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In Topic: Breaking Through The Giving Up Stage

03 May 2013 - 12:23 AM

I highly recommend you try adding a dime size amount of aquaphor to your moisturizer in addition to the jojoba oil. It's a miracle for dry skin. It has completely eliminated my horribly dry skin and (I'm only in my third week on the regimen and my skin is no longer dry or flaky since I have done this)! I have continued to clear up beautifully since I tried this. My makeup also goes on so much better. 


I also recommend you switch to liquid foundation instead of powder. Powder is super drying and in my opinion looks more cakey and less natural than a thin layer of liquid foundation, which gives more of a natural dewy look. I love revlon colorstay (in the dry/normal skin formula.. the oily/combo skin one is too drying). Coverage is great and it looks very natural. Just use a very very small amount and set it with a VERY thin layer of powder. 


Also, use jojoba oil as makeup remover. I wet my face, then spread jojoba oil all over my face to loosen the makeup, and then use a good cleanser to wash it all off. Works beautifully and isn't drying. 


Good luck!

In Topic: Update, I'm Stopping Until Summer Break

02 May 2013 - 10:38 PM

I'm in my third week and I was considering giving up (just until a more convenient time) too because the flaking and dryness were so awful I didn't feel like I could be seen in public. Because of active acne/scars I never feel comfortable going without makeup, and the flakes were making my makeup look cakey and terrible. Even with the jojoba oil in my moisturizer I was still having very bad flaking/dryness.


Then a couple of days ago I tried mixing a pea size amount of aquaphor into my moisturizer in addition to the jojoba oil (I do this 15-20 mins after putting on the BP) and it has been a MIRACLE. Since I have tried this I have had NO flaking. I really recommend you try this. My skin has continued to clear up every day so it doesn't seem like the aquaphor is messing with the BP. I also wear makeup over this without any issues. 


As for makeup, I definitely recommend you try Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation. I know you are young and a lot of people will tell you that liquid foundation is for more mature skin, but I started in college (I'm 24) and I think if you don't use too much it actually looks way more natural than powder foundation. Liquid makeup gives you more of a glow, while powder can make you look dry and ashy. Plus the sunscreen in it will be great for your skin long-term. Again, the key is DO NOT overdo it. You don't want to look like you are wearing a ton of makeup, you want to look like you have naturally clear skin!


You can get the foundation at CVS/Walgreens and its fairly cheap. Get the dry/normal skin version because the oily/combination skin version will be too drying while you are on the regimen. Use no more than a nickel size amount all over your face to get a natural look (wait for your moisturizer to sink in a bit before you put it on and then blend the foundation very well). Make sure you blend it into your neck so you don't have any weird lines. I also use the revlon colorstay pressed powder (this is lighter than powder foundation), just a very thin layer to set the foundation in place. I find I don't usually even need concealer with this, I just dab a little extra foundation on the problem spots. I've tried a lot of products and if used sparingly this is the most natural and even toned look you can get. Make sure you pick a shade that matches your skin tone as well as possible (they have tons of options), and when in doubt go slightly lighter as opposed to darker. CVS and walgreens usually accept returns if something turns out to be the wrong shade smile.png


Don't worry about the foundation breaking you out. I have been using it for years and have gone very long periods of time with clear skin while using it. My acne is related to hormones. Granted, everyone's skin is different so you will have to see how it works for you. But in general, finding makeup that won't break you out is not impossible, just do some trial and error. 


As for bronzer, I personally don't like using it cause I think it looks unnatural/makes skin look dirty. I use a blush by NARS, but usually only for going out at night cause I don't think it looks that natural for day time. 


And finally, for makeup remover just use jojoba oil. It is the only thing that definitely won't cause breakouts. I just wet my face, spread some jojoba oil all over my face to loosen the makeup and then use a good cleanser to wash it off. Works perfectly to get everything off without being too drying. 


Good luck!

PS. In general I recommend the website makeupalley.com to look at makeup/beauty/hair product reviews before you buy stuff. I spent so many years just trying random stuff or being swayed by marketing campaigns and pretty packaging and then finally realized the best way to find good products is to see how thousands of other people have rated them! Click on product reviews and pick a category and then sort by the number of reviews. Anything with over 500 reviews and over a 3.8 rating is usually a good bet. (Even dan's BP is on there and has great reviews, haha!)

In Topic: Aquaphor Over Bp?

02 May 2013 - 10:15 AM

WOW!!! So I have been doing this for the past 2 days: I apply the BP, wait 15 or 20 minutes and then apply my moisturizer with less than a dime size amount of aquaphor mixed in and 5-6 drops of jojoba oil and it has COMPLETELY eliminated my flakiness! 


Incredble, because I had awful flaking and dryness all over my face that the jojoba and moisturizer alone seemed to be doing nothing for! And so far no new breakouts, and it actually seems the aquaphor is helping old stuff heal better! 


Now my makeup looks normal again instead of super cakey over the flakes and my foundation glides on easily. THANK GOD!!! 

In Topic: Aquaphor Over Bp?

01 May 2013 - 10:02 AM

I guess it depends on the ingredients of aquaphor as to whether it will react well with BP.  Personally I would suggest that you don't interfere with the regimen instructions and just stick to whats recommended, at least until you are completely clear.


In a couple of weeks (or earlier if you've got over the redness and irritation of BP) you could introduce AHA into the regimen which will really help with dryness and flaking.


Ok thanks, anyone else have any thoughts?

In Topic: Benzoyl Peroxide And Antioxidants

13 April 2013 - 09:12 PM

Did you ever wind up testing this out? I've been using vitamin c serum for a while and after clearing my skin with accutane 2 years ago it seems like my acne is now returning. I've been considering starting the acne.org regimen but I'm very turned off by the concept of using a product that will contribute to free radicals and aging my skin. Retinoids would be a great alternative to BP but sadly I get hair loss as a side effect. 


Anyway, I was considering perhaps starting the acne.org regimen while using vitamin c over the BP at night to combat the aging effects of BP. If it's true that BP is only active for an hour after application then I could easily wait and hour and put on the vitamin c after that.