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Yesterday, 04:59 PM

Have u used it personally? did it work for u?

I've done microneedling as well as tca peels sessions myself and I wont lie I did see textural changes and overall improvement. Granted I didn't completely remove my scars but I sure as hell improved the way they look. This is after at least 8+ session. I've also only done it for a year and full blown results are seen after 2+ years of microneedling. I now have a automated microneedling device that owndoc sells called the Derminator that targets scars more precisely and correctly. It's also more tolerable considering the speed at which the needles are inserted into the skin is sped up. (imagine pulling a hair quickly rather then slowly) I plan on using it after a session of subcision in march. 


That said, most results are seen after combination of numerous treatments! I've done 10+ tca peels, 10+ microneedling sessions and 3 vbeam perfectas. I'm a bit more comfortable with my skin but I have lots more room for improvement. 

In Topic: Dermastamping At Home

Yesterday, 01:31 PM

Both are fine

In Topic: Dermastamping At Home

27 January 2015 - 09:34 PM

Here's a pdf you can read that has all if not most of your questions.


You can also check out owndoc.com 


You can purchase owndoc's (Sarah's) dermastamps/roller or you can buy them from ebay.


A good numbing cream is recommended. I suggest Deep Numb

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27 January 2015 - 07:58 AM

Haha, you got me excited as well, but I kept wondering how and when you can fit this plan in your schedule without looking like a zombie.  Even if you must be a little black/blue/red in public you should bear it with pride as you know it's a means to an end...
I can't wait to see your results, how you tolerate the treatment and hear any tips you have to give. Honestly, very few people on here post sensible information.
By the way, I was planning on buying the same device for my treatment and I wanted to combine the two studies as well, but didn't have a clear plan... I am sure your results will be fantastic :) can't wait!

I will be taking 10 days off of work and I don't start school until Fall. So this will work out perfectly! Granted i will probably be still bruised and red from but not as much afafter the 10 days.  You're a chick so you have more leverage, haha.

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26 January 2015 - 03:04 PM



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