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Male Hormonal Acne - Sexual Thoughts Not Just Masturbation Linked To Increase In Testos...

15 April 2015 - 01:45 PM

...therefore acne






How to lower testosterone? 


Keeping mind busy..




Anything else?

~My~ Subcision/microneedling Journey W/ 2 Week Protocol + More

25 March 2015 - 10:03 PM

Arrival/Prep: Walked in, signed in and sat down & waited to be call up. You know, the usual. After a few moments I was called in and had my picture taken and had her send them to my my email. I then was instructed to have a seat. The nurse then lathered topical anesthesia all over my face and had me wait for the doctor to come in. I got kind of worried and anxious b/c I did not want the scars to plump up therefore not being able to mark all the scars with a pen. None the less it turned out as expected. The Dr. walked in and then the journey officially began. 

SUBCISION March 25th, 2015 4PM


 The practice: PM ME 

Before Procedure: 1. http://imgur.com/ztDl68m 2. http://imgur.com/WCrXMNm 3. Realself Q 4. [Video] Youtube
Doctor's Pen Markings: 1. http://imgur.com/mH6l9LF
Immediately After Procedure Warning Bloody : Left side: http://imgur.com/L29hHBy Right Side: http://imgur.com/sAxHqEO,L29hHBy#0
Extras: 1. http://imgur.com/rnc1UGN 2. http://imgur.com/3sqOjzx
MICRONEEDLING March 25th, 2015 7PM


The device - Derminator: http://imgur.com/56TjKVB Found here: http://derminator.owndoc.com/


After Shower & Before Aggressive Microneedling Prep: Warning Bloody : Left 1. http://imgur.com/FwJgjF9 Left 2.http://imgur.com/7K5ko8z Right 1. http://imgur.com/2SdIQGu
After Aggressive Microneedling @ 2.25mm Warning Bloody: Right 1. http://imgur.com/b1Bsm3j Right 2. http://imgur.com/3XXhP6G Left. http://imgur.com/RHEpPPq


SUPPLEMENTShttp://i.imgur.com/vYasJVJ.jpg I also take Zinc & a B Vitamin Complex since it is recommended as I eat a plant based diet.


Suction Device to be used: http://shop.owndoc.c...suctioncups.jpg - broken, now using Chinese Cupping Set


2 Days after Subcision 1 Day after suctionhttp://imgur.com/mDH...txXjA,oWqeHL6#4


16 Days Post Subcision 14 Days Post Suction Start UPDATE [Finished 1st Protocol] APRIL 10TH, 2015http://imgur.com/a/Gnf9L/all


Studies and before and afters that I stand by: **will keep updating**


Real user before & Afters that inspired me - 19lee (scroll for pictures or click here) - FeelsGood (scroll for pictures or click here) - sverd (scroll for pictures or click here) - mr. matt (scroll for pictures) -


Clinical Papers/Studies/Surveys - One - Two - Three - Four


What Procedures Are You Guys Planning To Get This Year, Why & What Sort Of Improvem...

25 February 2015 - 06:28 PM

As most of you know, after all of my research & countless of posts that I have done in the passed few months, I made the decision to have Subcision performed on my scars next month. I am due on March 11. I am very excited to finally get a REAL procedure done on my scars. Thus far, I am very optimistic but prudent as well. Scars are very tricky and results always vary from person to person so one has to be careful not to solely rely on just one treatment modality. I will be following 2 separate protocols that calls for a Microneedling device (Derminator) & a Suction device. Both sold by Owndoc. The subcision procedure will cost $300. I am hoping to achieve 50% scar improvement/reduction whatever you want to call it by the end of this year.


How about you?

'tcm Gene Repair' + More Acne Scar Info

19 January 2015 - 06:06 PM

Step 1. Google Translate: Acne Scar (English) --> (Chinese, India, Russia ETC) (or any Populous country or any rather) 

Step 2. Copy paste the translated text onto google images or so. Example: 痤疮疤痕 = Acne Scar in simplified Chinese.

Step 3. Click on any before and after that seems interesting (You'll most likely have never seen these before & afters). You'll likely end up in a website that is in a different language

Step 4. Paste link here: https://translate.google.com/ (Foreign language) --> (English)


Have fun!


Cool Examples:


TCM Gene Repair: https://translate.go...t-text=&act=url


Mexico Scar Center B&A: http://www.clinicadelacicatriz.com.mx/ - click 'cicatrices de acne' 


Arabic B&A:  https://translate.go...t-text=&act=url


Lithuanian Before&Afters: https://translate.go...-text=&act=url0


Turkish B&A: https://translate.go...t-text=&act=url


Vietnamese B&A: https://translate.go...t-text=&act=url


French Punch Method (SCARY): https://translate.go...et_176366_2.htm (Results bottom page 2 years later - Ahhhmazing) He had very deep severe scarring


Cool Video Never Before Seen Examples:



I'll look for some more cool/interesting ones later on when I'm bored 

Subcision + Suction Down Time?

15 January 2015 - 09:19 PM

I was initially going to take one week off but after reading a couple of threads such as this one  I realized I might have to take 2 weeks off of work. LOL? **I will be following protocol 100% I currently work retail and will be starting school in Fall. I am not going to wear makeup since my job consist of manual labor


Anyone have experience?