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#3360201 How ya feelin' about your acne today?

Posted by jennyband on 22 June 2013 - 06:42 AM

I am posting way too much on this board. Procrastination....


Lilly75, what about topicals? Tazorac worked miracles for my cystic acne! I am glad that at least my acne isn't painful anymore...


Also, I don't know how many of you are under 25, but good news! I just found out that adult acne is over 25 only, and there's still a chance that my hormones will balance out and acne will stop being a problem within the next couple of years. That's so exciting! I hope I don't have adult acne :\

Haha I waste too much time on here too sometimes...

I didn't actually talk to my doctor about topicals... I've used Duac in the past and other BP based products / gels - they did help but I was only ever clear completely if I used them with antibiotics. My skin doesn't seem to respond as well to SA as it does to BP. But I'll remember to ask about other topicals when I see my GP again in a few weeks. (Thanks for reminding me! tongue.png

 Try spiro + birth control combo and talk to your dr about accutane. Accutane works.

Woke up today and my skin looks okay. Kinda shiny from using jojoba oil, but it looks...shiny in a healthy way?


I really like it to exfoliate with. It seems to wipe away dead skin, I love it. 


I hope to order some BP this week to try and get myself clear again...

I've seen a few people say that they use jojoba oil to exfoliate... how do you do that? Just rub it on your skin and wash off?

jojoba oil is amazing you can wash your face with it. i wash my face with jojoba oil everyday. 

#3296082 Happy Birthday To Meee! Time For Accutaneee!

Posted by jennyband on 19 October 2012 - 12:28 AM

you look GORGEOUS. well done love, accutane is a total BOSS. x

#3284300 Happy Birthday To Meee! Time For Accutaneee!

Posted by jennyband on 06 September 2012 - 07:58 PM

it does come back! you should notice a difference 6 weeks after accutane, and a huge difference 12 weeks after accutane. MY FACE IS SO SMOOTH AND SOFT.
(i finished on the 12th of August).


#3275642 Happy Birthday To Meee! Time For Accutaneee!

Posted by jennyband on 12 August 2012 - 05:26 AM

death to cysts..!! and FYI ceptaphil where have you been all my life?! skin is happy. def try it gina it won't break you out i promise.


Thanks, Jenny, but I'm almost fairly certain that I have a problem with mineral oils/petrolatum ingredients. Tazorac had mineral oil in it and it was a friggin' nightmare for me, as well as other moisturizers with mineral oil. But a lot of people claim to love Cetaphil. I tried the Cerave cream and it burned my skin really badly.

Is this the one you have? http://www.amazon.co..._pr_product_top

I am running somewhat low on my REN ultra day care moisturizer, but it has fragrance and my face is flaky no matter how much of that stuff I apply. I'm highly considering trying Cetaphil for my last month since I'm severely dehydrated.

I might also try this moisturizer by Shikai which has great reviews: http://www.makeupall...i-/Moisturizers

and here: http://www.beautyped...FyomJHX3tTyoJU=

I already use their body moisturizer and LOVE it! I tried a sample of this face cream though, and it's runny...almost like...liquidy? Odd, but it felt nice on my hand. Posted Image

i was apprehensive about the cetaphil.. i hadn't used it or anything like it in either course, i only used emu oil and jojoba oil and olay mosituriser. however i do not have and never have had oily skin so i'm not sure about your sensitiivty. i have sensitivities to products that use to many strong anti acne products or are to tough on delicate skin so i stay away from most things altogether. jojoba oil is a true godsend. I doubt i'll be able to use the cetaphil for very long after accutane, it might get to thick but its certainly helping the overall appearance of my skin right now.

i wish you the most beautiful wedding day ever sweet girl.


#3275277 Happy Birthday To Meee! Time For Accutaneee!

Posted by jennyband on 11 August 2012 - 02:32 AM

hi gina, i really hope your cyst leaves RIGHT AWAY. Posted Image i remember in my first course that aloe vera really helped cool them down.

if it makes you feel any better at all i have had two cysts come up  on a completely clear part of my cheek and i just started my 6th month... pissed about it no end as i leave for a week with my boyfriend in NZ in two days. SO SHIT.. its massive red and angry and my skin is so so dry. dry like i kissed the sun. i just bought some cetaphil moisturiser for the first time so i hope that helps. i was completely clear at this point in my first course and it hasn't been as bad the second time just so fecking persistent. by christmas you will look radiant and crystal clear. and your going to make a stunning bride.

you will look beautiful

Also to anyone wondering the only foundation that doesn't break me out is YoungBlood. i don't know why but i use it religiously because they choice of colours of so varied and you can blend it really well. it covers acne pretty good too.


#3225614 Is This Still Acne?

Posted by jennyband on 15 March 2012 - 07:53 AM

yes this is definitely acne, and i'm sorry to tell you that i don't think topical applications of creams or BP alone would give you the results you need to clear your skin and prevent any more scarring. you really should see a dermatologist. i understand you said you cannot afford the medication. if there is anyway in which you could seek some professional help you would be very wise to do so, to help yourself beat this affliction. you would be so surprised at how quickly it will clear up with a course of accutane. get your face back! eating well and doing all the right things aside, you have a skin disorder called acne, you deserve to feel good in your skin because your a beautiful young girl.

good luck!

#2929079 all the accutane babes put your hands up!

Posted by jennyband on 14 August 2010 - 12:20 AM

QUOTE (Angela1985 @ Aug 14 2010, 05:09 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
im so glad that accutane worked for your mom - my fingers are crossed that after this course you'll never have to worry about acne again smile.gif
and your cysts are getting smaller? excellent progress! i'm finding that my breakouts aren't getting as big either which is great news.

ps- im whispering back "i miss my old skin too sad.gif "

don't you just! i used to have babein skin. wish i'd appreciated it then.
Yeh so accutane fixed mama right up, and i certainly hope it can do the same for me.

i feel like i'm in a fat camp, only its a skin camp and everyone looks the same. man i would be so down with a skin camp. ha ha can we all be spotty and flaky together? during the day we can do activities and all the meals will be made with extra vegetables. at night time we can tell ghost stories or scary stories involving mega cysts and embarrassing moments.
we can run personal challenges and self esteem building exercises and run up beautiful mountains and swim in the lake.


skin update week three - chin clearing (i never thought this was going to happen after the IB cystic breakout from hell) traded this for a large unslighty cyst on the bottom of my cheek. other than that no new blemishes of outstanding importance.

question for anyone reading this. does accutane cause your skin to purge? is that whats happening?