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In Topic: Doubts Creeping In About Regimen

04 May 2013 - 02:08 AM

I definitely do not agree with the statement that most of the people on here have tried the regimen and failed. I, for one, have been posting on this site for over 2 years and only started the regimen this month. I personally saw the regimen as a last resort mainly because it is not good for aging of the skin. But at the end of the day, nothing else has worked for me (retinoids, accutane, oral antibiotics) and I suspect that having inflamed acne constantly on my skin is more aging than BP could ever be. 


I agree with the above poster. A lot of people on this site have specific ideas about how they want to deal with their acne (internally, naturally, etc) and I think a lot of others are scared off of the regimen because of the adjustment period and having to commit such a strict regimen effectively for life. 


But, if you are like me, taking 30 minutes a day to have clear skin is well worth it. And of course, the regimen wont work for everyone (nothing does) but it's worth a try. I am in my third week and have seen faster results than I've seen with any other treatment so far. 

In Topic: Should I Do The Regimen Or Retin A Micro After Accutane?

04 May 2013 - 01:02 AM

I'm only in my third week of the regimen so I can't really say much. I started clearing within the first few days of use and have continued to clear up though!


A few days ago I was having awful dryness/flaking even with a lot of jojoba oil in my moisturizer. I started adding a dime size amount of aquaphor to my moisturizer as well (a trick i discovered when i was super dry on accutane) and that completely fixed the dryness. Definitely go easy, only use the BP at night for the first week and then don't overdo it until you see how your skin reacts. I was using a quite a bit in the second week because it didn't seem like I was having any issues tolerating it then all of a sudden overnight my skin got horribly dry, peeling and burnt feeling. 

In Topic: Should I Do The Regimen Or Retin A Micro After Accutane?

03 May 2013 - 12:36 AM

I would definitely try a retinoid before BP since retinoids are actually GOOD for your skin and antiaging. I would use it if I could, sadly it gives me hair loss :( BP is actually pro-aging because it induces the formation of free radicals so I would use it as a last resort only. 


Also, you may still clear up just from the accutane. I did accutane 2 years ago and was clear for 2 years (acne came back this spring). I didn't actually get fully clear until 2 months after I finished the accutane. 


However, even if you do completely clear up I would still recommend you use the retinoid to prevent acne from returning and to help with scarring, and also just for antiaging purposes since it really is amazing for that. 


If the acne doesn't clear after the accutane and after 3 months of using a retinoid then I would try the BP. Sadly I'm currently in that boat since I don't want to go back on accutane and can't tolerate retinoids. BP Is very effective though... its just a shame it's not great for aging. But then again, I'm sure constant inflamed acne is even more aging than the BP is anyway! 

In Topic: Breaking Through The Giving Up Stage

03 May 2013 - 12:23 AM

I highly recommend you try adding a dime size amount of aquaphor to your moisturizer in addition to the jojoba oil. It's a miracle for dry skin. It has completely eliminated my horribly dry skin and (I'm only in my third week on the regimen and my skin is no longer dry or flaky since I have done this)! I have continued to clear up beautifully since I tried this. My makeup also goes on so much better. 


I also recommend you switch to liquid foundation instead of powder. Powder is super drying and in my opinion looks more cakey and less natural than a thin layer of liquid foundation, which gives more of a natural dewy look. I love revlon colorstay (in the dry/normal skin formula.. the oily/combo skin one is too drying). Coverage is great and it looks very natural. Just use a very very small amount and set it with a VERY thin layer of powder. 


Also, use jojoba oil as makeup remover. I wet my face, then spread jojoba oil all over my face to loosen the makeup, and then use a good cleanser to wash it all off. Works beautifully and isn't drying. 


Good luck!

In Topic: Ducky's Accutane Log

02 May 2013 - 10:55 PM

2 Years Post Accutane


Sad to report, but my acne has come back this spring. Still not in the full force that it once was (and my chest and back are still clear) but accutane was not a permanent solution for me. 


I started to use a retinoid (tazorac) with a lot of success, but sadly it started to trigger some hair loss like I got with accutane. I am assuming this has something to do with the vitamin a aspect of the product, because vitamin a toxicity causes hair loss.


I have since started THE REGIMEN! haha... did not see that coming when I wrote that last post when I was 8 months post accutane. Fortunately my acne is still somewhat mild and the regimen seems to be clearing me up nicely! I guess I was fated to follow in Dan's foot steps after all...