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Today, 12:06 AM

Very interesting. I'm glad you have found something that works for you. However I couldn't really make out the type of glycerin you were talking about. It was hard to grasp. Can you link what you use?

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Yesterday, 04:55 PM

Ask if you can get Subcision thrown in? 



In Topic: ~My~ Subcision/microneedling Journey W/ 2 Week Protocol + More

Yesterday, 03:42 PM

He has a special technique on how he approaches subcision;   he not only undermines the superficial layer of the dermis but the deeper layers as well, continuously switching from the 20-22G needles to the 18G nokor and so forth on each area. *SORRY I FORGOT TO ASK IF I COULD HAVE MY MOM RECORD A BIT PART OF THE PROCEDURE.* He told me most doctors don't do this. He spent  around 40 minutes with me always keeping a conversation going.  Prior to the procedure he had me hold a mirror and point out the scars that I thought that he missed while he marked the the rest. That gave it away, this man is truly amazing, sympathetic and takes pride in what he does. Very charismatic. He not only missed close to none but marked a few that I didn't know I had :think:. While undermining, a new convo. sparked up, he went ahead and told that it bothered him that most practices don't offer subcision or bother with it at all. I thought that was interesting. Anyways The nurse was also great, quiet and friendly but always by his side and attentive. He was also very supportive of the suctioning method. I asked my doctor if I should wait to needle with the Derminator after the subcision or or the next day. He recommended me to do it that night to take advantage of the local anesthesia. I am glad I did. PHEW (see below) I walked out looking like I was just jumped in into a gang.


Day 2.


Face hurts considerably and I am very much still swollen but it's totally tolerable. I decided not to take pain relief pills nor ice my face. "The more bruising & inflammation the better" - Dr. I was considering starting suction today but it would hurt too much, looks like I will have to post pone it for a day or 2. Meh The protocol calls for suctioning 3 days after procedure, anyways! 

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25 March 2015 - 01:09 PM

It's at 4pm pacific. Gathering all my things before I head on out :_)


I called them just now and asked them if it was possible for them to take a picture of my scarring prior and send it to me. They said "sure, as long as you come in 30 minutes prior we can do that". Good thing I did b/c the pictures I took last night didn't quite capture the scarring like I expected it to.


Everything else is ready and I might even have my my mom take video of of the procedure if they allow it as well as the the microneedling procedure I will be doing once I get home! 


I will be creating a new thread once I have everything at my disposal!!


The key is to have every single scar undermined aggressively and I will be very assertive about it. I'm taking a surgical pen just in case. 


Sneak preview: 


Supplements + Whole Food Plant Based diet, what can go wrong?vYasJVJ.jpg


Can't wait to use this baby @ 2.25MM!! @Derminator


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23 March 2015 - 07:37 PM

You can regain it now if you stop waiting Rudy. LOL