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In Topic: Is A Fraxel Repair The Best Option For My Forehead Scarring? (Pictures)

Today, 08:26 PM

Subcision runs for $350-500 whole face in california. Might be cheaper elsewhere

In Topic: Girl Kills Herself After Taking Acne Drug

Today, 08:24 PM

out of hundreds of thousands of users. you're more likely to die in a car accident

In Topic: Ever Feel Suicidal?

Today, 06:41 PM

Dermaflage didn't work well for me. Concerning doctors, I have pretty much had it with the best one's in America. They just can't fix acne scarring to an acceptable degree yet. Maybe if recell gets approved, it will be worth the trouble. I think at home procedures that work slower and are cheaper are the way to go. Dermastamps don't make you worse in my experience, but they will only help if you have good topicals and practice good all-around health. Your results do depend on your healing capabilities. Also I like TCA 15 - 20% from a reputable source. Maybe my scarring is just particularly stubborn, as it is not bad enough to get decent results through punch floats or excision (no doctor will risk it) and too wide for the dramatic 100% cross method. Yet too deep for lasers to work well on. Silicone and artefill fillers didn't work either. I had an honest doctor tell me to just live with it because he couldn't guarantee any sort of results and said he'd been trying with a patient worse off than me for some time and still couldn't give her good results. This was a very reputable doctor who had even been on TV.


So even though I say, learn to be happy with it, they have annoyed the heck out of me for the past 10 years and I was definitely not against seeking treatment. But I have learned to love myself despite scars and have a husband, child, and anything else someone non-scarred can have. It really doesn't limit you. Maybe if you want to be a model it would. My advice is learn to love yourself for reasons that have nothing to do with y our appearance. I still consider myself reasonably attractive despite scars. But I don't like myself because of my appearance, I like myself for how I treat others, talents, etc. You don't want to waste a decade of your life looking for treatments and being depressed the whole time.

yea because all of the before and afters are fake 

In Topic: Severe Tca Burns... What Can I Do? Super Depressed...

Today, 05:05 AM

Go to a derm right away and see what he says. Meanwhile, keep it moisturized 

In Topic: Is A Fraxel Repair The Best Option For My Forehead Scarring? (Pictures)

21 October 2014 - 06:47 AM

I'd would not be on this forum if I had that one and only scar. Anyways, you have a month to recover I say go for it. It would pro ably still run you a good $500 for just that scar. I'd ask for a quick subcision before repair and a filler after you recover from repair. For far superior results then just repair alone

May I ask what settings did your dr use for vbeam?

I ask BC of this:


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