the problem that there are no treatments  can you do by yourself except micro needling with good regime, because the others available on the hand of doctors and that's need money !!

#3264785 Lumenis Introduces Scaar Fx

Posted by pursuit of happyness on 11 July 2012 - 08:40 AM

i think combination between recell ,scaar fx and subcision may be fix my scars by 80%,but first i need to finish my College,and after that need soo good luck and hard work to get chance to travel to usa or uk to work there and save money to get this treatment,this my dream that will  change my life totally ,i hope it will happen!