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20 April 2014 - 06:55 PM





Bubbles, if you knew anything about genetics, you would know that many genes can be and are turned on and off by external factors.


Absolutely wrong.


>>>>>It all falls down into hormones.


Diet can affect hormones there's a few types of hormones that you can control, one being insulin


and so can stress


+ more 


those are the 2 easiest to control.


What's your diet like bubbles?



Acne is not a hormonal imbalance, people with acne are androgen senstivie by genetics. Most people with acne have hormones within the normal range. Also hormones do not "directly" cause acne. And hormonal imbalance is not brought on but inborn in most causes.



My diet has always been healthy. I know more about nutrition than most people could shake a stick at.

>Guys, i totally agree with the gene relation matter. I have hormonal acne and nothing but nothing cured it, but the pill which is supposed to balance hormones. People with oily skin do get acne when the inner system is not stabilised and others have hirsutism. You raraly meet someone with BOTH acne and hirsutism. You either have one or the other. My mother had acne andan oily face. She is now 60 years old, and still may have a breakout every now and then. What i know from my mother and other friends is that acne related to hormonal imbalance at most cases dissapears after the first birth. If you have the tendancy for oily skin you will still have a pimple at times, but not acne. You girls have in mind that oily skin is more strengthened, has less wrinkles, and eventually you look younger. I am 34, and i am told i look 20 when not in make up. As for my mother, she looks like 45!!!! with no botox, lifting or smth like that. Enjoy your youth looks!


I have both severe acne and hirsutism and I have no hormonal imbalance. Both are caused by androgen sensitive hair follicules





Hi for the hirutisim have you tried spearmint tea its also meant to help with acne



Yes it did nothing. Acne and hirsutism are genetic - no getting rid of it with anything. My hirsutism is idiopathic/genetic. I have had cystic acne since 2001.






I have tried raw food diet, gluten and dairy food free diets. But I still had cystic acne, the cause was food intolerance to citrus. Most importantly to tangerines an oranges. You may not know it but you coud have a food intoerance. I didnt have any of the oral allergy symptoms. I hope this helps http://www.allergywe...-allergies.html


also certian chemicals in shampoos, soap and toothpaste. You'r wrong in saying acne is genetic. I am not trying to offend you and i am sorry if it does. Dietary conditions can be inherited which in turn can cause acne. I found out that my dad had acne when he was younger he also has ibs likewise i have ibs and acne. His acne was never severe though just mild. Conditions like ibs are genetic and CAN be cured even though doctors have said they cant be. Low carb and high protein diets with supplements - can cure ibs I am trying this with chammonile. Ibs is caused by a defective gene - there are many cured stories who can now eat normally after following a strict regime.


The first step to cure acne is to cure and reverse genetic conditions- it is possible to some degree.

Also the fact you mentioned hiruitism and severe acne leaves me to wonder if you have thought about pcos. Please look into health conditions that you might have- i have never thought abdominal pain could be the cause of the my acne. It wa only when i read the medicine my doctor prescribed that i realised. Ibs.


BUT PLEASE look into pcos and check out some hormone balancing herbs. Also try a tumeric and black pepper mix drink before you eat anything in the morning. And I am sorry if i am making you feel like this is you fault, it is not it is the  doctors, who are reluctant to do blood tests  to check for other internal heath problems and if the acne and diet link comes up they slam antibiotics in your face. I mean how practical is that to treat severe body and facial acne. Anyways good luck.

Also i know this is like a personal question but do have you regular menstrual cycles.


I would also ask of you to look into hyperandrogenism and most importantly cah - http://www.dundee.ac...hyperplasia.htm


I have been tested for PCOS many times, I don't have the syndrome or any other hormonal imbalance. My menstrual period has come every 27 days since I was 13 (5 days long) I have an incredibly regular, perfect cycle.


Acne is a genetic disease. I was born with acne, I will die with acne. It is inborn and lifelong. Acne is forever.


says no one ever after 30

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18 April 2014 - 03:54 PM

no indented scarring? you're so lucky. your 'scars' will go away with time. do everything possible to stop breaking out

In Topic: Anyone Use Owndoc Products?

18 April 2014 - 03:50 PM

dermaroller, suction pump and their ghk serum


so far very good


reliable site

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17 April 2014 - 12:13 AM

What peel did you get?

In Topic: Super Cop 2X Serum/cream - Yay Or Nay

14 April 2014 - 05:48 PM

Don't let one opinion decide for you. I say you should go ahead and use them