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#3387871 Examples Of How Bad Our 'health' Care System Has Become

Posted by onefatalgoose on 11 October 2013 - 09:24 PM

Not only do they insist on focusing on the wrong solutions, I have the misfortune of living where all these silly walks take place, blocking my easy access to freeways turning 15 minute drives to thirty. 


What people need to be aware of is that the best disease prevention and treatment is a healthy lifestyle involving nutrient rich food, daily low level activity, sunlight, natural as possible circadian cycle and managing chronic stress.


H-h-ho my gosh yes this couldn't be more true.  I could go on a thirty page rant about how much i hate these breast cancer awareness walks/months/fundraisers, etc.  Hell pepsi, (that's right, pepsi) has even patched the pink ribbon on their bottles.  I'm waiting for Monsanto to post one on their website

#3347090 Acne And The People Around You

Posted by onefatalgoose on 09 May 2013 - 12:30 AM

Some people grow up never learning to filter what is on their mind.  They literally say it without first deciding whether or not it's appropriate to say, or whether it will cause any emotional harm to the person they are saying it to.


And some people say it because they are unhappy with something in their life, and it makes them feel better about themselves to put someone else down


For those that can't filter, it's literally as if you're talking to a child.  As we all know children have zero filters, and do not know what is considered offensive.  When you think of it that way, it's easier to brush off comments like these


But for the spiteful...well...who cares what the F--- they think.  If they are the type of person to say that with malicious intent, then they are the type of person you shouldn't give a second thought to

#3336403 Acne Has Vanished And I'm Happy Thanks To Green Tea!

Posted by onefatalgoose on 26 March 2013 - 03:44 PM

Congrats! smile.png


Even though I'm clear, I always like to try things to help my body stay in tip top shape.


I have tried many different green tea products before, but it made me sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oily.


Never knew why.  And I bought things like matcha green tea...VERY unprocessed....      Maybe I will try it again now that my diet is good.  I will try it to see if I still get the same oily skin reaction.




Caffeine seems to be the issue with most people who react negatively to green tea.  It absolutely was for me

#3335512 Acne Has Vanished And I'm Happy Thanks To Green Tea!

Posted by onefatalgoose on 23 March 2013 - 02:25 AM

Yeah green tea is great stuff.  I can't handle the caffeine, as in, no sleep.  Great detoxifier and anti-oxidant.  Rooibos tea is another you might look into.  It's supposed to have even more anti-oxidants than green tea

#3328687 Epigenetics--What You Do To Yourself Changes Your Gene Expression

Posted by onefatalgoose on 22 February 2013 - 02:44 PM

This is such an important thread.  I was reading somewhere that this is the first generation of kids that are worse off than the previous generation.  And this would explain why, as our diets have become so toxic/genetically modified. 

#3328422 'recent' Advances In Acne Pathogenesis Information

Posted by onefatalgoose on 21 February 2013 - 10:19 AM

And this forum is filled with people for whom it didn't work. And with people who chose not to use medicines that cause harm.


This forum is also filled with people who haven't made much progress with their acne in years. So not much of an argument.



I believe the argument here is still that benzoyl peroxide works for some, and doesn't for others.  And for the people it does work for, they are still subjecting their skin to extremely high levels of oxidative stress, which causes the redness, dryness, itchiness, and long term skin damage from free radicals.  So...while it may be effective at treating acne for many people, it comes with a price.  


The same can be said for most if not all modern medicines.  They may serve the purpose they are prescribed for, but they come with a whole host of side-effects that interfere with other important metabolic processes.  They are band-aid fixes, and most illness/disease can be prevented and even reversed via proper nutrition and avoidance of toxic foods so commonly found in the western diet.  


Also, what about green tea cream?  Apparently there was a study conducted by a Dr. Jennifer Gan-Wong from the Memorial Medical Center in the Philippines that showed a 3% concentration of green tea cream was as effective at treating acne as a 4% concentration of benzoyl peroxide.  I wish i could find the actual study itself.  It is cited repeatedly, but i'd still love to see the study.  I think you have to pay a monthly fee to get access to some of these studies, which is unfortunate.  

#3326151 I'm Sorry But There Are Quacks On This Site...

Posted by onefatalgoose on 11 February 2013 - 08:37 PM

This site had me vegetarian, gluten free, all that junk. I now noticed its not food that causes acne.


Make up, cover that fucking acne up. Clean your face with alcohol and a cotten ball twice daily. My dads 65 and been doing it his whole life and it hasn't aged his skin.



I finally took his advice and copied him. I'm  boy and wear make up now. I found how to videos on youtube.


Good luck everybody. It took a month for my face to clear up with the alcohol.



Best. advice. ever...


This should be a pinned topic


I wish other topics had this much effort put into them.


