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Rose Hip Seed Oil. A True 'dry' Oil

19 March 2013 - 04:03 AM

Oils are not created equal.  I've had bad results with some, better with others, and incredible with one.    Grapeseed seems to get used the most often, as it's touted as being a thin oil that absorbs well


And i agreed with this until i used Rose Hip Seed Oil


When they call this oil a 'dry' oil...they are absolutely not kidding.  It absorbs like no other oil i've used.  And we aren't talking subtly better.  Night and day better.  i've been getting back into applying it to my face, and i cannot believe how thin and fast absorbing it is.  The only downside is the cost.  $12 for 1 oz.  But it's worth the price





I don't recommend EVOO or grapeseed as a primary acne treatment.  But i absolutely would recommend  this oil because of how different it is.  I truly am a believer that this oil alone can help your situation, regardless of severity.  It may take more of an internal approach depending on...you.   But this stuff is highly anti-inflammatory, high linoleic acid content, vitamin A, C, and E rich, and leaves a matte finish.  It's also touted for it's ability to gradually break down scar tissue.


I don't wash my face with anything.  I simply rub this into my skin.  And if you pick up any sebum plugs on the way, just wipe them off on a washcloth or paper towel.  This isn't oil cleansing (as we've come to know it), it's simply application of oil.  


It can be very scary to think about applying oil to your already oily/acne ridden skin.  I know, i've been there

The Oil Cleansing Method. Negative Experiences

08 March 2013 - 12:01 PM

Many users have tried the Oil Cleansing Method and did not have success.  It could very well be that Oil Cleansing of any type is not suited for your skin.  But it could also be connected with a few issues i have with it, at least as it's described in most articles/posts.  


Here's a link to the acne.org oil cleansing method post. 






The first issue I have is the use of Castor Oil.  If you have never tried using Castor Oil before, holy lorsh, is that stuff thick and sticky.  I would never, ever apply that to my face.  It has pore clogging capability written all over it.  It's part of the reason i feel like users report negative results after two weeks, like cystic acne.  But only part...


The second issue i have is with EVOO. For some, the oil is not too acidic for the face.  But for myself, and it seems many others, it causes excessive redness and irritation.  If you have ever swallowed a tablespoon of EVOO, it burns.  This burn does not happen when you swallow grape seed/rose hip seed/apricot kernel/sesame seed.  I haven't tried Hemp Seed oil so i can't comment.  But when i oil cleanse, i use rose hip seed oil only.  It is so incredibly thin and soothing, it's ridiculous.  But the other oils i mentioned are great options as well, but they aren't quite as thin.  


The third issue i have with oil cleansing, is that once you steam your face and wipe away all of the oil, your skin is literally oilless.  You've cleansed off the oil you produce naturally, as well as the oil you added to your face.  So you are left with zero acid mantle, and skin that is without any coating.  My theory behind this being the cause of acne showing up two weeks later is not ground breaking:  It's because your skin is starting to overproduce oil in order to reach a balance.  And when your skin is tight due to lack of oil or product, it would make sense that the pore would restrict as well making it difficult for the natural oil (which you are now producing more of) to escape the pore.  


So my solution to this issue would be to add a tiny amount of rose hip seed oil back to the skin after the oil cleansing process.  This is what i do and have never felt any tightness that i felt the initial night i tried oil cleansing using castor oil and EVOO.  


It might be worth your time to try this revised method of oil cleansing.  I think it's a great method, especially if your acne is strictly a result of impaired functioning of the pore


Also:  If you want to make the cleanse even purer, you could use distilled water that you heat on the stove.  This will be free of all the impurities that are in tap water





One Girl's Success Managing Candida

23 February 2013 - 06:18 PM

So i love digging around the web for first hand success stories.  Though these are not scientific studies, they are still very inspirational and some more educational than others.  So here is one girl's success managing her candida.  She is raw vegan.  If you are not raw vegan, or do not support it, i can respect that.  I am not raw vegan, although the majority of what i eat is raw, and i rarely eat meat.  I do consume raw eggs as well.  So you could call me a Fegan.  Which is a faux vegan