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In Topic: Got Banned From Owndoc.com For No Reason?

Today, 09:15 AM

Well the only response I've received so far from the CEO is to redirect me to the helpdesk which banned me in the first place. This is the most bizarre, unprofessional encounter I've ever had in more than a decade of online shopping.

You'll get a reply don't worry

In Topic: Got Banned From Owndoc.com For No Reason?

Yesterday, 10:33 PM

Their team is extremely professional and I've never seen any complaints except a few from American customers not receiving their packages on time (back in beginning of the year) but USPS was 100% at fault here and had nothing to do with Owndoc. They dispatch every order every day or every other day I can't remember, quick processing nonetheless.

I believe the reason your order was canceled was either because A) the purchased an item that was currently not in stock or B) they can't ship to Singapore (which I sincerely doubt, unless Singapore has strict regulations that I'm not aware about) C) accident or fraudulent activity on your card? 

I'm sure they'll resolve this issue with you asap

I too have a Derminator, I love it :)

In Topic: What Acne Scarring Is This?

31 May 2015 - 07:07 PM

Extremely shallow rolling scars. and a ton of left over red marks. 

For the scars I recommend subcision, following the suction protocol as well as microneedling and for the marks 3 rounds of Vbeam Perfecta or a laser alike. The needling can be done at home.

Your case is mild. You'll be fine.

In Topic: Subcision~ My Journey So Far~

31 May 2015 - 06:59 PM

shouldnt you wait atleast  3-6 months before doing another subcision to let the collagen kick in ?

I had a lot of scars, so the doctor didn't treat them all at once. So the doctor recommended doing subcisions once a month as well as a laser to help with the redness :)

Alright its been a while since a last updated, but I decided to make a gallery. After the second subcison, I broke out from the numbing injections, and I didn't have the nerve to take any pictures. There's still improvement though! :) I probably had about 15% improvement from the subcisions even though the breakouts caused a setback. Right now I'm just alternating tca chemical peels and needling (dermastamp/dermaroller/single needling) about every two weeks.  
Here's the gallery: http://www.acne.org/...rney-left-side/
I'm lazy at the moment, so I just posted before pics from when I started, and pics now. Sorry the lighting's all over the place. The now pics may have a little microswelling since I just did a TCA peel a week ago, and I'm still peeling a little. But since I started treating my scars back near the end of September, (5 months ago) there's probably at least a good stable 30-40% improvement  :D Some days it looks better, some days worse. I still have a ways to go, but I think by the end of the year I will be satisfied with my scarring, fingers crossed. ^.^

My routine right now:
when i needle (i use either a 1.5- 2.0 mm dermastamp or roller and sometimes single needling):
-wash my face with dr bronner's soap
-during needling i mix copper pepetides (super cop 2x) with msm, and an ointment that has aloe, vitamin a, e, and zinc. then roll
-then i wash the blood off my face and reaapply that mix. Let it dry.
-Then i mix MRM msm cream with Cellfood, and Reservage Collagen powder (which contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin c)
-Let it dry then I apply tanamu oil for the first day.

Next day in the morning:
-wash with warm water only
-if i have a breakout from the needling, i just put mix some epsom salt in water and apply to my face; and then I mix MRM msm cream with the Reservage powder and apply.
-and then apply some tallow balm.
-At night, I wash again with water, if there's any breakout, I'll put some epsom salt on, I mix the Reservage powder, Cellfood and MRM MSM cream (and for the first couple days afterwards I'll mix copper peptides in it)
-Then I apply tallow balm to keep my face moisturized until my face is healed.

For the chemical peel:
-I started off with the 15% for the first couple times, then I spot treated with 30% once, and now I'm doing 22.5% tca. 
-I wash my face with Dr. Bronner's soap.
-Apply chemical peel then neutralize with baking soda mixed in water, then rinse off.
-Let face dry. 
-Apply a mix of copper peptides, Reservage powder, MRM msm cream, (and for the first night Derma E tea tree and E Antispetic Creme).
-Then I apply tallow balm to keep skin well moisturized.
-Then I pretty much do the same morning and night routine as I do after needling.

My skin heals much better when I use topicals vs when I don't. And I try to make sure to take it easy with excercise while healing, eat healthy and to try to eat a lot of calories.

And randomly, I may use a red LED light, High Frequency device, and cupping. But not very routinely XD Its so rare I do them, I don't think it's contributed much lol.

I'll probably be wandering off this site again for a while so I can try to focus my mind on other stuff rather than my scars XD I'll try to update on my progress in a few months :)


God, I love how savage you are with your treatments and routine. Just like myself. We're heading towards complete resolution, one step at a time. 

Here's hoping your Subcision and Mixto goes well. Are you going to incorporate the suction protocol? Did you ask your doctor if that's a good idea? :o

In Topic: Hypertrophic Scars + Hyperpigmentation + Tca Cross = Complete Recovery

31 May 2015 - 03:06 PM