 If everyone started doing this regimen, alone, i feel like instances of acne would drop so much


I'm absolutely advising people do this, and i'm switching to it immediately.  


We need to stop trying to address the underlying cause of our acne and start covering it up and burning it off!


(These statements have not been approved by me or the FDA)

#3324426 Burdock Root & Detox Tea Advice

Posted by onefatalgoose on 04 February 2013 - 04:01 PM

Umm...i'd absolutely quit the anti-biotics.  Anyone advocating their use for the treatment of acne hasn't spent enough time hearing about the nightmares of coming off of them.  They are only effective while you take them, whether it's 3 weeks, or 3 months, or a year.  Either way, when you come off of them, if you haven't addressed the underlying cause of your acne, you'll be right back where you were, and likely worse.  A good quality probiotic blend can actually overwhelm the bad bacteria in your gut naturally. 


I've heard great things about Burdock Root as a blood cleansing agent/treatment for acne.  Dandelion Root, Red Clover, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm Bark, White Willow Bark, Turkey Rhubarb, and so many other herbs are great for cleansing your blood/liver.  I remember a thread i was reading a while back where the only thing that the person changed in his approach to fighting acne was adding a Burdock Root supplement.  And it got him clear.  You can make a tea using all these ingredients and drink it every day throughout the day.  This alongside a healthy diet change and i suspect you'll see results.  Granted you can never be certain from person to person, but it's a super healthy thing to do for your body either way.  


Cleansing the liver is one of, if not the healthiest things you can do for overall health.  It's the number one filtration organ we have, and when it can do it's job efficiently this means great things for your other organs and body functions

#3320442 Reminder In Regards To Salt Consumption

Posted by onefatalgoose on 21 January 2013 - 02:22 PM

I disagree. Table salt is the only source of iodine for some and will give u thyroid issues if u don't consume enough.

This is actually backwards Binga.  The naturally occurring iodine in sea salt gets stripped away in the refining process.  So they have to add it back in to table salts.  But they don't add back in all the trace minerals stripped from the salt.  And you can't reverse the bleaching/high heat refining process either.

#3309182 Urine therapy...

Posted by onefatalgoose on 08 December 2012 - 05:44 AM

A guy I worked for into urine therapy said "the first glass is always the worse! After that it tastes like warm, buttered popcorn!" Hahahahahaha.

Hah! gross...

#3309095 Green Tea/sea Salt Toner. Effective And Easy To Make

Posted by onefatalgoose on 07 December 2012 - 07:04 PM

Thanks ramblinrose,

I'm actually currently testing a new toner that i'm making using a pretty cool ingredient.  I've used it for almost a week, and really want to give it time to be sure it's a good thing. So far i'm really liking it.  The new ingredient is great for skin/acne, and i'm combining it with a few other helpful ingredients.  

But yeah, i'm anxious to share this new recipe with everyone soon.  It'll probably be a whole new thread as the main ingredient is different

#3305783 Green Tea/sea Salt Toner. Effective And Easy To Make

Posted by onefatalgoose on 26 November 2012 - 01:25 PM

Honestly Lilly I have never used tea tree oil before.  It seems like every place i'm looking is saying 1-2 drops is about all you need.  I suppose it depends on how much liquid you're adding it to.  Also ACV and TTO would indeed be a powerful concoction, so i doubt you'd need much of each.  Since this recipe makes about a cup and a half of toner (roughly), then you shouldn't need more than a teaspoon at most of ACV.  Also give the toner a good shake before applying since the oil won't mix with the water very efficiently.  

I'd browse any and all tea tree oil forums to double check on how much to dilute.  Too much of that stuff can be harsh, from what i've read

#3304071 Quick Thanks To Dan

Posted by onefatalgoose on 20 November 2012 - 04:47 PM

Many other sites filter out any discussions that might lead someone to try a product not being promoted by the site, or the founder of the site.  Acne.org is, and has been, extremely open to all discussions regarding various acne treatments.  This is something i have taken for granted in the past, but i'm realizing just how important this is, and how easily it could have not been.  


Thanks Dan for allowing these discussions to take place on your site.  I have much more respect for you than i initially had.  It's a rarity that you see the main focus stay with clearing people of their acne (or chronic illness/cancer, etc.) and not simply making as much profit as corruptibly possible by censoring out discussion.  It says alot about your respect for the community as well


#3302907 Acne Is Not Curable, Period

Posted by onefatalgoose on 16 November 2012 - 01:39 AM

A cure - in my mind - is a product, process or treatment that once you stop using it or aren't on it any more the acne doesn't come back. I don't think such a thing exists either. It'd be fantastic if it did.

