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In Topic: Sad And Depressed

22 February 2015 - 11:59 PM

I'm so sorry you had such a terrible experience. My derm wasn't compassionate either. I say go to a naturopath. They are much more likely to help you find the root cause by doing food sensitivity testing as we as hormone testing. Also, the medication Spironolactone works wonders for hormonal acne by blocking androgens. A naturopath could prescribe that also (PCP and derms can too, but only if they're actually wanting to help you find solutions and they're not ignorant).

Good luck! You will find the answer, don't give up!

In Topic: 4 Round Accutane Complete. Acne Since Age 12. 35 Years Old

30 January 2015 - 08:09 PM

I agree with lioness.. I had to up my spiro dose to 200mg a day and take it for about 9 months before I saw real results. I think it's worth trying again if you were on a low dose or only took it for a short time.

In Topic: What Type Of Acne Scarring Is This? And Will It Fade?

18 January 2015 - 11:57 PM


I'm sorry you're stuggling with scars. I can relate, I have my fair share. If it is just the hyperpigmentation you're concerned about then I would suggest using a topical with Hydroquinone. Products with glycolic acid have also been really effective for me as well as lactic acid chemical peels. Other than that, it takes time. I know how hard it is to see the redness everyday.. It feels like it's never going to go away. Good luck though, hope this was semi-helpful in the least!

In Topic: Moderate Acne But It's Killing Me

05 January 2015 - 10:33 PM

I totally agree! Wow, so much less stress everyday. Just wake up and go.. And not be thinking about your skin when people are taking to you or constantly analyzing the type of lighting you're in and how it makes your skin look. Ugh!

In Topic: Really Depressed About New Scars

04 January 2015 - 11:37 PM

I'm so sorry. I know that feeling of doom that sets in when you see a new scar, especially when you didn't even touch the pimple! Not fair. I scar really easily, it is pretty much guaranteed with most of the acne I get. It really, really sucks. There are so many treatments out there though, spendy, but effective. In the mean time I would dermaroll and keep your head up. Just know there's hope! And you're not alone.