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'tcm Gene Repair' + More Acne Scar Info

19 January 2015 - 06:06 PM

Step 1. Google Translate: Acne Scar (English) --> (Chinese, India, Russia ETC) (or any Populous country or any rather) 

Step 2. Copy paste the translated text onto google images or so. Example: 痤疮疤痕 = Acne Scar in simplified Chinese.

Step 3. Click on any before and after that seems interesting (You'll most likely have never seen these before & afters). You'll likely end up in a website that is in a different language

Step 4. Paste link here: https://translate.google.com/ (Foreign language) --> (English)


Have fun!


Cool Examples:


TCM Gene Repair: https://translate.go...t-text=&act=url


Mexico Scar Center B&A: http://www.clinicadelacicatriz.com.mx/ - click 'cicatrices de acne' 


Arabic B&A:  https://translate.go...t-text=&act=url


Lithuanian Before&Afters: https://translate.go...-text=&act=url0


Turkish B&A: https://translate.go...t-text=&act=url


Vietnamese B&A: https://translate.go...t-text=&act=url


French Punch Method (SCARY): https://translate.go...et_176366_2.htm (Results bottom page 2 years later - Ahhhmazing) He had very deep severe scarring


Cool Video Never Before Seen Examples:



I'll look for some more cool/interesting ones later on when I'm bored 

Subcision + Suction Down Time?

15 January 2015 - 09:19 PM

I was initially going to take one week off but after reading a couple of threads such as this one  I realized I might have to take 2 weeks off of work. LOL? **I will be following protocol 100% I currently work retail and will be starting school in Fall. I am not going to wear makeup since my job consist of manual labor


Anyone have experience? 

Subcision + Suction First Vs Subcision + $1500-2000 Ablative Fx

10 January 2015 - 06:42 AM

I was considering go straight to Ablative Total Fx but I found this study that I totally forgot about. 






Instead of dropping two ground right away, I figured I should try subcision + suction and follow the protocol 100% 


Thoughts? Opinions?

Diy Things To Try To Try To Improve Your Scarring Both Pigmented And Pitted

22 December 2014 - 04:10 PM

I'd like to start a thread of things that you can try at home in order to get rid or simply improve your scarring. Not everyone out there using this forum has lots of funds to get professional treatments done and that could be real depressing. I'd like to make this thread be an exclusive 'DIY things to try' topic where you can check out new or old techniques, reviews and real stories, real before & afters and other things that have a 'DIY' engagement to them. Inspiring threads like lamar's diy microneedling & Dc-girl's scar success + others are now underground and they need to be dugout and shine light on the hopeless users on this sub forum. With your help we can all contribute and create a successful thread filled with lots of information. 


Every day I spend 1-2 hours researching acne scars it has turned into a compelling habit. 


Old finds:


New finds:


TheLisaMoniqueShow on youtube uploaded this video recently with a promising @ home treatment that cost no more then $40: Click here to view the video


mamiposa26 on youtube uploaded this video that shows authentic promising results using her PMD after 2 years: Click here to view the video


You guys can also contribute by digging out older threads and posting here. I will update the list if it worthy for this thread. 


To be continued... 

Video Of My Acne Scars

21 December 2014 - 01:52 PM


Not the best lighting there for these scars and red marks are much more predominant under harsh lighting such as bathroom lighting. 


Note: This video was taken back in October. Prior to 2 (Nov & December) Vbeam Perfecta (Forehead, temples and cheeks), 5 or so @ home Saline subcision Injections and a @ home Microneedle + 30-45% Tca Peel combo 3 weeks after 2nd Vbeam Perfecta, done last night (needle + tca) shown here: Attached File  IMG_20141221_113321561_HDR.jpg   19.46K   117 downloads Attached File  IMG_20141221_113611402_HDR.jpg   19.31K   97 downloads


Going in for 3rd and depending on results most likely my last Vbeam Perfecta on January 5 (Might postpone for a week until swelling subsides and skin is fully healedbefore) before re-evaluation. So far I've spent $250 for professional treatments. 


As far as my red marks and overall discoloration, I would say a 40% improvement. And 10-20% Scar reduction (more shallow - rolling). My scars are not as predominant under sun lighting as they used to. $250 well spent. Dr. Rullan, MD. Chula Vista


Opinions...comments? Suggestions?