Sure.  So i guess it boils down to terminology.  My thoughts are similar to take to the skies, as far as introducing lifestyle changes that eliminate all signs of the original ailment, and recognizing it as a 'cure'.

I'm afraid that most cancer victims/acne victims, or any other victims of chronic illness...will forever be waiting for the type of 'cure' that you have described Spotthedifference.  Most, if not all, of these diseases are preventable/reversible through strict diet/lifestyle changes.  But most people don't see these types of changes as 'cures'.  And unfortunately, the public is made to believe that anything not practiced by the AMA (or medical industry) is quackery.  It all revolves around money.  Big Pharma, which is an actual thing/monopoly, created the website 'quack watch' and the term 'quack'/'quack theory'.  They did this to sway public opinion, so that all non-AMA practices became negatively perceived.  Surgeons are one thing, but drug prescribers (doctors) are under the opinion that treating symptoms is the way you handle a medical condition.  And these drug prescribers are taught in pharmaceutically funded medical schools, and receive special 'gifts' from pharmaceutical execs, with the motive of establishing a buddy buddy relationship.  They sit around and make wise cracks about the doctors treating people with natural remedies, because they've been taught to believe that they are a joke.  When in fact, they are addressing the underlying cause of the illness, not simply the symptom.  

If anyone is interested in learning more about why Big Pharma is such a powerhouse, and why alternative treatments are not only looked down upon, but illegal in the U.S...i'd suggest watching these two videos.  They are both very informative, and are very telling as to why things are happening the way they are in the field of medicine.  Or basically, why one field of medicine was completely smeared and taken off the map in regards to medical school teachings/medical practices

#3302279 Acne Is Not Curable, Period

Posted by onefatalgoose on 13 November 2012 - 08:25 PM

I saw this comment made by you AKL, and it strikes a bit of a nerve.  And so i'd like to pose a question to you, respectfully.  

How do you define a cure?  Is it a magical pill you take?  Does a cure have to rid the problem in a set amount of time to be labeled a cure? Does it have to work for every individual when used in a study? Does it have to come from pharmaceutical drug companies to be labeled a cure?  

One more question.  We are all different correct?  I've heard you say this on numerous occasions, so i assume that is still your stance.  So if this is true, how would a 'cure' work for every individual in a study? It would have to address every metabolic function that is leading to the formation of acne in the skin.  And since everyone is metabolically different, and consumes a wide array of foods, and is exposed to various toxic elements, and may have impaired organ function to begin with...are these not things that must be considered when pondering the idea of a 'cure'?  

Basically, we have an issue in our world today.  Where cures, in many ways, have become synonomous with the idea of  miracles.  The term 'cure' is used as hope for cancer victims.  And most cancer victims are still crossing their fingers and hoping a pill comes out that 'cures' cancer.  Yet...thousands of patients were 'cured' by a Dr. Max Gerson in the 30's, that were sent home to die by medical practitioners, by using raw foods/liver flushes/coffee enemas.  And to this day, Gerson Clinics are dwarfing the success rates of traditional cancer treatments that use chemo/radiation/surgery.  This is happening because Gerson Treatments build up the natural defenses of the body.  They don't break them down, which is what chemos do.  They are cell toxins. High dose intravenous vitamin C treatments are selectively toxic to cancer cells.  All the while boosting the body's immune defenses.  

If cancer has no 'cure', then why do people heal themselves by using high dose intravenous vitamin C?  Why do they 'cure' themselves by using a raw food diet?  Why do they 'cure' themselves by using IV injected sodium bicarbonate? Or by simply consuming alkaline water?  Or by consuming raw apricot kernels?  If they have no signs of the original ailment, were they not 'cured'?

All of these methods are addressing an underlying metabolic process that is allowing cancer to exist.  Yet, they are not labeled 'cures'.  And i have no issue with that.  Because i believe the term 'cure' has come to mean something completely different in today's society.  Cure is, again, synonomous with 'miracle pill'.  

In the post that was immediately shut down, in which i took this quote made by you AKL, the OP stated that everyone has different triggers.  Are we not infinitely complex beings?  So...might the individual 'cure' for someone be infinitely complex?  Might it take someone a lifetime to figure out their own 'cure'?  

So the issue here lies with the terminology. While many factors can universally be associated with contributing to acne, even more varying factors are still in play.  This goes for cancer victims as well. One combination may not work for every cancer victim.  Which is why they, along with acne sufferers, need to do everything they can nutritionally to stack the deck in their favor. Whether that involves eliminating certain aggravating foods, or incorporating a natural topical solution....the human body is so complex that it could take much trial and error (another term used by the OP) Life habits are equally important here, and can have a huge impact on these issues as well.  

So i ask again, AKL, how do you define the term 'cure'?  As many acne.org users have rid themselves of their original ailment by using various approaches