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Cysts On My Neck?

07 March 2012 - 12:33 PM

I find I'm getting a lot of hard little cysts on my neck/throat area. If I leave them alone, they usually fade under the skin but some of them are persistent buggers. Any cause for this?

Gaahh Chest Breakout - Help

06 January 2012 - 08:21 AM

I've always suffered acne worst with my chest and I'm still fighting breakouts - at the grand old age of 25. I knew I had a few zits there but when I went out to the bathroom last night and looked in the mirror it was covered in blotches. Obviously the light and the acne scars made it look even worse, but it's still a problem. It's not a huge deal because I don't have a partner or anything, so I'm the only person who sees me undressed. It's not good for the ol'  self-esteem, all the same. :/

I was on lymecyline a few months ago but I stopped after it was messing up my stomach and giving me palpitations. Since then I've been taking multivitamin and zinc supplements, whilst cleansing with tea tree oil. As for my diet, I'm not sure how much I attribute that to my acne. It could be the effects of all the junk I ate over Christmas, but my face has remained relatively okay since then. And I've really noticed a significant correlation between the two, anyway. I don't know where to turn.

Thanks for reading.


14 November 2011 - 11:49 AM

A few weeks ago I was having palpitations every day, and my stomach was doing backflips.
After having a blood-test and ECG last Monday, my ECG came back okay but the blood test indicates macrocytosis (enlarged red blood cells).
My doc has put me forward for another blood test - this time for folic/B12.

Is it possible the Lymecycline antibiotics I have been taking (but since stopped two weeks ago) could be the cause of this?

I'm kinda freakin' out at the moment, because my father has MDS, so I hope I haven't inherited that. Posted Image